February 5, 2017

LGBT Global Criminalization



The date on this visualization is 2015. I noticed that of all the nations that show negativity for the Gay Community only Vietnam and Cambodia are showing very encouraging signs of change. Also China is seen a steady movement to recognize gay couples,  still a long way to go but in 2015 there was not any good news coming from there. In the USA we have gay marriage and many rights accorded by the government but some of those are without legislation that makes it a law and more difficult for a change when the government changes (which happens every 4-8 years) to take some away by enacting some other executive action which will invalidate some of the rights or freedoms.

 For instance it is illegal to discriminate against gays in unemployment and for services(like selling a wedding cake) but there could be a presidential decision called an executive order in which it might make a religious right to discriminate on faith anyone they wanted by saying it’s offending their faith.  That would tend to neutralize some of the gay rights because all a President had to do was to sign that order. Up to now Presidents used to keep most previous president’s executive orders in place.  However with the current president that is changed. This situation almost came to be last week in which President Trump who is very friendly to anti gay forces including the extra religious right. He almost signed an executive order like the one I just described. Many gays still don’t know yet how close they (we) came to not dodging that bullet because President Trump was going to do just that but was convinced otherwise by his daughter Ivanka and her husband Mr. Kushner which are LGBT backers.
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