May 16, 2019

What is Wrong with Lindsey Graham? Trump Got to Him!

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Adam Gonzalez, Publisher

It is my opinion Linsey Graham turned 180 degrees is due to Trump having the goods on him.

Linsey Graham knows that because he has been agains the gay community, ALWAYS! People finding out with facts that he is just an old closeted queen and used to be a young closeted homosexual won't go well with his voters.

I am gay and know he is also gay, he is an anti gay gay which is a different sexuality. All these men that don't have a reason to be going after a community not because they are communists since now the commander in chief is in bed with them and no thread to anyone, no even the church.

Lindsey never had an opportunity to come out because how he is always ran in his state and how his state still out there in the woods in social issues. He knows he will loose his next election and more. He always wanted to be Preident and that would be out of the question as a discovered old queen.
When he was younger he lost his parents while still young and as the elser took care of his brother and sister. The church, politics and latter a big man politcian offered him consolation, advice and shelter.

Why now? Because McCain is not here and there is no one to guide this boy who always had an older man to guide him. So Trump knowing, is made him an offer he can't refuse. Put yourself in his shoes after you read after him. If he was a decent man, he would know the right way but he knows most politicians are not decent... why should he be?

You think about it. Why now and why coming gainst everything McCain believe in. Why is he politicly in bed with the man McCain could stomach the least;  Because he is dead. In a matter of speaking so is Lindsey. He is got no where to go but the way the man with the goods tells him to go.

I've witten many times saying this guy is gay. particularly when he came out strongly about NOT abolishing DADT (Don't ask don't tell).

Even if yoour gay-radar is weak you most know Im telling something that sounds right because it is right.
Iam tired about writting about Washington politicians that are gay. They are mainly based in the Republican party and I DONT KNOW WHY. But once elected they become our worst enemies. Maybe is their way of denial; Iam told that People that do reprehensive things in their own minds tend to be the opposite in public. They become two people, at least.

Know the reason about Lindsey just like I have just posted about Mr. Fallwell. We tried to find out about him (Fallwell Sr.) back in the days of Reagan and the inmoral majority, without success but maybe it was just the genes, particularly that we now know it is usually carried from the father to the oldest child or the younger one or both. Look at Falwell how he comes after the LGBT community on things that even straight people say why is he doing this? Why gay people should be fired and kiked out of their homes? These are issue we have discussed with both the American people ( in othernations) with the general population and they and us have won with their concienses and in the courts. But people like Falwell wants to litigate this again. Go back to the past.

Coming back to our boy Linsey, if you read the evidence and just thing about why would someone reversed thmselves like this...I say is sexual and I hear other voices that say Trump is got the goods on him, what ever that is. Why not? That is the way Trump operates. Remember fishing for disrt on Clinton? Why? Even Trump said he like her it in private and in public. But she was the enemy because she stood in front of what he wanted.So geting dirt was just right. Why it would not be right about someone else?

He has never sent an email
Earlier this year, Graham made headlines when he quipped that he had "never sent" an email, despite 12 years as a U.S. senator and eight as a representative before that. The comment, which quickly went viral, came in response to a question by NBC's Chuck Todd in a discussion about Hillary Clinton's use of a home-based email server while serving as secretary of state.
Asked if he had a private email account, Graham told Todd: "I don't email. No, you can have every email I've ever sent. I've never sent one."
Graham does, however, regularly carry a cellphone. But don't expect him to wade into the iPhone vs. Android debate anytime soon. His device of choice is a flip phone.

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