April 29, 2010

Heinz Spotted Dick:10 tragic moments in food names

10 tragic moments in food names

From Spotted Dick to Nun's Farts to racist nuts, here's a menu to never serve in polite company

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    There are certain words the English like to use that remind the world that the language was theirs first and they can do whatever the hell they want with it. A "pudding," in the English way of using the word "pudding," is a generic term for dessert, not a custard that gets Bill Cosby revved up. Spotted Dick is a pudding, filled with currants. Apparently they use the word "dick" differently than we do, too.

    Spotted DickN!&&er ToesWelsh RarebitChicken Poo HouseMoros y CristianosNun's FartsFriar's BallsPriest StranglersPope's NoseVirgin's Breasts

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