November 29, 2012

Angus Wants Back

adamfoxie* :
The Half wants back! 
Some kids would kill for that opportunity. I mean this guy is not pretty, handsome, muscular, hip, femme.  He is just an ugly looking kid whose brain seems to match his Christian name, Angus! Ok if you are steak or small cow is ok, but that's it. At $350,000 an episode which he does not spends on clothes, fine jewelry, people of Staten Island/Jersey shore or fast cars. 
He doesn’t do much of anything  in the show for those 350 k’s.  He mostly sits there and listen. They are throw him a bone now and then but no meat really comes out of it. Nothing special. Not funny or out of this world or even worldly.  He should be kissing the feet of  those people that keep him on, just like Jesus did with the disciples feet. Well Jesus didn’t kiss their feet but did wash them. ANNNd that was Jesus. I bet you Angus doesn’t know that bible story either                                    

Ever since Angus T. Jones bashed Two and a Half Men in a now-viral video, it begged the question: Will the 19-year-old actor return to the hit show? 

If he has it his way, he will. 

"Angus expects to report to work after the holiday break in January," says a source close to the star. "He intends to honor his contract through the end of the season." 

Jones, who called the show "filth" and urged viewers in a video interview on a religious website to stop watching, issued an apologyTuesday night, saying he has the "highest regard" for the "wonderful people" on the show. 

Although Jones is not featured in an episode that tapes next week, he intends to show up on schedule after the break, the source says. 

In the meantime, the source adds, "Angus is feeling positive and he is concentrating on spending some downtime with family and friends."

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