January 15, 2020

Fox News Questions Whether Pete Buttigieg is Gay, Maybe They Want to Give Him The Arab Test But his Husband Wont Stand For It!

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 WW1 Electrical Apparsatus test. People that say gays have not gone more mistreatment than this or that one group should study a little more before sounding as ignorant that we do. Holocaust? We were there. Slavery, long before it became popular in the South.

Banned anal exam 'akin to torture' still being used by police in ...
https://www.independent.co.uk › News › World › Middle EastJul 16, 2014 - Men suspected by authorities of being homosexual are still being anally “tested” in Lebanon despite a ban on the practice issued by health officials, it has been reported. Doctors from the Lebanese Order of Physicians have described the method of determining whether or not a man ...

Mark Steyn, a frequent guest host for Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, filled in for Rush Limbaugh this week and questioned whether out presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is actually gay.
Steyn also wanted to know if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), the only female candidate remaining with a chance of winning the nomination, is actually a woman. He dismissed candidate Andrew Yang, an Asian man, saying Yang “doesn’t count” as a person of color. 
Speaking of the lack of diversity in the upper tier of candidates following Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) announcement that he was dropping out of the race, Steyn attacked the Democratic Party as an “extreme geezer showdown.”
“Cory Booker has suspended his presidential campaign,” Steyn said. “So he’s gone. There are now no — I believe there are now no people of color left in the Democrat primary except Andrew Yang. And he’s Asian — so as we know from recent court decisions, that doesn’t count.”
“Mostly septuagenarian white men, although I believe Elizabeth Warren — oh yeah, she’s still in, she’s of course officially a person of color in that she was Harvard Law School’s first woman of color. So she’s — suck it up, minorities! This is what happens when you mortgage your future to the Democrat Party!”
“The great repository of diversity now is Elizabeth Warren! The first woman of color,” Steyn continued. “We know she’s, what is she, 1/1,054th of color? Actually, do we know she’s a woman? I mean, who’s to say that’s not all a big scam, too?” 
“And it’s just going to be a bunch of septuagenarian white guys up there, along with Mayor Pete. Do we, are we really sure he’s gay? I mean, he looks like some guy from the accountancy department. He doesn’t — that’s a very non-gay look. I don’t know.”
“Anyway, the whole thing is the diversity of the Democrat primary has completely vanished, now,” he concluded. “Cory Booker is out. I love it, it’s this, just like big extreme geezer showdown. It’s dancing with the coots. That’s basically what the Democrat primary has boiled down to.”
Steyn is Canadian.

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Frederick Wright said...

Just more extreme homophobia from the right wing. In their world, and even in the world of many gay people, the only way to be gay is to be a degraded lisping caricature. As for the supposed lack of diversity in the Democratic candidates, I don't necessarily equate skin color or gender with diversity. From a purely ideological perspective, a fair range of opinions are represented. And the sad fact of the matter is that the Baby Boomer cohort which reliably powers voter turnout for the Dems is incredibly racist, and extremely misogynistic. So 'old white guys' are gonna win until the boomers die off.

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