June 1, 2016

Trump-Clinton Poll It’s Meaning and Trump and Vets Money

During a press conference at the Trump Tower Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lashed out at the media and detailed the distribution of $5.6M raised for veterans during a fundraising event in Iowa this past January. Trump’s list included 41 organizations that he said had received portions of the money. Something to keep in mind:
In each case, Trump was giving away other people's money. Other donors, both large and small, had entrusted this money to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, on the understanding that Trump would then distribute it to veterans. It is money that he was just supposed to distribute which he only did minimally  until today. 
Below are visualizations overviewing election polling statistics and veterans per capita by state in the U.S.
You will also see the catching up of Trump to Clinton. What does it mean to Clinton? Not much! This poll only reflects how the electorate feels at one particular day in time. Way far from November and not even after Clinton Started fighting only one war in a united party after the “Perrot” factor which in this election would be the “Sanders” factor who wont quit even though he has been defeated but still free to cause mayhem in the party unity. 

There are many factors that you don’t see by just looking at the numbers. If you read how the poll was conducted, how many people where asked what questions and wether the same amount of Democrats were used and Republicans including the ages of the samples used.
Then you might get the real picture which means Trumps backers are united and unmoved by all the bad publicity Trump is gotten from his temperament to the Vets question which it now seems that the vets got what they got thanks to the media putting fire under the candidates behind.  That is why you are not seeing a lot of polling from the usuals (all networks, pew etc) right now.

Until the Democratic primary takes place numbers will be deceptive. The numbers that tell a better picture is when the two candidates are battling each other with their respective parties behind them. 

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