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December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays


Another holiday season and another chance to be good to each other๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

November 24, 2016

Thankful for Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for? 
That is the most important question we can ask ourselves on this day and everyday. No matter how well we are doing we most think of those that are lacking, on the same thought as we might be experiencing awful circumstances on this day and throughout the year, be sickness or death the most important thing we possess for a few instances of our lives on Earth is just that, the life we have been given to be here today and knowing that no matter how good or bad we are having it, it will not last. 

Therefore for the experience of being here on what ever circumstances, I shall hope we will leave here with a sense of accomplishing something and a sense of thankfulness for being giving the opportunity to be here on this earth.

There are things we will never understand and being one of those is while as we enjoy our dinner on thanksgiving day why there are innocent children and people lacking the basics of what we have. In Syria, Iraq, most Africa,Venezuela to just name a few. 

As we acknowledge those wanting we should give thanks everyday that we are able to have a doctor when sick and a blanket when cold. I wish all of those nations getting this message today and the readers in the U.S.A.,  a healthy thanksgiving and memories of sharing our love with our families.
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Trump and Chicken for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which is usually my favorite holiday of the year. I always look forward to cooking with my brothers and sisters and stuffing my face with mashed potatoes and Tofurkey. But in the wake of the recent presidential election, the only thing that is on my mind is how I'm going to navigate all the Trump conversations that are likely to be on the menu, too.

It's not that I am surprised or even upset that many of my family identify as Republicans. That's expected. I grew up in Mentor, Ohio, a city that has voted Republican in the past five presidential elections. But we all know that what we just saw was no ordinary election and Trump was no ordinary Republican candidate. His run to the White House thrived on our nation's divisions along the lines of race, class, and gender. The rhetoric fueling his win has been used against my own brother, who has been bullied because he's mixed-race, and it has instilled fear in my little sister, who had to come to terms with the fact that an accused rapist is her new president. I can't believe there are people I love within my family who supported him and I regret that I never pushed back.

It was last Christmas when I first realized that some of my family were fans of Donald Trump. I was in town from New York City, sitting in my dad's dining room with my aunts, uncles, and cousins on Christmas night. We'd just finished our wine-fueled feast and were having some cake and coffee to wind down when it happened—our light-hearted conversation turned to the realm of politics. It was inevitable of course. Even at that point in the presidential campaign, the former reality TV star was dominating the media with his grotesque sideshow. I assumed his leadership of the birtherism movement, his misogynistic comments about women, and his calls to ban all Muslims from entering the US had already disqualified him from being a viable candidate. But to my horror, my family praised the man who'd been bankrupt four times and liked to make fun of people with disabilities for his "business acumen" and willingness to "tell it like it is."

I chalked their outdated views up to them being old and uninformed. So I decided to just drink some more wine and keep my opinions to myself. I didn't really think he had any chance of winning. I mean, this was a guy who characterized Mexican immigrants as rapists and thought the key to solving problems in the US was erecting a ridiculous wall along the border. Even my siblings, who are too young to vote, considered Trump a dangerous bully. I believed there was just no way he could get the keys to the White House and become the most powerful man on the planet.

Of course, I was dead wrong. On November 8, I watched from my apartment in New York City with disbelief as the election results began to roll in. When my home-state of Ohio flashed red, I immediately thought back to that moment with my family at Christmas along with the dozens of other times that I had heard people try to rationalize a Trump presidency and I had said nothing.

Over the years, I have learned to avoid expressing my opinions on politics with my family. While I have always tried to have thoughtful discourse with my little brothers and sisters, my older family members haven't been as open to my views. When I would try to explain to them why I was marching in the streets for women's rights or why it's important to specifically say "black lives matter," they would disregard me. I could sense they were uncomfortable around me when topics like race or gender were discussed, because they knew I would have something to say and they never wanted to hear it. They liked living in their little bubble and I was always the one person who came to burst it. With this presidential election, I was so sick of not being taken seriously and written off as the angry feminist in the family, that I just decided to bite my tongue. Now, looking back, it's a decision I regret. We have to speak out against someone as dangerous as Trump, even when those extolling him are in our own family.

Unlike me, my Trump-supporting family members aren't quiet about their views, especially on social media. In the past weeks, they've gone from sharing Fox News stories to posting Breitbart's alt-right propaganda. Some of my relatives have even started referring to people who simply care about social justice as "libtards" and women who chose to have abortions as "baby killers."

I can see and feel the extreme impact of Trump's incoming presidency among my family. That not only disappoints me, but I'm scared to see that vitriol trickle down to my siblings. I don't want my little brother to think it's OK to grab a woman "by the pussy" because the Commander in Chief does it. And I don't want my little sisters to think that a man who believes "you have to treat [women] like shit" is deserving of anything but being put to the left. This Thanksgiving, I at least owe it to them, to stand up and finally speak my mind about Donald Trump.


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December 25, 2014

Time for Toys, smiles and eyes: Happy Holidays!

It’s time for toys, it’s time for excitement, unique smiles and eyes tired of not sleeping waiting for the morning.
Happy Holidays!!!! Not a holiday for you? Do something extra nice for you or someone else or just watch everybody else get excited. I’ll be watching you!

February 7, 2013

On Chinese New Year China You Can Rent A Straight Boyfriend

Couple holding hands (generic)
There are just days to go before Chinese New Year, the biggest celebration on China's calendar, when the entire country shuts down for a few days of food, fireworks … and family.
Many enjoy the holiday, but millions of unmarried people merely endure it.
In the basement of an office tower in downtown Beijing, a cloud of gloom hovers over the canteen at lunch time. Groups of young women huddled over large bowls of noodles look depressed when asked about the February's impending Chinese New Year holiday.
"I'm pretty old - I'm almost 30 - but I'm still single," explains Ding Na, a woman hailing from China's northeast.
"I'm under lots of pressure. My sisters and my relatives all ask me why I'm not married. When they call me, I'm scared to pick up the phone."
Twenty-somethings in China - young women especially - face a strict societal deadline to find a husband before they turn 30.
According to Zhou Xiaopeng, a consultant with, one of China's biggest dating agencies, the pressure for singles to settle down crescendos around Chinese New Year.
  "Picture a scene where people sit around a table," Ms Zhou says.
 "Chinese people love to get together for dinner. On New Year's Eve, everybody is sitting in pairs, your brother with your sister-in-law, your sister with your brother-in-law, and so on. If you're the only one left behind, you can imagine the pressure and frustration."
Kiss for $8
Luckily for some, China's most popular online marketplace, Taobao, offers a band-aid solution: the rental of fake boyfriends.
For as little as $50 (£32) a day, dozens of classified adverts promise to provide a male companion for the holidays, pretending to be a single woman's plus-one.
Some postings list a full menu of possibilities - charging $5 an hour to accompany a girl to dinner and $8 for a kiss on the cheek. If the fake boyfriend stays overnight with his client's family for Chinese New Year, he charges $80 a night to sleep in his own bed, and $95 to sleep on the couch.
Sex is not even an option on the list.
Zhou Xiaopeng

Li Le, an agricultural products salesman from Tianjin, has put himself up for hire on Chinese New Year. Sounding a little embarrassed, Mr Li admits this is the first year he has attempted to work as a fake boyfriend instead of travelling home to see his own family in China's central Hebei province.
He insists he is not doing it for the money. Instead, he has more noble pursuits.
"It's an exciting thing to do," he says. "I might find someone who shares my interests and it would make both of us happy."
Thirty women have contacted Li so far, but he says its tough to find someone who trusts him enough to invite him home for Chinese New Year.
Ironically, Li says he is still waiting for that special someone to answer his advert, admitting, "the best result would be for me to find someone to marry through this".
A crazy idea? Maybe, but even Chinese pop culture has cottoned on to the possibility that a fake boyfriend could morph into a real one.
The hit Chinese TV series "Renting a Girlfriend for Home Reunion" stages the Hollywood romance between a single Chinese man and his fake girlfriend.
Yes, Chinese men hire stand-ins too - often gay men who haven't come out to their families. But Zhou Xiaopeng, the dating consultant, says women are really under the gun to find husbands. Though, eventually, even that might change.
"When people born in 80s or 90s become parents, they won't want to apply the same pressure they endured when they were young," she predicts. "It'll probably take 20 to 30 years."
That means that China's entrepreneurial escorts still have decades to perfect their craft. In Li Le's case, he still has time for the fake girlfriend of his dreams to hire him for the holidays.

December 30, 2012

2013 A Short Little List For The New Year 2013

New Year is Knocking!
Are you making the usual resolutions or you decided that the best one was none at all. This finds us   politicly in up-heavel like we were back in to the future in the Clinton Administration. The GOP through Gingrich saying they were going to not raise the ceiling and let the government default. You could say a lot of things about Clinton, but he had balls. As Monica will attest!
Well the government defaulted for the first time!
Government workers went without pay checks, the Smithsonian closed for the first time and all the branches of government. If it wasn’t so stupid it will be so funny!
Now we Have another untested president  and history repeats itself. Because all of the truths I know this one has proven right every time: Those that ignore history are doomed to relived again. the guys and girls in Washing ton are at it again testing this president. A president that would have his hands and administration hog tied if every few months we had to go through this GOP made crisis.
But I don’t want this message to be merely political but as we are getting ready for a new year we should not allowed certain factions of the government to treat us like this. We always say they are punks, they are doing this and that. But they are they because they elected them. We need to examine who “they is” and how we are doing our part in the political field. Because if we just bitch after they do what ever they want to do to us, then actually you and I {Because we are They} and are the problem.
I hope that this year will bring clarity to us and those who hold our mortgages and collect our rents to do things thinking about the impacts that selfish decisions bring. 
If one day we could care for each other that will be heaven. But I know that is a pipe dream, wish I had the weed to go for it and smoke it.
Happy New Year!


December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays and a Better Year! 2013

Regular operations will resume on or about Jan.1.2013

Important articles will continue to get posted. Thank You


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