January 6, 2017

Australian Gay Dad Thrown Off Bridge on New Years’

 Maioha Tokotaua, 33, claims husband Joth Wilson, 25, on right pictured, 
was thrown from a bridge for being gay and rejected another man’s advances. 
Picture: Facebook

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A GAY man found underneath a bridge with horrific injuries was thrown off it in a deliberate attack, his partner has claimed.

The Sun reports that Joth Wilson, 25, was discovered under a train bridge in the early hours of New Year’s Day in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.

The native Kiwi was left with a broken neck, back, four broken ribs, a brain hemorrhage, a severed spinal cord and shocking burns over almost half his body.
He is currently on life support at an unnamed Brisbane hospital after plummeting 8 metros from the walkway and is unlikely to ever walk again.

Wilson’s husband Maioha Tokotaua, 33, has now revealed he thinks his partner was deliberately targeted by someone he knew.
 He told of his belief that Mr Wilson was thrown from the bridge by a man with a wife and kids who he had previously knocked back.
“There were these guys who had been harassing us for some time after one of them, who is married with children, made an advance that Joth rejected,” Mr Tokotaua said. “There’s no money involved, no drugs, no debt — there’s just no motive for the attack other than they were intimidated that we might tell their families.”
Mr Tokotaua found his husband unconscious after he popped out just before midnight on New Year’s Eve but didn’t return.

Mr Wilson went to the shop to buy one last pack of cigarettes so the pair could have a final smoke before quitting for the New Year.

When he failed to come back from what should have been a short trip, Mr Tokotaua became worried and went looking for him.

After two hours of searching the streets, he was shocked to find his “mangled” partner at 2am lying motionless beneath the bridge.

Mr Tokotaua told how his wallet and hat were missing, suggesting to him that Mr Wilson had not fallen or tried to kill himself.

Maioha Tokotaua, 33, claims husband Joth Wilson, 25, was thrown from a bridge after rejecting a married man’s advances.
He also claimed burns to his partner’s face and body — which cops said were likely caused by falling onto electrical wires above the train track — came from something more sinister.

He said he believed at least some of them came from some kind of flammable liquid which had been poured onto him before setting him alight.
“It was a gay hate crime,” Mr Tokotaua said.
Police have raised questions about whether or not it was a hate crime, describing the incident as a “fall”.

Transcripts, Tom MichaelThe Sun

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