August 13, 2017

While Police Looked on, Gay Activists Got Pepper Gassed at St Petersburg, Russia

After the LGBT parade activists and journalists were attacked by Russian “titushki”.

The incident occurred on Saturday, August 12 at the Champ de Mars in St. Petersburg. Young people in sports clothes attacked participants of the LGBT pride. They used pepper gas against the activists.

The police that was on duty at the scene, did not make any attempt to detain offenders. The defenders of law and order were across the street from the victims and saw firsthand the daring, the danger of injury.
The attack injured 10 people. One girl was hospitalized due to eye injuries. In addition to the participants of the pride, also journalists working at the scene got injured. The video shows that the Russian “titushki” did not spare pepper gas and liberally spray it in people’s faces.

Just like in the United States the White Supremacists Violent demonstrations which they feel empowered because they have someone in the White House with staff that is part of them feels like them so do these Russian attackers feel supported by Trump's bro Putin. Putin has had enacted anti gay laws so those that leaning toward violence towards people they don't like they pick their President's punching bag, the gays.

This law which Putin refers as to protect the children from gays. I guess his little mind can not get around that gays start as children. Gays were children and gay children or leaning that way seeing older gays being attacked, all it does is damaged their minds. Damaged because they feel shame and try to hide who they are which latter manifests in all kinds of self-hurting behavior to their lives.

Im sure Russia must have some social scientists that have studied what others have and know that being gay is not something you put on like Putin Fedora silly hat.

 Look how that ignorant pervert just gingerly attacked everyone without any fear.

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