May 30, 2017

Adamfoxie will be Back at Full Strengh

The month of March was very trying for this blog. Some equipment was damaged while maintenance was being done to make it keep up like it has for the best part of eight years. This blog does not opearate on getting regular funds. Our mission is been to bring a particular set of current news stories we feel everyone should know. We don't post what everyone knows unless we can add to the conversation with a smart point of view.

We have ordered new equipment to replaced the damaged computer which will allow us again to to post fresh stories and have fun doing it. It's been no fun driving a car missing a wheel. We should be back to normal by Thursday June 1st. Let's start June with a new commitment to do the best we can do. Going thru this past month missing equipment and having to spend funds we don't readily have is the perfect message to call it a day and stop. As we look at the visitors still coming to our site mainly from the U.S. but also very strongly from 4 other nations and regular visits by 6 more nations told us we have to continue. Our promised is been throughout the years to continue as long as we have a healthy audience that listens to us and the news we highlight.

😊 Thank you!!!! For your support

We do take donations for the new equipment if you can afford it. If not we understand.

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