May 16, 2017

Adamfoxie out for more than a day but "will continue with less volume"

Extra! If you are LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 or know some is important to know our fight is far from over. That is why adamfoxie is still here. Feeling a need to let people know and not allow certain information to fall between the cracks of the maize of information, misinformation. 

Update Sat 20, 2017
Work continues on adamfoxie main frame. This could take a while but the publisher is decided to keep going on adamfoxie even if a loan would have to be obtained It's a matter of time before we succeed with the repairs or we give up And go for a new one. If you are a reader with funds this might be something you might consider helping. All you need is pick a week or less worth of stories within the past 8!yrs.

New update: The main adamfoxie computer will be delivered tomorrow Friday. Word is it has been repaired. If so back in business by Friday night. I guess we stay grinding this path.


Update:  I would like to give you an update in fixing our mainframe. The mother board will be soldered and hopefully that would do the job. At this point this computer cannot be replaced for a new one, Why? Money. If someone with some money available, any amount would help in starting a fund to replace it that would be great. If that were to happen, $2000. is app needed, we will send you or somehow show you a receipt for the amount paid. Adamfoxie is not set up to keep a profit. We are not non profit as far as the government is concerned only because our postings would be restricted. For example, We have called politicians liers (never to a private individual). With a non profit designation we would have to watch what we say. We are licensed but only need to adhere to the same rules as any private media reporting company or individual. 
We hope this new procedure gets us back in business by Saturday. It this does not work we will let you know and give you an idea how long(months?) it would take to get funding for the new equipment. If not we assume this blog is not needed. Do not wish anyone to make any sacrifices for this endeveour but only if the funds are available. We will not keep any funds for any app or anything else except a new computer if needed. Meanwhile We will try to put out one story a day to remind our readers we are down but not out yet. The publisher believes that in certain endeavors one should go with the winds and see where they get you instead to spend all the energy to fighting for something that is only a tool, not the idea behind

The main frame for Adamfoxie neededs a new fan. The repairs are done inhouse because of the finances of Adamfoxie which are always on the needs filling up gage. One the dangers of doing repairs yourself or a volunteer in which job is far from the manual fixing of hardwareis that you might fix something and break something else in the processes but I do take responsibility (unlike you know whom!) I damaged the mother board. Now a professional was needed. This is a dedicated computer and without it there is no Adamfoxie. You need more than one server but this is where the fast world searches for fresh LGBT news are done.

Hopefully we will be out for 24 hrs. Only. Hope you understand. If you want to say something nasty to me for damaging the computer even though I did installed the new cooling fan and to quote Trump it looks "beautiful" except now there is no power to make it work.
I will see you soon. (I hope)

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