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July 10, 2015

Straight Russians Wanted a Pride Flag of Their Own-Today they Got It


If, for some reason, you've ever wanted to show off your straight pride, Russia has finally given you the symbol you've been waiting for.
Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party has created a ‘straight flag’ to fly in their fight against “gay fever.”
The flag shows what might be considered a ‘traditional’ family, with one husband, one wife and three children. Across the bottom, in a font that looks suspiciously like Comic Sans, reads a hashtag that translates to #RealFamily. It comes in red, white and blue, one version for each of the colors on the Russian flag.
It was unveiled in Moscow on Wednesday, according to Russia Today, and was officially presented Wednesday at The Day of Family, Love, and Faithfulness, a day that celebrates the Orthodox patron saints of marriage and family.
“This is our response to same-sex marriage, to this mockery of the concept of the family,” said Andrei Lisovenko, the deputy head of the United Russia branch in Moscow to a reporter for Izvestia.
Homosexuality isn’t illegal in Russia, but it certainly is frowned upon, and there are laws that prevent promoting “nontraditional” sexual relations to minors.
The new flag comes in the wake of a surge of positive opinion that came after the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage last month.
On the internet, many accused the flag’s creators of plagiarism, pointing out similarities between the #RealFamily flag and the flag of La Manif Pour Tous, a French group that vocally opposes gay marriage. The only difference between the two flags seems to be that the Russians tacked on an additional child in their version.
La Manif Pour Tous flag, the group is against gay marriage Lisovenko defended the flag on the Russian radio station RSN, saying that they had the approval from the French designers, and decided to add an additional child because “it is a Russian tradition to have many children in a family.”
Lisovenko said that he wants to ban the use of the rainbow flag anywhere in Russia — including on the internet — shortly after the people began covering their profile pictures on social media with rainbows.
The flag was immediately the butt of jokes by social media users worldwide.
 Kierran Petersen

October 8, 2013

Straight Community Offended Seeing The American Flag with Rainbow Colors

There’s a debate at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tenn., over an American flag that has been repurposed to include the colors of the rainbow.
The flag was posted by MT Lambda, a student group for gays and lesbians on campus. It’s part of a display to mark LBGT Month and the organization’s 25th anniversary. But it’s doing more than that — it’s also sparking some pointed arguments.
Some people are calling the rainbow flag — which includes 50 stars but replaces the traditional red and white stripes with rainbow colors — offensive and “un-American,” Nashville’s WTVF-TV reported.
Ralph Drye, an MTSU graduate, told WMSV-TV he believes changing the flag is wrong.
“To take that flag and to change it is what’s wrong,” he told WMSV. “I don’t care if they’re right, left or center.”
And one WTVF viewer wrote an email accusing the student group’s flag of being “against the law.”
MT Lambda members deny these accusations and say they’re perplexed by the response they’ve received.
“It’s really caught us by surprise that this flag has caused so much controversy, because in essence it’s not an American flag, it’s symbolic of that,” group president Joshua Rigsby said.
Is This American Flag Offensive? MT Lambdas Interesting Tweaks to Red, White and Blue Spark Debate
The gay rights display at Middle Tennessee State University (Image source: WTVF-TV)
MT Lambda says the flag isn’t a violation of the law, and in fact is a design that’s been around for a while — and one the group has used before.
“Desecrating an American flag would entail ripping, or shredding, or burning an actual 13 red and white strip American flag, and that’s not what this is,” Rigsby said.
The university took concerns to lawyers and to the state attorney general’s office. It was advised that as a registered student group, MT Lambda’s flag display is constitutionally-protected speech — and here to stay.

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