November 21, 2013

Tim Tebow, A Fumble

Tim Tebow Used by Ref to Describe Terrible Passing
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Poor Tim Tebow.
Not only will no NFL team give him a shot at his dream, his inaccurate passing has been mocked by former teammates, the media and now a referee.
That's right, former NFL ref Jim Daopoulus spoke with USA Today recently about why the pass interference flag thrown in the endzone as time expired in the Patriots/Panthers game Sunday night was picked up.
“We as officials have always been taught for a ball to be uncatchable it has to be clearly out of the field of play. Or, it has to be a kind of...I probably shouldn’t say this...a Tim Tebow type of pass that lands 15 yards in front of you.”
Not sure what's worse: Calling out Tebow for sucking, or comparing his passing to Brady's (one of the greatest QBs in history).
In case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen video of the supposed "uncatchable" ball in question, here ya go:
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 Nick Teplitz

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