May 8, 2016

Bern Supporters Come Out Blocking Clinton’s People with Berning Obscenities,Yells

Clinton had to shorten her speech and limit the people coming in for fear of violence

Just a little while ago as of this writing, Rachel Maddow aired a one-on-one she did with Bernie Sanders earlier in the day. Toward the end of the interview, she confronted him about the behavior of some of his supporters, specifically those who protested both outside of a Hillary Clinton rally in East L.A. on Thursday and inside the rally. The constant disruptions inside the hall where Clinton was appearing forced her to cut short her comments to her own supporters, those who had come to hear her and her alone speak. When pressed about this by Maddow, Sanders stated that he doesn't agree with protesters' trying to stop Clinton from speaking by interrupting her. What he said he doesn't have a problem with, however, is protesters gathering -- even by the "thousands" -- outside of a venue where Clinton is appearing and making their voices heard.

At first blush there's nothing wrong with a statement like this, given that Sanders is right when he says that it's the right of every American to peaceable assemble and protest. But here's the thing: today, report after report from witnesses on the scene of Thursday's Clinton rally are saying that the Sanders supporters who showed up there were anything but peaceful. No, no one actually engaged in physical violence like at a Trump rally, but there are now numerous stories circulating on social media about Sanders fanatics shouting obscenities at Clinton supporters as they left the rally, grabbing campaign posters out of the hands of Clinton supporters, and hurling insults even at small children who happened to be there with their parents. 

Through various accounts and actual photos and video of the scene, a picture is painted of enraged Sanders fans forming a kind of gauntlet around the rally attendees and forcing them to endure genuinely shocking verbal abuse, all for no other reason than the fact that they support Clinton and not Sanders. Read these tweets and watch these images and you'd honestly think the men, women and children being shouted down -- people from all walks of life, a couple of whom were even handicapped -- were common criminals and the Sanders supporters were angry townspeople who had gathered to shame them. But then, that's where we apparently are now with the Sanders zealots: they not only viciously attack anyone who dares to speak a kind word about Clinton online, they also arrogantly shut down her speeches and publicly, shamelessly thrash anyone who happens to be there. As one person who was at the rally wrote Friday at Medium, "They were cussing at people, calling women whores, and telling people to kill themselves. They were shouting in children’s faces, blowing sirens in their ears, and making them cry.” 

Supporters of independent Vermont Senator and upstart Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came out in force to disrupt a Hillary Clinton speech in Los Angeles, forcing her to end the event early. Speaking to a largely Latino crowd in Monterey Park, Clinton weathered interruption after interruption, and as the local ABC affiliate reported, the protesters being led out all had Bernie Sanders’ name on their lips: 

Man offering free hugs comforts crying child being yelled at by Sander Supporters
 This development comes as Sanders faces increasing pressure to bow out of what is now a nearly mathematically futile quest for the nomination in order to give Hillary Clinton a clear shot at Donald Trump. Sanders supporters are also in direct conflict with Senator Sanders’ stated wishes, at least when it came to disrupting Donald Trump events: The fact that these Bernie Sanders supporters are ignoring his admonition is a sign that even if or when Bernie does decide to try and unite the Democrats, many of them may not go along.

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