October 8, 2015

New on adamfoxie: PR Newswire Live! Also Increased Security

Adamfoxie blog has dedicated page 4 [four] for PR Newswire coming Live! 24 hrs 7 days a week of live headline news. The starting point will be sometime tomorrow. 

Top news organization have expressed wishes to have the news come to our blog live. We had to agree and see how much our readers would like the world news to be watched for them while they read the articles in this blog. This is just one more thing this blog does to try to please our readers. We do take suggestions, criticism, ideas seriously.
The topics on the news are going to be the same topics we follow, comment and present here at adamfoxie*blog.

Also Google and Blogger have been seriously working since last spring in bringing all the Bloggers units of which we are part into a secure connection between the reader and us. Here we already started the process and we know is working well if no body complaints. 
If you have any issue in reading the stories please let us know. Going on a secure network has to take in mind the different connections that are use between the users and us. i.e.: the type of computer, cellphone, pad, together with the running system wether it runs on Safari, Outlook, Google Chrome and many more!

If all of a sudden the pictures are not showing correctly or any content, please let us know so the issue can be fix. 

The publisher of this blog thanks you for being our readers as we go on our 7th year. We have nothing else in mind but to bring information and educating readers on the issues that impact our world be gay or be straight.

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