May 1, 2016

Would You Let this Dr Operate on You? She Went Crazy on Uber

** Calm steady hands are some of the qualities and qualification expected from a rookie Dr., never mind a Medical Doctor practicing with the big boys. We are allowed to go crazy but the Doctor is supposed to have a calming effect around us [before they give us the drugs]. We trust them and many times put our lives on their hands. To see a Doctor gone temporarily mad because of consumption is very unnerving. You have here the video of insanity and days after she is being asked some questions by a reporter after she was feeling better and the hang up was gone and the hands don’t shake anymore after a couple of Valiums. It’s a good interview and very honest.

*Have alcohol ever make you be a fool of yourself? With coworkers or people you had to see after the weekend was over?

*If you are highly educated and actually you are a medicine doctor that can hold the life of a human being on their hands on some occasions, *How do you feel? Lastly
*Would you let this Doctor operate on you, for a hernia on your scrotum?
Adam Gonzalez

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