January 7, 2017

This is Twisted When Russia Accuses The US of Destroying Democracy

Introduction from the Publisher:
First I need to write this: LOL! When the Munster truck of fighting and destroying democracies around the world wether is Germany, France or those nations that were prior subjugated to USSR, now Russia. A man that cannot be taken out of power {Putin} except by a coup is now protecting democracies by hacking them and intervening in their election such as Croatia, Georgia and others surrounding their mainland or as far as the Netherlands, South America and now clearly in the United States. 

Some smart person once said, “Nations get the government they deserve.”  That is for any government wether is a democracy or a Putin styled Aristocracy. After all, Putin cannot be taken out of power but he was voted into power just like Chancellor Hitler and President elect Trump. The reason I include Trump’s name together with Putin is because of the mutual bond and respect they have both publicly announced for each other.

What ever happens in the US with this new president is because he was lawfully admitted into power. 
Plenty of reasons to keep him out of power legally. Those opportunities were seen as undemocratic and would risk damaging the democracy of the US. Do you believe that? It’s ok to believe it, it’s a democracy, a very weak one according to the people putting Trump in power. We will see what was worse, the medicine to avoid a big catastrophic crisis or the big catastrophic crisis of a man serving as President who is got his attention on mainly one person, like it has always been, himself.

As a nation we deserve this government because we allowed it to be,  even if we did not vote for this man. Power in this government is spread out to Congress which is the tool the framers of the constitution elected to have as a peaceful viaduct to change the power between presidents. We also vote for congress and can unseat those that follow their party and not the nation. 

May be Im wrong but I feel responsible as an american because there is no place safe enough for me to go and hide now. Have to stay put and see what happens. Still we need to know that we are not powerless as a nation and have more power that either political party. We can stand up and halt what is going on anytime we feel like standing up to the ruling party and asked for the solutions set forth on the constitution that already has been violated many times by this president elect even before taking office. He has usurped the constitutionally elected President by by-passing his office and making presidential decisions and making calls he is not in power to do yet. 

 That should mean something to someone. Lets not wait for the press to tell us what to do because the press is a commercial institution just like Ford, Toyota and all the others he has bullied and shut off the game .  This is because they look for profit.  No president has been better for the main media than Trump, ever. This is because he is a twenty-four hour tweeting, talking, yelling machine. That type of people Im told (psychopaths) don’t even sleep.

This is the end of the first week of January, let’s buckled up and be brave and let’s not give our power like the Russians did to Putin.  We have a strong constitution giving us the tool to deal with any psychopath President as long as we don’t drink the cool-aide our selves.


A top Russian lawmaker accused the Obama administration Saturday of undermining US democracy, saying Republicans had more trust in Russian President Vladimir Putin than in the Democrats.

Alexey Pushkov's assertions in a series of tweets come in the wake of a US intelligence report pinpointing Russia and its leader as the culprit behind the hacking in the US presidential election.

Russia has consistently denied any interference in the election.

Pushkov, a Russian senator and former chairman of the parliamentary foreign relations committee, first tweeted early Saturday, "The Democratic process in the United States is undermined not by Russia, but by the Obama administration and the media which supported (Hillary) Clinton against (Donald) Trump. The threat to democracy is the United States.”

He then tweeted, "The head of the US Ministry of Defense accused Putin of bad relations between USA and Russia. Obama undertook a course to isolate and to undermine the positions of Russia and blame Putin. Complete nonsense.”

As he had done earlier in the week, Pushkov also compared US hacking allegations against Russia to claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in 2003, later blamed on faulty intelligence, posting that "all accusations against Russia are based on 'confidence' and assumptions. The US (was) just as confident of the WMDs (then-Iraqi President Saddam) Hussein had.”{{Same talking points as the President elect!}}

In his latest tweet, issued Saturday afternoon, Pushkov said that Republicans trusted Putin more than they did the Democratic Party.
Translated, like the others, from Russian, it read: "Obama dismayed: Republicans trust Putin more than the Democrats. This is the ‘merit' of the Democrats and one of the results of Obama's presidency."
Report: Putin ordered ‘influence campaign'

The US intelligence report, which was commissioned by President Barack Obama, was the first official, full and public accounting by the US intelligence community of its assessment of Russian cyberhacking activities during the 2016 campaign and the motivations behind that hacking.

It found that Putin "ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election" and that the Russian President and his government "developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump."
Trump has resisted the US intelligence community’s conclusions that Russia was responsible for the hacking and that it aimed to help his campaign.

The President-elect, who was briefed on the report Friday by top US intelligence and law enforcement officials, said he had “a constructive meeting" but declined to agree publicly with their conclusions.

Instead, Trump stressed that "there was absolutely no effect on the (election) outcome whatsoever," which the US intelligence community asserted in its report it was not in a position to assess.
Trump did acknowledge in his statement the possibility that Russia could have been behind the hack, though he named China as well as a persistent cyberhacker.

Report: Cyberhacking likely to continue

The US intelligence community also warned in its report Friday that Moscow would likely continue to pursue cyberhacking campaigns to influence future elections.
“Moscow will apply lessons learned from its Putin-ordered campaign aimed at the US presidential election to future influence efforts worldwide, including against US allies and their election processes," it assessed.

The 17 US intelligence agencies first concluded in October that Russian intelligence, directed by the most senior Russian officials, orchestrated the hacking of Democratic Party organizations.
But since then, the US intelligence community said it had gathered additional information to make assessments of the motivations behind the cyberhacking operations: that the effort was aimed at undermining the US democratic process, hurting Clinton and helping Trump in the election.

CNN's Sebastian Shukla reported from Moscow, and Laura Smith-Spark wrote from London. CNN’s Jeremy Diamond contributed to this report.

 Laura Smith-Spark and Sebastian Shukla, CNN

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