October 6, 2018

Is Lindsey Graham Being Blackmailed?---Follow Up About Arrest Today

Follow up at bottom of page(10/06/2018)-Reposting with new information as promised.

I would like to invite you to read a page in which it tries to explains why Senator Lindsey Graham Senator from South Carolina (originally I wrote North Carolina, they look the same to me) has done about faces on important critical isssues on his voting at the Senate. Yes all politicians do but this site believes it knows the reasons and to me it makes sense but I need more proof. I remain non commited with this page but do believe that Graham's sexuality has something to do with his erratic change of views and then the trend of disparaging speeches he makes about the democrats or people on his opposite side, just like Trump which he used to say a bunch of truthful things but nobody was saying them at the time. I was personally surprised when Graham being one of the first one to give his negative opinions about Trump at the beginning of Trump's campaing latter on became his number one defendor in congress and with the american people. 

His offensive sickening speach about democrats  on Friday (like if democrats were the only on on that room at capital hill) and how discusting we are. And over what? A judge. Important yes. But even the most rabid republicans in that senate hearring room did not get up to say what Graham said. He was using words that I've only heard Trump say  but now it was Graham saying the same words about democrats in the hearing on judge Kavanaugh.

Disaagree? Sure. But to go all the way out to be offensive? Why? That hasn't been him except he has done the flip flop in other occasions. 

As a gay man myself I know he is in the closet. I do run a very high "gaydar" but is more than that. The only time it bothered me (He was gay) was when he was backing Pres. Bush with with keeping of DADT (Dont ask don't tell) in which it allowed members of the services to serve if they kept quiet, which is an impossible thing to do. If it was a taste of clothes you put on and take off, yes. But being gay is part of the person's chromosonal identification. You can't hide it all the time, particularly if you are between 18-38 when your testastrome levels are at their highest as an adult. Sooner or latter it will show and you will be out on your young gay ass. That's precisely what happened. Gays were being dismissed out of the armed forces at numbers never before reached. Even experienced F14 and F16 pilots in which the government has invested millions and cannot duplicate the service member were being kicked out. If someone didn't like you, you were dead.  Many were being blackmailed. It was esy to. It was easy to even rape someone if you had a picture or a letter, email, tweet.

Senator Graham was 1000 percent against relaxing or erasing this law passed by a veto proof majority GOP's and signed by Bill Clinton at 12 midnight at the white house. Actually if was his friend Senator from Arizona McCain recently passed, which might have had some influence in his tapping down Graham on this issue. That's when my interest on Graham came to be. Before I could not care if he was a dunkey that used rose water to smell worse. But this struck a chord of what Washigton is. A bunch of people without morals. Not everyone is like that of coarse but I know there are a lot of them. Actually is the American people's fault. On any issue the average american has at least three serious opinions. One for the neighbor, one for the bar buddy or church buddy and another for the ballot on the day of the elections, that is if they vote at all. 

This is a page that explains very well Senator's Graham behaviour which is similar to what people say about Trump and Putin. I will give you the page and you will be your own judge. I had a lot on Graham but no longer did. After Obama was elected and DADT was elinated as a law of the land, the last man on earth I wanted to think of was this Queeny sounding senator. (My apologies to any man that sounds femme. Sounding femme is not a problem. Sounding femme and going against others that are like that it is a problem and that is what I just mean). This is a real page own by a real company.

{Is Lindsey Graham Being Blackmailed ?}

It is not my intention to rehash this man's past which it's mainly on the internet but not all,  becuse this is an old gooze and has been around for a long time. Long before computers. But to connect the way he votes in the past present and future to something other than a just a dishonest, misleadding character this I will do. I will try to do. If you have information I can use you can send it to a private email adresss; 
Make sure you fill out the "reference" on top of the email so it wont go in the junk file. Better yet "DADT" will make sure I get it faster.
Thank you!  🦊Adam

.@LindseyGrahamSC on Hillary Clinton: "The email investigation was a joke... if you had done what she had done, we would not be talking... there are people sitting in jail doing far less than her."

Calls for appointment of second special counsel to re-investigate

Calls for appointment of second special counsel to re-investigate Hillary. pic.twitter.com/ZmiU0Qn4CF


I would like to add some information that was posted today about the arrest of a capital Hill  Senate worker. He Wrote more than was legal about this queen Lindsey Graham and got arrested and fired. 
I can say this man is a hippocrite and a queen that votes when he has a chance against his own people because the people of South Carolina know him and don't care. It's like the core supporters of Trump. They already know most things about Trump but don't care. Even the NY Times report about He and his father cheating the government. Ask a New Yorker if they are shock. His father almost went to jail with Donold J and then is grandfather did go to jail. These have never been nice law abiding citizens. They have been snakes taking advantage of the public and cheating the government. The Trump's did not find out a better way to do business but a better way to legally(?) cheat in businesss and don't pay taxes. They have worked with the mafia and against the Unions (those not ccontrol by the mafia). In this country even the bottom of the barrel dirt gets a chance to come on top without even cleaning it's underear and play the game of how wonderful they are. People know the dirt but it didn't matter. And yes the media has been a fake media because they felt inlove with Trump and did not do their jobs and now they want to say the opposite so people don't beleive them.
Now you can see how they sold all this stupid information about the Clinton's when it was Trump and his dad doing the stealing. When his dad died Donald had the loot. As a result we have people who stopped getting HIV meds in Haiti, Phillipines and parts of Africa.  The Clinton's had to stop the foundation that did so much good.The media would not stop reporting the same thing and ignoring Trump. But look now the baby the offspring is hatch (the Media had) with Putin and is turned on them!
They (Clinton's) had a foundation that collected money with other well known millionaires to help and develop new tchnologies to get water out of the sand and the sea. Meds and vaccines. Did they steal from it? I don't know and I don't care because they were producing. It was not like Trump's foundation that collected money to buy paintings and pay for their own bills.

Capitol Police have arrested a man accused of publishing to the Internet restricted personal information about South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.
Jackson A. Cosko of Washington, D.C., who identifies as a "Democratic political professional" on his LinkedIn page, was charged with making public restricted personal information, witness tampering, second-degree burglary, threatening interstate communications, unauthorized use of a government computer, identity theft and unlawful entry. 
Last week, Gizmodo reported that personal information for GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch of the Senate Judiciary Committee was posted online as the lawmakers heard testimony from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault. 
Information including home addresses, private cellphone numbers and more was reportedly added to the lawmakers' respective Wikipedia pages in a series of edits. Home addresses of politicians are generally public information, thanks to campaign filings, but their personal cellphone numbers are not. Screenshots of the personal information circulated throughout Twitter. 
Wikipedia tracks each edit a page receives on a public revision history log, including the edit's IP address.  On his LinkedIn page, Cosko, 27, lists experience as a legislative correspondent and technology systems administrator at the Senate. He is also a graduate student studying cybersecurity policy and compliance at George Washington University's School of Engineering and Applied Science. 
Politico reports that Cosko was working as an intern in the office of Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas at the time of his arrest and that he has since been fired.
Capitol Police say their investigation continues and that additional charges may be added.
~I didn't print that stolen information but printed the URL for a page that confirms Lindsey Graham was being black mailed and left it to my read to make  a final decission but in the age of the of TRumpie dirt, there isn't much to doubt anymore.

 I hope we hurry up and hit bottom to see if maybe there is one decent man in this country that can give people a sence of dignity when they do the riht thing.Soon people will be saying, "I followed the law did the right thing and I feel like a fool"


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