December 29, 2016

Gay Couple Commits Suicide as Allegations of Sexual Misconduct are Made

  Matthew Deyo and Aric Babbit

The pictures and rest of the story can be found on the url at the end of the page. I just want to introduce the story and concentrate on the part that a married gay couple were accused by a teen they had acquired as friends from both the school were one taught and the other was a mentor to the teen when he came out as gay. The police reports a total of eight boys which came out and some state they met one of the couple at a Hilton Hotel for sex and others taken to a couple’s cabin. The police did find a cam hidden on a clock in the bathroom and from it there were naked pics.

This story exploded three months ago when the body of the couple was found at San Juan County in Minnesota but the friendship with this particular boy was long going (This posting is concentrating on this 16-17 yr old boy because I see evidence of a relationship which could have been sexual and was something that was going on for the last four years or so). It’s hard to believe no one was aware of it or wether it developed into anything else but mutual liking for these three individuals.

This couple accused of all the things you can imagine when parents find out their 17 yr old was skinny dipping at their pool and they hugged and kissed at occasions and other kids had come out with sex stories.  The couple was Aric Babbitt, 40, and Matthew Deyo, 36. Ten days after the story broke they shot each other with a gun. They ran away to a deserted beach feeling as one wrote to his mom on a note “too great to overcome” to explain and fearing what sex charges would do to their life, guilty or not and not able to move out to another country like Julian Assange (wiki-leaks) did when accused of rape in his country.

The original charges that probably were to follow (they were not charged as of their death) enough to scare anybody particularly people that are not law breakers but had their emotions carried them away from a proper conduct in dealing with underage kids even if they have already reached the age of consent. The way I know the story and the way you can place it on your mind like everyone will, because there is nothing wrong on many people’s mind of what went on and there is a bunch of crimes on the minds of some others including making someone gay. There are too many details that came out for which there is no proof, I am basing my description of this story on what is out to the public and most of it can’t be disputed by a rational human being.

There is no proof there were sex involved just a close relationship which became unprofessional and improper because the role this couple played as older guys in a position of power over the kids on particularly this 17 year old mind. He is the one that came out years before and it seems he is the one that bragged that these couple were his boyfriends (to his parents, Im sure you can imagine the scenario in which he would say that,  even without malice or with malice being pissed at one or both of the guys for any particular reason).

The parents regained hope that maybe their son was not really gay but made so by this couple. When I put all the pieces together I get a friendship which started mainly because this 17 yr old believe he was gay and was coming out years earlier and seeking support established a relationship as he was coming out as gay, which we know that is a very difficult time in a kids life which will be made so much easier by being supported by all people, a gay couple! One that was even married.

 If you are educated about “gay” as a sexual orientation, not just an uneducated mouth piece that repeats what people were saying about the LGBT community before it became improper because it was not true then you You might be believe someone could make you gay.   No one has the capability to make someone gay or non-gay.
Let me repeat it in a way it can be pictured: If someone gets turn on by vaginas the way Donald Trump does and may be the father of a gay son it does not mean all healthy men would want to. Even if they do because they are bisexual the desire for the same sex would not disappear. This is so well known now I can say “google it” and pick the answers from a non profit, non religious, educational or health organization.
Sexual attraction happens in the brain not in the sex organs., Im sure you have seen someone gorgeous getting married or dating someone with really bad physical looks.

I feel I need to post this story but the way the media has been posting about it makes me feel bad and unable to just repost because we lost two human beings in their prime because of their bad judgement, unprofessional behavior, stupid relationship with a young man full of testosterone going through the usual growing pains of growing up gay and knowing it. The death penalty was not the proper punishment.

There are some other kids that have said the couple got close to them but I read nothing factual to that and we know for sure that most if not all the parents were interrogating all the male kids to see if they were molested, kissed, held, went to the pool or are themselves gay by their parents. Meaning other non factual stories were bound to come out.

What ever kids this couple was friends with feel, will now be scarred more for this couple death’s than their friendship with them was, as improper it might have been..They have their lives for the couple doesn’t.  This couple did not turn against each other which is usually what happens in cases with two defendants. They faced death together because in their bad judgement death was better than what they thought was waiting for them even if they could fight it.

What would you do if accused? What would you do if you are friends with guys which are still young enough but older to be your father and you are under 18 and they want to see you naked or touch you?

adamfoxie*blog International

*Other boys described being plied with alcohol and marijuana at Babbitt’s and Deyo’s home, Babbitt’s family cabin and Deyo’s parents’ farm before “it got weird.”

Videos show Babbitt filming himself masturbating in a school bathroom and in his empty classroom, near a student’s desk.

Text messages between the two men revealed the planning that went into their abuse of the boys.

Babbitt, referencing a boy staying overnight, texted Deyo: “Make sure the alarm clock [containing the hidden camera] ends up somewhere good. I was going to surprise (victim) with hot tub … in case it improves chances of skinny dip.”

In another text message, Deyo asked Babbitt, “Should I be expecting a scantily clad 40 yo and (victim) to give me some hugs and kisses this weekend? I just want to be able to hug and snuggle (victim) for a couple mins without (victim) feeling awkward.”

Babbitt responded by texting, “You just need to grab him and make (victim) sit on your lap every once in awhile.”

“Outlasting the Gay Revolution” spells out eight principles to help Americans with conservative moral values counter attacks on our freedoms of religion, speech and conscience by homosexual activists.

Even as police were conducting their search of the pair’s home, Babbitt and Deyo were planning to flee the St. Paul area. On Aug. 16, the men drained their bank accounts, purchased $860 in camping gear on a credit card and went on the run.

The couple was found dead on Aug. 25 on a beach on Lopez Island in northwest Washington state, having died the previous day in a shotgun murder-suicide, ruled the local coroner. Deyo killed Babbitt before turning the weapon on himself, according to the report.

They left a note on the dashboard of their car describing their time on the run as the “vacation of a lifetime,” and saying it “brought great peace to end it on Lopez.”

A suicide note mailed to Deyo’s parents said that some would characterize the pair as monsters, but they were not. Calling the accusations against them “too great to overcome,” it said they had decided to “choose our own destinies rather than experience the embarrassment, ridicule, hatred and inevitable loss of freedom that the justice system would give.”

South St. Paul schools Superintendent Dave Webb said Tuesday that the district is providing grief and mental-health counseling for students and staff, as well as offering training for staff on trauma, mental health and early warning signs related to sexual abuse.

“As a school district, we strive to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students,” Webb said.*


Frederick Wright said...

Absolutely heartbreaking all around. It is very difficult to write sensibly on this topic given the current Salem-level hysteria surrounding all matters pertaining to LGBT issues, particularly when significant age differences are in place and there is a (nearly always) false perception of exploitation or abuse. I wish that the situation had unfolded differently but I'm afraid I cannot see any resolution other than the one which these two men chose, given their entirely correct appraisal of the unfairness and lack of justice with which they'd be treated.

adamfoxie*blog International said...

I never had such a hard time writing a story like this one. So many thoughts would come
flying into my mind I found it hard separating them and writing something that made some
kind of sense. I felt so bad for everyone involved, I try not to become personally involved
in the story but this one got to me because it ended in a double death, it got to me. I kept thinking
a double death over what? Improper relations', kisses, sex?

Frederick Wright said...

Yes I could tell from reading that you had struggled with this story. Obviously there are things that neither of us can say publicly, our own personal opinions and even direct experiences with issues like arbitrary age of consent laws. When reading allegations like the ones described in the news story, I am forced to wonder privately to myself, "when was the last time any teenage boy agreed to do ANYTHING he didn't want to do?" They are not known for being especially cooperative. But our culture now has been whipped into this frenzied hysteria that rational discussion on the topic is basically impossible.

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