December 5, 2016

Gov. McCrory is Finally Gone But is He Going to Work for Trump Next?

Republican Governor Pat McCrory has just conceded the North Carolina gubernatorial election to his Democratic opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper.McCrory spent the past four weeks contesting the election, demanding recounts and using the court system to try to eek out a victory.

At times during various ballot counts the variance between the two candidates was just under 10,000 votes, which allowed the first-term governor to insist on recounts and other procedural moves.

Many believe McCrory lost in large part because of his dogged support for the anti-LGBT law he signed known as HB2. That law not only stripped LGBT people of various civil rights, it targeted transgender people. HB2, which was voted on and signed into law in less than one day, also stripped local cities and towns of the right to legislate minimum wage laws, discrimination laws, and public accommodation laws.

In this video, in which McCrory announces his concession, he claims that he and his team operated under high ethical standards. Two laws McCrory signed prove that statement false: HB2, and the voter ID law which a federal appeals court ruled intentionally disenfranchised Black voters with “surgical” precision.
Just a note on this Anti gay Governor McCrory whose personal homophobia cost his state’s treasury billions$ in day to day and future earnings. Hope he now becomes a footnote in history. But as we know sometimes foot notes in history become a White House adviser to the president; For instance the ex-mayor of NYC, the one with ugly teeth and tremendous ugly, oversized yelling mouth, he will end up working for the President of the now downgraded White House. Talking about small men who fall into the cracks of history’s aligning plates and are given another chance to become builder and helper if not for humanity in general at least for their own nation, like the President elect, Trump. 

A portion of the United States felt unhappy about having to pay for health insurance even though they were paying before and got kicked out at the time when they got sick. Short memories. It reminds me of an auto insurance and in auto insurance there is one company, Geico whose advertisements are you save$ on your policy. That is until you have an accident  then they don’t know you no matter how clean your record before (Ive been their customer, I know). 

 Growing jobs and a stable economy was not what people felt bad about it, no matter how they lied to the pollsters. Some people felt unhappy and abandoned by their own government headed by a black man name Hussein Barack Obama, who against a Republican Congress for eight years brought the nation out of depression, cut by more than half unemployment, some manufacturers moving out but parts for many of the components made here in the US and in total giving jobs out of the US so others in the US can also work and earn more and in other poor nations to have the money to pay us on their debt.

That is today’s economy and the outgoing President did well on that game. Many companies came back because of problems of instability and shady workmanship outside of this country, they were loosing customers.  He also did very well in minimizing homophobia around the world, more visible yes and with the human costs that it brings. Here in the US he made possible to convince the Justices of federal courts and the Supreme Court to get behind equality in marriage. Having the President 
( A respected president) fight for your civil and human rights does not hurt at all. He did more for the LGBT than any other president.

Still some were unhappy and because of many mistakes made by all, the underdog became the top dog. We are watching and seeing if we have to pick up the pieces after four years. This nation is had bad presidents before, cheating, gambling, heavy drinkers, liars, seemingly too old to govern or too sick or their brains too burnt out on coke or just too stupid. The ones that didn’t got impeached, then almost impeached or died in bed of pneumonia right after walking on Pennsylvania Avenue stupidly without a winter coat on a freezing January day for their inauguration. So is history. Because history is not just the record of the past but history is what we are going to do tomorrow which will bring us today which eventually will be the written history. 

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