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October 18, 2012

A Parasite That EatsHuman Fresh From Inside Out

Be Prepared to see these monsters:

When a patient who recently visited South America enters the hospital with a lesion on his cheek, the doctor thinks he knows that the problem is... he's being eaten by a parasite from the inside-out.
This man is being attacked by a parasite called leishmania, a single-celled organism that burrows through the skin and enters the bloodstream, triggering the immune system. Once the immunity cells show up to attack, it infiltrates the cells and uses them to breed more of itself, causing huge, disgusting sores to form in the infected area.

The only way to beat them back and restore the skin is with drugs, but this man might not have that much time... via Animal Planet

August 19, 2012

Traumatic Copulation {Sex} on Bed Bugs

The reason I decided to write about a non human bug today, has to do with new research which suggests that out brains might be controlled by parasites.  I wont make you more sick by going into that subject until I know a lot more about it. Human beings are capable to nurture and to love like no other mammal or for that matter animal 0n the planet. However humans are ‘humans' worse enemies. If we were an outside creature looking in at the way some humans treat humans, they would certainly run away unless they saw us as food or slaves.

Another reason that I am introducing you to the world of parasites is because the popularity of the bed bug. “Don’t let the bed bug bites” has acquired a new meaning now with the on going epidemic that no ones dares speaks its name. ( Some people have lost families and friends over this pesky bud)  Back before the late 70’s they use DDT, which was banned in the 70’s to kill roaches and insects. DDT causes cancer among it’s known side effects.  The problem is that it seemed to have kept this crawlers and we have nothing like it with out awful side effects which will keep the bugs under control. What exterminators use now, not sure I can name here is a solution that does not kill the bed bugs right off like DDT used to. 
It’s been explain to me that what it does is that it works on the bugs tiny nervous system.  It drives them mad or crazy. Loosing control of their faculties they stop eating, no more blood…nothing! thus loosing interest in having sex and they die off. Of coarse not every bug will be hit and then there is the big problem, that since the bugs are not killed they become immune to this mixture. The don’t use a chemical killer because of the effect it will have on the humans.

If you are allergic to the compound the exterminator uses I have been told that there is something natural that will kill them naturally. It’s called “Diatomaceous-Earth” “ORGANIC” Don’t let the name scare you.  It is really silica, which is a natural chemical in our bodies. It’s a fine off-white dust that comes from the bones of a prehistoric bug.  It has become rock through time.  They grind it and ‘voila’

Monsters Inside Me: Bedbugs, Food and Sex
 Traumatic Copulation
The Bugs don’t eat it, is not a poison, but they act like sharp razor blades on the bugs feet and coats. It hsd microscopic edges that will tear the bugs to kingdom come. The only thing is if you are going to use it inside your home you need to get the organic natural one. It will say Garden and ‘inside'.  It cost about $8-$9 dollars for about 25 lbs, which is a lot. I am not on expert on this, I am just passing on information.  You need to do your research and see if it’s good for you. I understand about allergies to chemicals and also the cost factor of exterminating a house or apartment. If you don’t have the money you need to get something you can afford. Again….this blog is just passing information and not acting like a licensed  professional on bugs. If anybody uses it and leaves a message on this blog I am sure that readers would be appreciative.
Below is a video of how this parasites bugs have sex…s&m is nothing for them…..if you have a thing about bugs..don’t watch it. 
This 4 minutes video will teach you how they reproduce. My opinion is that when you have an enemy that likes to invade you anytime it wishes, you need to know about it. It will take out the fear replace it by common sense and a clear mind of what to do. If you go on the web in the western countries you will have instructions. Those countries that are poor and don’t use insecticides, you already might be using this Silica or will find out it might be for you.

Gee I was going to write about brain parasites and how it affects human and connected it to politics…it will be another time.
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