August 28, 2011

Storm Irene Hits NYC-Live

Path of IreneThis is  the latest on the Tropical Storm Irene. just passing NYC. Currently we are experiencing winds up to 45mph with wind gusts of 70mph. As the storm passes the next step is the storm surge which will be hitting at high tide and it is expected the surge is going to be a problem for lower Manhattan and areas close to the sea water. From where Iam things do not look that bad, but Iam not at a location that I can see the water or much except wind and rain which comes in spurs. My opinion is based is comparing this storm to others I have been through and what I can see through my window and live weather reports.. Iam only speaking about NYC. I am aware of how bad it is in Long Island with winds of 75 MPH and the storm has not fully hit there yet, not for 2 more hours. The eye of the storm has not hit NYC yet as is passing NJ now. I would imagine that at South beach Staten Island and Coney Island Brooklyn most be a lot worse that at my position. The water I understand that is coming under the board walk into Father Capo. Blvd. Winds are hitting pretty hard on my windows of where Iam
As far as NYC is concern the storm is hitting with drastically less than expected. Still no piece of cake. So I would dare say at this point that NYC seems to be surviving the storm well It is now 0747 hrs.
It is still dangerous. 
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