August 30, 2011

Boricuas' Bud&other things'r Legendary..see Ricky Martin's partner's Nalgas

Face it: cargo pants (and shorts) are ugly and no self-respecting grown man should wear them. They just make you look like goofy. It's even worse when clueless, lazy individuals couple them with flip flops. Don't believe the Mervys catalog; you don't look "relaxed," you look sloppy and reallypinche suburban gringo.
But, like anything, there's always exceptions. Take this picture of Ricky Martin and his boyfriend Carlos Gonzales. Ricky's ugly green sweatpants don't particularly do anything for him but Carlos doesn't look half bad in his cargos. And, you know, he is Boricua. We all know their nalgas are legendary.

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