May 5, 2017

Russian Tass Says Putin Will Discuss Gay Rights With Prosecutor General

We got this story almost from the horses mouth. Notice that Tass (Russian news Agency) as you read this story you will notice they don’t mention gay persecution or violence but rather gay rights. That is because it is the kremlin line that there is no persecution of Gays. This is, as the Chechen’s said there are no gays in Chechnya to insist family members of gays to have them killed.
Yes, the Russian government have always behave like aliens from Uranus, not that the American government is any different just now making their own alternate truth which is what Putin’s is being done here. Even as Chechen say what they are doing Putin says there is no evidence. You could have the bodies brought to him and he will say it was lightning. Trump has not personally even mentioned this persecution.

“Of course, I will talk with the prosecutor general and the interior minister, so that they support us on this matter concerning the rumors on what has been happening to people with non-traditional sexual orientation in the North Caucasus," the president said at a meeting with the human rights ombudsperson.

Moskalkova informed the president that she had recently been tackling violations of LGBT people’s rights. "I have forwarded a number of requests to the prosecutor general’s office and investigative agencies. I would like to ask you to hand down instructions on setting up an inter-agency working group that would be active here in Central Russia instead of Chechnya and receive people’s requests if any are made,” Moskalkova said addressing the president.  new IDs for them. When they are ready to step forward, then we will be ready to protect them and restore their rights," the country’s human rights chief added.
Russia’s Novaya Gazeta daily brought up the issue of gay people’s rights violations in early April.

In an article entitled Honor Killing, the daily reported, citing anonymous sources in law enforcement agencies and unnamed victims, that some residents of the North Caucasus region of Chechnya were detained and allegedly killed over their non-traditional sexual orientation. However, Chechnya’s Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights said that after assessing the situation it had found neither direct nor indirect evidence to back up these allegations.

Tass (Russian news agency)

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