June 3, 2016

Chris Brown Says He Should Not Be Called a Homophobe{He is got a boyfriend}

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The posting I read on twitter below with the picture of Chris and his (boy) friend above, had Chris asking the Press why they think he is got a boyfriend when he was supposed to be a homophobe?

I guess He doesn’t know what a homophobe is but that is the classic interpretation of it.  Usually is a gay person who is afraid to be gay themselves. You see if you are straight , how can you be afraid of being gay? You already know what you are and you like it and that’s it.

It’s when the person has this uncontrollable fear of being gay is because their sexuality has not settled in certain parts of their mind but being a homophobe does not make you straight.

I got involved in this story mainly to get the chance to clarify what homophobe haters are. If you are straight and are comfortable with that, then why would you care that there are gays in the world. In other words contrary to what haters have said it does not involve anyone’s marriage or life altogether.

For all of those that use to call Chris Brown a homophobe let me tell you he still a homophobe except now he might have a boyfriend. Hopefully this will give him some understanding about his sexuality and at least stop being a homophobe.

Chris does not take too kindly to people calling him out on social media, and he is not too proud to voice his opinions. “The crazy thing is that y’all used to call me homophobic… Now y’all calling me gay???? RESPECT IS RESPECT. WHO STILL HATES PEOPLE FOR THEIR DIFFERENCES OR PREFERENCES??? Grow up. People are abundantly simple-minded. ‘NIKE X OR’,” the pop star commented. He also added a little trophy and praying hands emoji at the end, just to further solidify his point.

Over the years, Chris hasn’t always been on the right side of justice when it comes to matters of homosexuality, so it’s slightly surprising that he would be defending Olivier, but it’s never too late to do the right thing. The star used his platform to stand up for someone else. The Game also chose to throw his two cents into the ring as well. And what he had to say was super hilarious!

“Lol.. People kill me homie !!! Because two successful people take a quick photo opp together & one of them is gay/or not that means the other person is gay too !!! This guy is the head of BALMAIN… Most of you n***** ain’t even employee of the month at wing stop, uncomfortable in your own skin using HATE to hide behind your own insecurities… & everybody know this n**** Chris ain’t gay & all you n***** listen to his music while yo broke ass ridin’ shotgun in yo girl car so [Cut] the bullsh*t & let people live,” the game added. Can you say: Shots fired! Wow!

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