October 10, 2015

Looking for Love? Not much in Social Media


Do You like my tattoos? I woke up with them one day I got drunk on Social Media..lol

You’re all done up and out at the bar, chatting up a fine eligible match. Red wine, tapas and laughter; things are going swell. And then he mentions, between small plates, that he doesn’t actually have an account on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or any of that social media jazz. He is disconnected, which you find curious, even alarming. What is he hiding that he’s keeping off Facebook? Is he actually married with five kids? Is that not his real name? Is he on the sexual predator list? What’s wrong with him?

And then you realize: Wait a minute, that’s kinda super-hot.

In a world where selfies have gone from a teen-girl indulgence to something the machoest dudes stock their Tinders with, and keeping up with the Joneses has taken on a compulsive edge that drives tiny computers into our hands before we brush our teeth each morning, finding someone who simply sits out of the whole digital courtship game can be refreshing and extraordinarily appealing. So we’ve got a wild, against-the-grain tip for future courtships: Disconnect to get a date.

Sure, social media is great for meeting up with someone you haven’t seen in a long time, or maybe one-night stands … but what about love? What about the next level beyond networking? Studies now show that in spite of our 1,000-plus “friends,” social media in fact makes us feel lonelier, and turns our behavior less sociable. What’s sorrier is that when surveyed, 22 percent of people said they would give up sex before they’d give up their cellphone (?!?!?!). And for those already in relationships, social media is a fast-growing threat. Therapists at the charity Relationships Ireland found that the vast majority of couples seeking professional marriage counseling cite Facebook as a major factor in cracking up the marriage, and we’ve already told you about another study that found 32 percent of heavy Facebook users consider leaving their spouse.

Not that we need a statistically significant study to tell us that Facebook can cause a boatload of drama: Anecdotes of this type are a modern staple of cocktail conversation. “I stay off Facebook these days,” one man mentioned on Date 2. Summarizing with an utterly modern euphemism for “I got caught,” he continued: “It caused me a lot of problems in my last relationship.” Oops. “We are living in an age of anxiety,” notes Breanna McEwan, a communications professor at Western Illinois University. Although most people use social media, “we are still very concerned about the effects these new technologies might have upon us” — enough for us to consider social media prenups. With anxiety and worry two of the least sexy tendencies on earth, maybe the key is simply not playing the game.

Of course, our friends at Facebook might disagree. McEwan notes that someone who doesn’t use social media is “our generation’s ’80s family that doesn’t have a television.” She warns, “They may seem superior, but many of us don’t make that choice for ourselves.” Gwendolyn Seidman, chair of the psychology department at Albright College, notes that it might seem too strange these days, suggesting people might think a disconnected mate was “socially abnormal in a negative way.”

Still, find us a study that proves that. (Seidman, McEwan and a host of other experts haven’t seen one yet.) Until then, we’ll keep flipping our hair around these modern unicorns. Too bad, of course, we won’t be able to share this article with them.

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The Facebook Sergeant looking for someone to….??
 This is one of the pictures Richard (the Sergeant) sent. He wanted John
to be the Executor of his will and thus needed
financial information from John. When John refused
Richard(name given) lost his magazine of bullets in names he called John t.hen block john from his Facebook account. John was just relief
John Lovey has tried the two major social sites (Facebook, Google) since the last time he became single about 7 years ago. He ended up having terrible experiences particularly in Facebook. Lovey is a private person so he has discreetly let people know in the past that he is single and have added a few facts about him and always included a recent picture ( no older than a year in average). 

Some have figured out and contacted him in other cases, He’s contacted the guy with a profile that that said single and seemed to be looking. He’s been attentive and immediately answered  in times which he was contacted and He’s let them down very gently when they are not for him. He felt thankful that they decided to try him out. Whether he contacted someone in Facebook or was contacted by someone, He figured the experiences had been around 95% negative. Some have lead him on and established a friendship to meet and travel. Others have agreed to meet him when they live in his city( again being careful since this the main way gay haters get guys to beat up and is as common as white bread).  Most of those particularly the ones that talked about traveling to meet up turned out the worse. 

There is an experience of one establishing a relationship but then would come up with an emergency or a need from a relative to ask for money to help them out. Once a soldier who was a sergeant about to retire or so he said, sent him documents  where he was and how much he made (He checked the rank and the salary was correct so he was sure the guy was at least a soldier or had been one). 
This soldier told him he was being sent to Afghanistan and he said he would call him from there.

He called him as promised supposedly from there but now needed Lovey’s bank account number and particulars because he wanted to send his money to Lovey’s account and also wanted to named him as executor of his estate in case he was killed. No need to say that Lovey turn him down. He called him all types of derogatory names and said Lovey had no heart that he would not help a soldier in the field. He laid it out strong like he was a victim he also black him out on Facebook so he could not inquire anymore about him. Someone with a weak heart and strong sentiment would probably fallen for the part of helping the soldier out and allow him to put money in, he was not taking out according to the soldier, he was so nice and trusting he wanted to put money in.  I’m sure this has worked with others otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. I mean everything seemed on the level, he would sent pictures that were supposed to be live and other information without Lovey asking for it. All along he had a feeling something was not right so when he made his move Lovey was ready. This is someone who asked him to friend him on Facebook.

 On Google + are the guys from poor countries particularly Philippines and Jacarta. They go all the way to try to get someone to bring them to the States. Other are too far to even consider or with wrong pictures which don’t match their age when they slip and give it to you. 

As the tittle says John Lovey gave up a long time ago. He still in the social media as a business, but nothing more. He no longer disclose being single and never say He’s looking to date. He had positive experiences way back in the age of chat rooms divided by city and state. He says he got many dates that didn’t turn into relationships but got to meet friends and once in a while got his rocks off as a release. Now is very different. You never know for sure where that guy might be. Phone numbers with area codes mean nothing and this is the age of throw away cell phones.

John Lovey is not the real name who’s real story Im posting above. Everything is true as said by John Lovey except the name. If there is a John Lovey out there he is not the guy in the story. The name change is to protect the innocent. If this picture is recognized by someone it will be nice to know and find out if Richard pulled this stunt with others or he was just psychotic wanting to pull a fast one because maybe he thought John was beneath him? Not smart enough?
On a positive way social media is great for news (if you know how to weed out rumors) and to make contact with people in other nations that only want to chat and learn about gay people here in the US.
So if you are looking for love may be any sight but a social site might be better. Make sure you are honest if you expect honesty. A picture and  state and even the city is very helpful and is a sign you have nothing baad to hide. When you are on social media you are in Central Park on a weekend at 8pm. You could bump into anybody, your job is to stay safe by taking everything with a grain of salt and until proven. He says is Undetectable or Negative? When the time comes for intimacy don’t be shy in asking for the piece of paper that certifies what he says he is. Asking many questions is always good and it makes people with bad intentions to get nervous and want to walk away from you, which is the purpose after all. Having your picture in undies on social media and saying you want something serious is an oxymoron. If you wan tot show off, fine but when looking for someone those pictures say many thousand words. Even if you pay a studio is money well spent; Just don’t over do it.
Good luck and may you find all the love you deserve!

Adam Gonzalez

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