After three rounds of voting, we’re now down to the final round of the 2011 Sports Stud Showdown. You went through every single athlete that I wrote about this year and voted on your favorites. I have to say that the ones in this final list definitely do seem to have a loyal following. It will certainly be interesting to see who comes out on top. They are all worthy in my humble opinion. The athlete finalists include a handful of rugby players, a decathlete, a baseball player, a champion fighter, and a soccer player.
So how did these ten finalists earned their spots? Here’s how: The top two vote-getters from each of the three rounds automatically advanced to the finals. The remaining four wild card slots were given to the four highest vote-getters from all the rounds.
Each week I picked who I wanted to feature as the Sports Stud for the week, but you’ll be deciding who comes out on top! Pick your favorite Sports Stud for 2011 below. Vote for your favorites (and vote often) if you want them to win.


Kayne Lawton

Original Feature: Apr 9, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Most of the time, Rugby is just a great option. He was handsome, had several sexy pictures, and even has a lucky pair of leopard print underwear. His kinky side was reason enough to write about him.

Daniel Conn

Original Feature: Jan 29, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Um, I don’t think you need to ask that question. Just look at him! All of his pictures were extremely hot. His photo shoots seem to have a very small clothing budget if you know what I mean ;)


Björn Barrefors

Original Feature: May 7, 2011
Sport: Decathlete
Why I Chose Him: It was a sport that I hadn’t spent much time on yet, and his boyish good looks lured me in. Once I saw his shirtless pictures highlighting his toned bod, I was sold.

Dom Waldouck

Original Feature: Aug 6, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: He’s way too hot for me to have not featured him. In fact, I have a feeling he’ll be a serious contender in this round. Oh, and his legs. ;)


Rati Tsiteladze

Original Feature: Aug 27, 2011
Sport: Champion Fighter
Why I Chose Him: I wanted to pick a sport a little less common so given his insane body and flexibility, he was a great choice.

Danell Leyva

Original Feature: Oct 29, 2011
Sport: Gymnastics
Why I Chose Him: Another hot male gymnast with some pretty sexy pictures. Woof!


Luke O’Donnell

Original Feature: Apr 30, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Why wouldn’t I choose this beefy man from down under. Doesn’t he make you want to go down under… and in no way do I mean by boarding a plane ;)

Grady Sizemore

Original Feature: Apr 23, 2011
Sport: Baseball
Why I Chose Him: Not only is this baseball player incredibly handsome, he’s also an exhibitionist. That’s right, Guys With iPhones created a section specifically for his shirtless/underwear iPhone pics. That was beyond reason enough to write about him.

Neil Etheridge

Original Feature: Sep 24, 2011
Sport: Soccer
Why I Chose Him: He’s a sexy and very popular soccer player in the Philippines.

Sean Lamont

Original Feature: Aug 20, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Well, because he looks like that and his teammates call him “schlong” because how how well endowed he is.