January 6, 2017

IBM Unveils New Rainbow Logo in Solidarity with LGBT Community


IBM has unveiled a new logo that incorporates the rainbow pride flag as a show of solidarity with the LGBT community.

The logo will be used in conjunction with diversity-focused IBM programs and initiatives, BM’s Chief Diversity Officer Lindsay-Rae McIntyre said in a news release Friday. She said the new symbol is a demonstration of the company’s continued advocacy for nondiscrimination workplace policies.

“Today, I am proud to introduce a new symbol that will represent IBM’s ongoing push for diversity, acceptance, inclusion and equal opportunity — a rainbow version of our iconic 8-bar logo,” Ms. McIntyre said. “The rainbow is recognized worldwide as the symbol of LGBT equality, and we are proud to fuse it with the emblem that has represented our company for more than four decades.”

IBM said the colors of the rainbow logo were adopted from the original rainbow colors designed by artist Gilbert Baker and commissioned by gay activist Harvey Milk shortly before his assassination.

“For nearly its entire history, IBM has been a progressive leader in diversity, advocacy and innovation,” the company said. “We proudly pay tribute to Baker’s original vision in the adaptation of our corporate logo as a way to demonstrate our solidarity, support and continued commitment to the rights of the LGBT community.”

 - The Washington Times 

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