March 9, 2016

Mitt Romney’s Speech Back Fires Big

 People with the economic freedom of billions and even millions most live in a bubble
 that no matter what truth you throw at them, it doesn’t touch them 
The question here is why a man that lost the presidency to the first black man in the US with very high numbers and a man that have visited Donald Trump to ask of him the endorsement that he was seeking back then and in turn he bathe Mitt in wonderful words describing the Donald close to Mother Theresa.

I don’t know what Romney wanted to get from Trump? Money? Romney is got plenty of those. So the endorsement was supposed to give access to Romney to which voters? Now we know which voters but we didn’t know the man had voters 8 years ago.

This man now assumes that he is the man that should stand up now and say the opposite of what he said 8 years ago about Trump. Common people don’t have enough brain cells for memory so who is going to remember something he said 8 years ago? He doesn’t remember!

Doesn’t he know that besides his family and people he pays to surround him no body likes him? What possessed Romney to make a speech condemning Donald Tump? In his own shell he did not hear any negatives and he forgot his big lost to now President Obama. So here we have him standing tall and speaking the negative stuff that is supposed to moved, Not Trump but it most be the voters but the voters of both partiers don’t like him. So there he went and made the speech in which I could not keep a straight face. This man is not liked! The man doesn’t know it!

 This is what the GOP Donald’s supporters are saying about Romney, Im sure he will never read it, but we can.

Mitt Romney's pleas to Republican voters last Thursday to ditch Donald Trump did more to boost the Republican frontrunner than curtail his rise, a new poll out Tuesday reveals. The poll by Morning Consult finds that, post-Romney speech, 31 percent of Republican voters are more likely to back Trump — despite Romney's urgings that "the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished" by a Trump presidency. Only 20 percent of Republican voters said they're less likely to vote for Trump after Romney's speech.

Among those voters who already supported Trump, Romney's efforts backfired even more. Fifty-six percent of Trump supporters said they are now more likely to vote for Trump, with only 5 percent saying they'd be less likely to vote for him after Romney's speech.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

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