July 18, 2019

GOP Official Blames The Government’s Fixation with Homosexual Activities’ Cause For Moral Decline

"Americans’ fixation with “homosexual activities” has, in part, caused the country's moral decline"

As I show you the news on this posting I would like to address the title, so there is no mistake of what is involved here. 

The only moral decline that I have seen is from the Republican party headed by Trump. What kind of Decline?

*God and Country: No more on either one. They are going opposite the religious teachings they have always said they were guided by. They are going opposite of how the Bible is interpreted in this nation. As for the country, the President is willing to break the law of the country by telling our enemies that he will take negative information from them on his political opponents. He goes against the laws of what is illegal to do to people in the workplace. Everything that he called the US Representative last night in the "Lock her up" "Send her back" lynching party he assembled last night.

* Doing what the people do with the bible: Choose and pick.  Now is ok to do with the federal law set in place after the decades of experience and fights to try to make this union better. 

* Mixing the ideology that brought this country riots and way back a civil war with today politics as if they were trying to bring us back to the past.

* Breaking with the law and the Constitution in ignoring most of what it says. 6 years ago they used to carry a small copy in their pockets. Today, they don't want to hear about it following a President who knows no history, is incapable of holding two different ideas in his brain at the same time and doesn't read. 

* Sexual Abusers: The party of Lincoln is now the party of Epstein. Someone who is been accused and charged with the illegal use of young girls for sex and trade.

I found this man so interesting but no surprised because when they go for the women of color they extend to all people of color. That's spills over into civil rights laws in this country put in the place during the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson and Obama. They always go for what they consider the weakest which are women and women of color and much their way up from there. The above I will and hopefully, most people will consider a moral decline brought about when a tv personality and humanizer ran for President and lost the popular vote by over 3 million. Somehow he managed to win the election with the college vote. This was put in place so racists and crazies will not put one of their people in the white house. They just were thinking of how people where during those times and not the way will become, Staying home or voting for this crazy (Trump) because they hated the front runner against his man. 


Tim Fitzsimons

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, a Republican contender in the 2020 U.S. Senate race, has set off a new controversy after saying Americans’ fixation with “homosexual activities” has, in part, caused the country's moral decline.

Merrill, 55, is running to defeat Sen. Doug Jones, a Democrat who won the seat in 2017 after his Republican challenger Roy Moore was accused of soliciting sex from underage girls.

According to an April poll by Mason-Dixon, before Merrill entered the race, Moore was the top pick among Alabama voters.

“The foundational principles which we have grown up as a nation are no more,” Merrill said at a Fort Payne town hall over the weekend. “There are no more good TV shows on like ‘Gunsmoke,’ ‘Bonanza,’ ‘The Virginian,’ ‘Andy Griffith,’ ‘I Love Lucy.’ We don’t have those shows anymore. We’re too interested in homosexual activities.”  

“What you have today is you have more interest in homosexual activities, you have interest in wife-swapping, and who’s dating who, and how this family is messing with this other family, and those things substitute for entertainment value,” Merrill said.

When sharing an example of what he called Americans' preoccupation with “homosexuality activities,” Merrill cited media coverage of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s World Cup victory earlier this month.

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” he said. “What the national media chose to focus on is the fact that these young ladies’ sexual orientation was more significant than what they accomplished on the field of play,” which Merrill said, “was to separate themselves from any other team like them in the history of the World Cup.”

“The national narrative began to be one of divisiveness, and if you can’t support these young ladies because they’re gay and because they want to wear the LGBT flag on their uniform, as opposed to just appreciating the great talent that they have, and the unbelievable athletic accomplishments that they produce, that's a problem,” Merrill said.

A better kind of national conversation over athletics, Merrill added, took place almost 40 years ago when in 1980 the U.S. Olympic hockey team defeated the Soviet Union in a game called the “miracle on ice.”

“When they won the gold medal, it was a national celebration of an international accomplishment,” he explained. “Those issues were not introduced at that time.” 

Merrill said Megan Rapinoe, an out lesbian and co-captain of the World Cup-winning USWNT, is “in a position to represent our country — again you represent the entire country. Not just you and not just the team, but the entire country because you are the U.S. women’s soccer team.”

As for her status as an openly gay person, Merrill said, “A gay person can be gay, a straight person can be straight, that's a decision for each individual to make.”

Asked if there is a message he would deliver to gay Republicans in Alabama who might be offended by his remarks about “homosexual activities,” Merrill said he would never be supportive of an effort to take away gay Alabamans’ right to be openly gay.

According to polling firm PRRI, a majority of people in every state support “broad nondiscrimination protections” for LGBTQ people — including Alabama, where 59 percent support them. But the state still faces challenges when it comes to LGBTQ inclusion.

Carson Jones, the openly gay son of Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, penned an op-ed to Alabama voters in April in which he decried the state’s anti-LGBTQ policies and asserted that “Politicians in Alabama are hell bent on holding Alabama back.”

Merrill’s remarks about gays come on the heels of several other controversial comments made by Alabama officials, including a mayor who suggested killing gay people and a police officer who mocked a gay teen’s suicide.

Perhaps the Alabama public figure who has been the most outspoken about gays is Moore, who’s also running for Senate. Moore blamed gays, liberals, and socialists for the emergence of sexual misconduct allegations against him during his ill-fated first Senate run in 2017.

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