June 5, 2016

Trump Posts Fake Picture to Proof He is Not a Real Racist

He seems to have made things worse, with many noting that his phrasing implied ownership over the man.
One of the major hurdles for Donald Trump to win the presidency is his deep unpopularity among non-white voters. A recent survey found Trump is viewed unfavorably by 86% of black voters and 75% of Latinos
Trump’s comments about the African American man came after reiterating his belief that a federal judge should be disqualified from presiding over the Trump University fraud case because of his “Mexican heritage.” (The judge was born in Indiana.) 
This morning on Twitter, Trump was back at it, highlighting the support of an African-American family. 

"@Don_Vito_08: Thank You Mr. Trump for Standing up for Our Country!  JOIN ME ON THE πŸš‚http://twitter.com/Don_Vito_08/status/739075864793653248/photo/1pic.twitter.com/zgopGvSEen "

Just one problem. The photo is fake.  

On Saturday morning, however, a friend texted him a screenshot of Trump’s tweet. “When I saw it, I immediately knew it was political propaganda,” he said. 

It was not taken at a Trump event. Rather, it was taken at the The 27th annual Midwest Black Family Reunion held in Ohio in August 2015. The event featured “music, art, chess, children’s games and other activities.” 
Last year, Trump attracted controversy when he retweeted fake statistics claiming 81% of white murder victims were murdered by blacks. The actual figure is 14%. 
Speaking to BuzzFeed News, the parents in the photo  Eddie and Vanessa Perry -- said they are not Trump supporters. They aren't endorsing or publicly supporting anyone. Eddie Perry called Trumps use of the photo "misleading" and "political propaganda."
Some will say that wether Trump is a racist or not, it’s not been proven yet but really what has been proven is that He is a bold face lier. He has no second thoughts to push what ever story, picture, name to invoke support for whatever self indulging lie he is pushing at the moment. He is not great at anything. Yes, He is got a name but that name was given to him and so was his fortune. At one point he almost lost it but thanks to the help from the courts and  his lying, manipulating and not even paying taxes he came back to his fortune. Anyone can amaze a fortune not following the rules most people have to follow. When things gets hot he yells curses and sues. At my last check he had about 1500 law suits he’s filled. Remember when the GOP used to called the Democrats the party of lawyers and lawsuits when they really most have been talking about The Donald who used to identify himself with Democrats just like everything he does. He aligns himself with whereever and whomever as long as he makes some money from someone.

Just like he did with the Vets money he never gave it to them as promised or when promised but the day he was to appear before the cameras to explain what he had done with the money, the money popped up. Imagine if Hillary Clinton, Sanders or any politician would have kept money from veterans and then lie about it? Their careers would be over already but Trump keeps on trucking….Why? This is as simple to explain as the rain produced by rain clouds. He keeps on trucking because he is being carry originally by the uneducated and people that don’t care if this nation goes to hell because as far as they are concern the nation is already in hell. 

They figured they haven’t been part of what some call the ‘American Dream' so why not destroy everything. If things never get better then these stupid few million people feel they would end up where they started. I call them stupid because they don’t even know what sustain them. 
What sustain them is the social net of programs that the Democrats and few Republicans with decency have kept going for them. Social Security for the retired, disabled and seniors. Food stamps and in some cases even help paying their heating bills.  

Those things are not going to be there forever with the wrong government. With Trump nobody knows what he is going to do because he is going from saying he is not touching social security to now agreeing with House leader Ryan who does not believe in Social Security. Trump now said he agrees with Ryan. Now his backing also started to come from the GOP and that means money for his campaign. 

The very wealthy also supports Trump because is proven that wether we go thru a recession, recession bubble burst this 1% makes money. They make money because there is no better profit maker than people’s misery. When there is a flood, hurricane where everybody looses you see the insurance companies making more profit than  anybody can count.

The main problem with this man and is that he himself doesn’t know what he is going to do. That will be the chance some Are willing to take. This is not something new. There always have been opposition from some groups when anything is been put in place to accomplish some good for the people that need it the most and save the least amount of education and power. Trump will always be Trump, a lying cheating self absorbed man. The middle class poor people that backs him think that at worse they will end up where they are without realizing they could be worse and that’s where they are going to be if he continues without having anything sticking to him and were to win the general elections. 

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