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April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner After 7 Yrs of Marriage He Realized it was Just Not Cross-dressing?

 Finnaly Bruce Jenner is reached something he was looking for 30 years or more
 Bruce Jenner at 10 and He already Knew!
Bruce Jenner’s earliest memories of feeling like he wanted to try something new came at about age 8 or 9. He remembers sneaking into his mother’s or sisters’ closet to dress up in their clothes while they were out.
“I marked the closet so when I put it back I could put it all back, everything back in the exact same spot so I wouldn’t get caught,” Jenner told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview that aired Friday in a special edition of ABC News’ “20/20.”
“And, at the time, I didn’t know why I was doing it besides it just made me feel good,” he added.
During the interview with Sawyer, Jenner referred to himself using male pronouns and ABC News has chosen to follow his lead, though he also referred to himself as “Bruce” and “her.”
“I like her,” Jenner said. “I look at it this way—Bruce always telling a lie. He’s lived a lie his whole life about who he is. And I can’t do that any longer.” 
For the first time in nearly 50 years, Jenner returned to the place where he grew up, Tarrytown, New York, with Diane Sawyer and recounted early memories of putting on dresses and wearing a scarf to hide his short hair.

“You have no idea, no idea, you don’t know what’s up ... and there’s no place to get any information,” Jenner said of growing up during the Eisenhower era before the birth of the Internet.
Jenner remembers envying the boys and girls who were comfortable in their own skin, while feeling like he was “stuck here in the middle.”

The former Olympian described himself as a lonely boy then who is “still a lonely big boy” now.
"I don’t socialize a lot, OK? I’m not like an outgoing person. I don’t socialize a lot. ... I’ve never fit in,” he said. “When you deal with this issue, you don’t fit in.”
In high school, Jenner was a star athlete -- MVP of the basketball, football and track teams. He went on to marry college sweetheart Chrystie Scott in 1972.

Jenner told Sawyer that Chrystie was probably “the first one to know” that he was transgender and struggling with gender identity, though Jenner “didn’t go heavily into it back then” when explaining his feelings.
“I said ‘These are my issues. This is what I deal with,” Jenner said. “And they I think I do a little cross dressing, I do a little of this, a little of that, you know, ‘it’s going to be fine, we’ll work all that stuff out.’”
Jenner made the 1972 Olympic team in the decathlon, but came in 10th place. Jenner returned to the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal and won the gold medal for the decathlon, giving him the title of the world’s greatest athlete.
After two children and seven years together, Jenner and Chrystie divorced. The Olympian then married songwriter and TV actress Linda Thompson, who had been Elvis Presley’s girlfriend.
PHOTO: Bruce Jenner celebrates after winning 1500M race during Decathlon at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada, July 17, 1976.
Jenner and Linda had two children together, Brandon and Brody, before splitting. 
The former Olympian fell into a deep depression and lived alone in a house in Malibu.
In the late 1980s, Jenner sought a therapist for the first time, and started taking hormones. 
By the early 1990s, 
Jenner remembers having breasts that were “a good solid 36B.
”He also altered his face, getting surgery on his nose and electrolysis to remove his beard. 
He continued to work as a motivational speaker and while the main event was arguably his addresses to the crowds,
 the travel that came wiengagements meant something else as well.  
 “I would walk off the stage and I would feel like a liar. I’d say ‘You’ve just got no guts…’” 
Jenner said. “And then I’d literally go up into the hotel room, change [into women’s] clothes,
 and walk aroAround this time, Jenner decided to finally tell someone in his family what he was going through.
“I couldn’t believe it,” Jenner’s older sister Pam Mettler said. 
“I didn’t understand really what he was saying.”
“When I drove home from that dinner that night, I cried the whole way.
 I could hardly see the road for the tears,” Mettler said. 
“I guess the tears were for me – but they were for him mostly, the pain that he experienced as a child.”
But the two didn’t speak about it again for more than 30 years.

 Bruce Jenner “I had the story”

February 17, 2015

Bruce Jenner tries Come Clean with TV Interview


Everything was going according to Bruce Jenner's plan. Fresh off taping an interview with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer, in which he opened up about his transition to living as a woman, he took a quick trip to New York City. The athlete left his luxurious room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for several Starbucks runs, even obliging one fan with a selfie February 5. "He seemed comfortable and relaxed," the fan says of Bruce, who is filming a docuseries about his transformation. "He was happy."
But life can change in an instant. Back home in Malibu two days later, Bruce was towing a dune buggy from his Escalade on the Pacific Coast Highway at 12:15 p.m. when the Lexus sedan in front of him rear-ended a Prius. Bruce, 65, swerved but could not avoid slamming into the Lexus, propelling it into oncoming traffic, where it was struck by a Hummer. The driver, 69-year-old Kim Howe, was killed and five others were injured. While emergency workers were still on the scene, online outlets rushed to blame Bruce for the crash, accusing him of texting or speeding to elude photographers. "This couldn't have come at a worse time for him," notes a friend of Keeping Up With the Kardashians' father figure. "He is in a state of shock." The following night, Bruce said as much to Us in a statement: "It is a devastating tragedy and I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them."
Bruce's Heartbreak
After the collision, the motivational speaker was cooperative with authorities. He passed a field sobriety test and submitted a blood sample to prove he was not intoxicated. Bruce's rep says he will also surrender phone records, telling Us, "The evidence will show that Bruce was not texting at the time of the accident." An insider adds that Bruce "knows he wasn't responsible, but he feels terrible. He watched the woman's body being taken out of the car."
Rattled, the gold medalist called his once-estranged son Brody, who sped to the site with girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. The Hills alum, 31, has "been great for Bruce," says a family pal, adding that the two have grown closer since Dad's 2013 split from ex Kris. Stepdaughter Kim Kardashian, 34, was with husband Kanye West at the Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch in Beverly Hills when she got a text and "left quickly," according to an attendee. His stepdaughters Kourtney, 35, and Khloe, 30, who were neighbors of the victim, and daughters Kendall, 19, and Kylie, 17, all called to comfort him, says a source: "They all want to be there for him."
Big Reveal
As police investigate the crash, Bruce will continue his journey of self-discovery. Though he did not wear feminine makeup during his chat with Sawyer, says a source, he did reveal a name he plans to assume in the near future: "He referred to her in the third person."
He is also mulling a name for his upcoming E! show. Two insiders tell Us Bruce is working with Bunim/Murray Productions, the team behind Keeping Up. "E! wants to see the footage first," says one, "then decide how many episodes."
For now, says a close source, Bruce is just happy to be alive. "Everybody feels for him," says the source. "He's been fighting a private battle and has come so far. Now he's really shaken up."

(c)2015 Us Weekly. First published in Us Weekly Magazine. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC

December 22, 2014

Why This Young Rapist Should Not be allow to Play but a club wants him


Convicted rapist Ched Evans was this morning released from prison after serving half of his five year sentence.
The 25-year-old former Sheffield United striker is expected to make a “personal and profound” statement on his website next week and he has maintained his innocence throughout.
Until then, Women’s Aid has urged his former club not to allow him to return. The boss of Sheffield United, Nigel Clough, has reportedly held talks with officials about the possibility of him being allowed to play football with them again. 
This is what Polly Neate, the chief executive of Women’s Aid had to say on the matter: 
Sheffield United have to take responsibility for their response to the Ched Evans case, as a football club which is both an employer and a high profile brand. They have a significant leadership role in their community and there is no excuse for ignorance where violence against women and girls is concerned. Many employers would not wish to re-employ a convicted rapist in a high-profile position, because of the potential reputational risk and the message it sends out to others. While we would always support the principle of rehabilitating offenders, and encouraging those who have served their time to reintegrate back into society, an important element of rehabilitation is remorse and taking responsibility, which has not happened in this situation.
We know that football clubs play an important role in our communities for shaping the future, and we can help them to respond appropriately to the sexist attitudes that underpin the abuse of women and girls and that are used to excuse crimes such as the rape committed by Ched Evans.
But what the heck somebody wants him: 

Hartlepool United manager Ronnie Moore has said he wants to sign footballer and convicted rapist Ched Evans.
After the club’s 1-1 draw with Oxford on Saturday, Moore, who took over as manager of the club this week, said that “if it could happen, I would want it to happen”.
He is a proven scorer - he’s served his time and the boy wants to play football.
If there is a chance he might come here, I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t.
He has made a mistake and maybe he hasn’t apologised in the right way - and I know he has an appeal case pending - but if he gets on the park, he would go a long way to getting us out of trouble.
  • Ronnie Moore

Evans was told by his former club Sheffield United, who he had been training with following his release from prison, that they did not want him to sign or even to train with them any more last month after they received criticism from fans and the media.
Jessica Ennis-Hill asked for her name to be taken down from one of the club’s stands if they wanted to sign Evans and club patron Charlie Webster resigned because they allowed him to train with them.

July 18, 2014

Aussie Rugby Star BEAU RYAN Hosts Talk Show 100%Naked


Retired Australian rugby star Beau Ryan made a promise to his fans. If New South Wales won the 2014 State of Origin Series, he’d host a program called The Footy Show completely naked.
On May 28, New South Wales won.
On June 19, Ryan returned to the show and kept his promise. Ryan walked onto the set of the show wearing nothing but a mask covering his penis. He took that off when he sat down, and because Australian TV doesn’t have the same censorship rules as the United States, you could see has bare butt as he strutted around the stage. No modesty sock, no blurred out images. Just some good, old-fashioned nudity.
Watch a video promoting his appearance below, plus some footage from the show and a few fun photos from his appearance.
Here’s to Beau making more bets like this in the future.


May 17, 2014

TOWIE hunk and holder of the world’s sexiest DILF title, Dan Osborne shares bath with you

TOWIE hunk and holder of the world’s sexiest DILF title, Dan Osborne, shared a ridiculously hot photo of himself taking a bubble bath Friday evening:
Here he is moments earlier drawing his bath:

December 8, 2013

Tom Daley Coming Out Still Makes History Because of The Player He Is

Leading the way: Daley came out earlier this week
Leading the way: Daley came out earlier this week
Sandy Young Photography
The first high-profile gay ­footballer will become an icon of our times, writes Stan Collymore in the Sunday People.
In the same way that players no longer need to hold deep-rooted fears over racism and mental health issues, homophobia now needs to be conquered.
Tom Daley’s decision to announce he is in a relationship with a man is one I am sure he will not regret – and I just hope it opens the door for a footballer to do the same thing.
Frankly, I would be staggered if there are not any current gay players in this country.
Whoever is brave enough to step forward first will not only have the potential to earn millions of pounds, but, more importantly, they will begin smashing down walls of discrimination – in all walks of life.
It will encourage other homosexual players to come out, while gay ­supporters will also feel much more ­comfortable in the football environment. The benefits will then seep into ­society as a whole.
We just need someone to step ­forward. So the big question is, why are no gay footballers coming out?
A main reason must be the fear of abuse from the terraces. Daley has shown courage by ­announcing details of his private life in a YouTube video, but repercussions would be greater for a footballer.
While Daley has to dive in front of hundreds of people who will politely clap his skills, a footballer would be confronted by tens of thousands of working-class, middle-aged men. The taunts from opposing fans could be vicious, as it is fair to say that some will not be particularly well educated over gay rights. We would have to hope that our stewards deal with the ignorant souls.
I can understand that fear factor for any gay player and why it may be ­holding them back– but I do not think there can be a serious concern about how team-mates would react in the modern game.
Robbie Rogers
Rare case: USA international Robbie Rogers has already come out
Back when I was playing, there would have been slurs if a player had come out as gay.
But the mental process has moved on from the days of, ‘Don’t bend over in the showers, lads’. These days a ­changing room full of lads in their teens and twenties should have no problem with ­homosexuality. They have been brought up in a time when gay ­marriage is respected and gay ­celebrities are commonplace.
Yet as recently as the ’90s I think my colleagues may well have made homophobic remarks as a way of breaking the ice if a team-mate had announced they were gay. It could well have made for an ­awkward scenario.
I remember when I began dealing publicly with mental health issues in 1997, a newspaper ran a comment ­telling Aston Villa fans it was a disgrace that I could earn so much money and claim I was suffering depression.
The piece basically urged people to drive me out of the club. I had no right of reply, no Twitter to put my opinion across in those days, so I just had to cope with it.
If a gay player had come out then, I can only imagine the type of torment they may have suffered. We would have been looking at headlines along the lines of ‘Elton takes David up the Aisle’.
Now, in 2013, if you are suffering from depression it is possible to blog or tweet and give a fair account of what is going on in your life. The same can be said with racism – people unite to fight it because we all have a better chance of understanding the issue.
I believe a gay player today would be treated far more sympathetically than they once would have been.
If you are a gay player, I urge you to seriously think about the boundaries you are capable of breaking down.
Yes, you will face some personal ­torment, but you will also become a hero. There are people in the world, without a voice, crying out for a breakthrough moment like this.

  • Stan Collymore
 @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook

November 21, 2013

Tim Tebow, A Fumble

Tim Tebow Used by Ref to Describe Terrible Passing
Image by: 
Poor Tim Tebow.
Not only will no NFL team give him a shot at his dream, his inaccurate passing has been mocked by former teammates, the media and now a referee.
That's right, former NFL ref Jim Daopoulus spoke with USA Today recently about why the pass interference flag thrown in the endzone as time expired in the Patriots/Panthers game Sunday night was picked up.
“We as officials have always been taught for a ball to be uncatchable it has to be clearly out of the field of play. Or, it has to be a kind of...I probably shouldn’t say this...a Tim Tebow type of pass that lands 15 yards in front of you.”
Not sure what's worse: Calling out Tebow for sucking, or comparing his passing to Brady's (one of the greatest QBs in history).
In case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen video of the supposed "uncatchable" ball in question, here ya go:
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 Nick Teplitz

November 2, 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo a Spaniard Sport Jock in New Underwear

  Real Madrid Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, officially launched his CR7 line of underwear  Thursday in Madrid, and the world collectively rejoiced.
The soccer super hottie posed for pictures in front of a 30 foot high giant image of his own, package!
1384047_10152005723227164_2098948503_n[Image Credit: Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook]
Earlier this month, Ronaldo deleted an unfortunately worded tweet directed at some young boys which read:
“Thank you all for participating in the CR7 boys underwear competition – it’s been a real pleasure to see all of your photos.”
Despite the embarrassment, the footballing legend carried on with his launch party at the Palacio De Cibeles in Madrid, and he looked amazing!

Check out a behind the scenes video for his underwear photo shoot below:

Watch the video below:

October 23, 2013

Athletes Go Naked for a Cause, Hope is ok with you...

Watch: UK Warwick Rowers’ Athletes Go Nude For A Good Cause (NSFW)

 The gorgeous lads of the Warwick Rowing Team have once again blessed the earth with another naked calendar and behind the scenes making of video, all done for a good cause of course.

Every year the men’s rowing team at England’s Warwick University show off their birthday suits for a naked calendar, which some of the proceeds this year will go to the Educational Action Challenging Homophobia‘s Sports Allies campaign.
As the video’s description states:
Featuring genuine university athletes who strip off to brighten up your each and every day, our calendar guarantees a very enjoyable 2014 for everyone who buys it, with a strong possibility of a welcome surprise around the start of each month. We’re also sensing that there could be passion on the horizon, because if this calendar doesn’t get you going, nothing will!
And this calendar won’t just be good news for you. As well as helping the students with their sport, it’s raising funds and awareness to support Sport Allies, a new programme developed by the rowers themselves in partnership with a registered charity, Educational Action Challenging Homophobia. (EACH, UK Reg Charity No. 1095665).
Sport Allies is dedicated to challenging homophobia among young people. The rowers are predominantly straight men who have welcomed and embraced the fantastic support they have had from the gay community for their fundraising efforts. Sport Allies is their way of honoring that support and giving something back. The rowers will share with young people their own experience of learning to understand the challenges that others face, simply on the grounds of their sexuality, and how this has changed these athletes both as individuals and as a team.


[Photo Credit:]

October 20, 2013

Freshman Jake Butt, Tight End Instagram Pics

Gaily Stud: Michigan Tight End Football Player Jake Butt Has Best Fitting Name Ever!
Jake Butt is 6 feet and 237 pounds of pure muscle perfection! Butt is a freshman playing the tight-end position for a top-20 football team, the Michigan Wolverines. As you might have noticed by now, his last name is also Butt.
Having endured countless jokes about his last name, the young football star showed his sense of humor a few weeks ago tweeting: “Yes I’m a tight end. Yes my last name is butt. Hhahaha”

Check out some of our favorite photos from Butt’s instagram account below:

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