May 1, 2017

Evangelist Hinn Who Supported AIDS Vs Gays Now Runs From IRS

A televangelist who claimed the gay community would suffer God’s punishment is suffering the wrath of the Internal Revenue Service: The Texas offices of Pastor Benny Hinn were raided by IRS investigators on Wednesday, though Hinn himself was not present. 
“We are primarily investigating Title 26, which is tax evasion and general fraud against the government,” an IRS agent told LGBTQ Nation
In 1995, Hinn declared God would destroy the gay community (spoiler: it didn’t happen) and he has claimed homosexuality is caused by fathers who didn’t hug their sons. He linked being gay to “perversion” and criticized pastors who say that homosexuality is not a sin. 
Hinn, who has been preaching since the 1970s, claims to have healing powers that can purportedly cure blindness, deafness, cancer, AIDS and other maladies. A 2004 CBC TV documentary examining Hinn’s miracle healings reported staffers routinely prevented audience members from taking the stage, preferring instead to use pre-screened candidates. “People who look like me are never allowed on stage,” wrote UK evangelist Justin Peters, who has cerebral palsy and walks with crutches. “It’s always somebody who has some disability or disease that cannot be readily seen.” 
A congressional investigation into the ministry was begun in 2007, with Pastor Hinn asked to divulge his financial records to the Senate Finance Committee. It concluded in 2011 with no findings of wrongdoing, though a final report raised concerns about personal gain from donations—including use of the ministry’s Gulfstream G4SP jet for personal vacations—and the lack of financial oversight of the ministry’s board, which is comprised of Hinn’s family members and friends. 
It’s believed Hinn is currently in France.


It’s good to be the king, apparently, and religious right watchdog Ole Anthony told WFAA this investigation is long overdue.
“There is more fraud in the name of God, not just in America, but in the world, than any other kind of fraud,” said Anthony, who operates the Trinity Foundation. He’s been watching the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s phony faith healers for decades.
Hinn announced way back in 1999 that he was building a $30 million healing center in Irving. He raised millions of dollars but the center was never built.
“What happened to the money? Same thing that always happens. It goes to meet the needs of Benny and his confidants,” Anthony said.
While it would not confirm that Hinn is under investigation for tax evasion and fraud, special agent Michael Moseley told reporters it was executing search warrants and why.
“We are primarily investigating Title 26, which is tax evasion and general fraud against the government,” said Moseley. 

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