December 25, 2016

Let 2016 Roll Down like an Ugly Carpet on a Naked Floor


As I look at the year coming to end I usually like to go back and review most of the important events; In my life and in the life of the nation and the world. The good ones (years) bring satisfaction and the bad ones serve as a warning to do better if it was me and if the events were out of my control I feel grateful that those I know were able to overcome it as well as I of coarse.

The years of 2000-2003 I wanted to forget, had no interest in going back and review. It was not worth it for me to review in comparison to the hurt of reliving those awful days from thousands dying in lower Manhattan to my mom also passing on.

As the years slowly past and I carefully started going back to review until this year. With the exception of time I spent with family which is infrequent now, I have no inclination to review anything. 

It’s been a mix year of good and bad and the good was always trying to overcome the dark days and that was good until the culmination of a disgusting political campaign that lasted over a year. 
There was no place to hide. Social media became very unsocial, some people started un-friending and cussing friends and strangers on politics like if they personally knew the candidates and the candidates love them and knew who they were as well. Others with lots of time on their hands as they work on someone else’s time would find it useful to post all sorts of fake news and others would swallow the poison pill like it was cool-aid with plenty of sugar. 

At the end we have end up with a public pussy grabber, which I as a gay man find even more offensive than most straight men. It’s not the words or the pictures that might come to mind but the person saying it. Most of us have heard talk like that before but it always came from sounds and screeches in the gutter of the street as we walked by. 

This has change forever the way I see this nation. As my view of the nation changes so is my view of things and people that surround me because all we have as strangers living in the same neighborhood, is the nation that help us sustain our lives. There is no question from anyone that things are changing, and political change in this nation has always been a process. As this process unravels we will see that everything we had constructed to this point is going to look different in the coming years. 

In order to change a construction that is many stories high but never finished is to tear it down. In the process of tearing things down that were already in place is where the danger comes from a total collapsed even as strong as the twin towers were they too collapsed.

Here I am  ready to be a witness to this new world of 2017 or may be the same old world disguised as a constructions site. May be just may be we have been resold the same things we had in a different wrapping paper and would that be so bad?

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