January 25, 2013

???? Is Atheism a Religion? Could IT Replace it ?????????

Sanderson Jones at the first meeting of The Sunday Assembly, an atheist church.
This idea came from NYTimes Debate page. I usually don’t post articles that make people feel like going to the  adamfoxie* site and inserting a post…well latter I 've been getting abusing ones but that comes  and goes with the weather.  I even know where some of them originates.  I believe in a free press but not in abuse.  So I or the system would mark it as abuse or spam and if it happens to be posted because it was missed, it will be out within the hour. I have taken all this lines to  inform on how the comments work. 


>>>>So You Can Comment!  But in this case I will ask the reader  wether  Atheism is a religion itself.  I for my self will keep out of the issue, but will say that I understand how the atheist feels and I understand how the religious people also feel. For myself I don’t have a religion ( but have a degree in Theology) nor believe in any of them; But I post  positive article about it. Im not an atheist but I check their blogs and sometimes I post of something  that they write that makes a lot of sense. So I am not religious but I believe in god, just don’t believe on your regular god of heaven and hell and so fourthNOW the Article Below:Adam*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Tom Bell, via Nimrod Kamer on pic.
Sanderson Jones at the first meeting of The Sunday Assembly, an atheist church in London.
In Britain, where the Church of England is a laughing stock lately, the percentage of Britons professing no faith has nearly doubled in the last decade — which might explain the rise of an atheist church.
In the U.S., Susan Jacoby recently wrote, moments of tragedy can be a reminder “of what atheism has to offer.” The philosopher Gary Gutting adds that atheists, like religious people, ought to articulate reasons for their beliefs (or lack thereof).
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Can atheism replace religion? Is it a religion?

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