February 24, 2020

Nine Year Old Boy Wants To Come Out~He Asks Pete Buttigieg For Advice

Pete Buttigieg greets Zachary on stage at a campaign event in Denver on Feb. 22.
 Pete Buttigieg greets Zachary on stage at a campaign event in Denver on Feb. 22. Photographer: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Pete Buttigieg welcomed a nine-year-old boy on stage at a rally in Denver, Colorado, on Saturday night after the young boy asked the Democratic presidential candidate for help coming out as gay.
“Would you help me tell the world I’m gay too,” the boy wrote in a pre-submitted question that was read to Buttigieg. “I want to be brave like you.” Buttigieg, who is the first major openly gay presidential candidate, was momentarily speechless. The crowd, numbering in the thousands, started to cheer “love is love,” as the young boy, Zachary, was brought onto the stage.


Frederick Wright said...

That is a heartwarming and authentic response! I'm a little surprised that there hasn't been any crazed right wing vitriol about how a 9 year old MUST be straight, and is somehow 'too young' to know his orientation.

adamfoxie said...

I am with you, Mr. Frederick. We are getting there...Even with an Anti gay Executive government, we have grown roots based on not just the supreme court decision legalizing same-sex marriage as important as that is, But the grassroots work that has been done by every day LGBT people.

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