May 25, 2017

Great Difficulties for Adamfoxie But We are Stll At It

It is with great regret we have not being able to solve the problem with our main frame which help us scan for fresh stories world wide.

This is age related, I guess equipment kept in shape by having the latest software but when the Transmission quits on a car it doesn't matter that it has a good engine and brand new tires.

What are we doing about it? The publisher is in charge of getting the old one repaired or reassess if there is another way to accomplish our mission which is to give you the freshest stories on current issues while at the same time not publishing what everyone else is reporting.

We concentrate on the LGBT community worldwide so it can feel united by the knowledge of what others are doing and what issues they are facing. This is a community still suffering from homophobia, bias and straight out a lack of education and knowledge from others in regards to it. This while it has never been easier to obtain the latest information both in a human sense and a scientific form as to eliminate all the misinformation out there. It just so happen that homophobes and ignorant people are lazy and are not in the habit of getting new information that would make them reasses their beliefs and even sometimes their lives.

Please keep coming back because there would always be fresh content on the blog. Without readers we have no blog. There is no payment or credit of any type for traffic or hits on the blog. Volunteers have been the answer for work that needed to be accomplish.

Thank you, we have explained the issue thoroughly therefore it won't be  necessary for any more updates. We continue to function in an emergency mode until they issue is resolved.

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