May 17, 2017

Lying Putin, Investigated Gay Kidnappings in Chechnya and Denies it "Again "

When Putin agreed  last month to investigate the persecution of gay men in Chechnya I and most people I communicate with just rolled our eyes but one has to try through the powers in place to help and since the Chechen even deny having gays there the next person with power to stop the Chechen is Putin. But Putin already denied once looking at the same evidence. So it was no surprise that lying Putin would deny it again. He agreed to it because of the German Chancellor. In the US we have a President who promised to protect the LGBT community and is the best of friends with Putin, even gives him classified information that is denied to our allies, you figure he would make this gay ...persecution to stop. The problem is the reason these two like each other is because "birds of a feather tend to stick together." I should not say Putin likes Trump. Putin is the boyfriend that invites you out to dinner and leaves when the check arrives, then waits outside saying he needed fresh air. These two are liars, one is an opportunist with grandiose dreams and the other is working on his grandiose assertions. Say no more! What to do now? Keep asking Israel why the silence on these particular gay camps. Still work with Germany, Britain and others to show Russia they can't hide these killings.
A Russian embassy claims that an investigation into anti-gay persecution in Chechnya has not found evidence to support allegations that gay men are being kidnapped, detained at secret facilities, or tortured.
Additionally, the Russian Embassy to Israel has dismissed such reports as part of a worldwide “propaganda campaign” aimed at discrediting Russia in the eyes of the world.
Dmitry Alushkin, press attaché for the Russian Embassy, declared the findings in a letter responding to an April 5 story in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper that included details of Chechen secret detention facilities where gay and bisexual men have claimed they were detained and tortured. According to human rights advocates, at least one man died in custody and two others were murdered in “honor killings” by family members following their release.
“Authorized official government bodies of the Russian Federation, in cooperation with the government of the Chechen Republic, investigated the claims made by journalist Elena Milashina in her articles published in the Novaya Gazeta newspaper and in other Russian media outlets, which served as the excuse for the beginning of a propaganda campaign against Russia around the world, including in Israel,” writes Alushkin.
“The results of the investigation show that these reports were published after local governments in a few North Caucasus regions of Russia, in March 2017, rejected requests from representatives of the LGBT community to hold rallies. The reason was protests of civil society representatives and residents of the regions, who are mostly Muslims and faithful to traditional values,” the letter continues.

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