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October 21, 2016

Do Sexual Predators start at pre-Puberty? This one Did

 We see a big shadow but we don’t know the sex or age of the  predator in this illustration. Keeping in m ind that rape is not about sex but about gratification through power. So much study is needed on this field. Because of hush hush attitudes towards sex, this has kept crimes attached to it also in the hush. Close attitudes toward sex and sexual attractions incubate not only misinformation but also diseases and crimes. What victim is going to talk about their experience if they are ashamed? In the story below we have a nine year old that was repeatedly violated yet he kept quiet and in contact with the aggressor.  [adamfoxie]

A boy who was 11 when he raped a nine-year-old searched the internet for "gay rape", "gay porn" and "gay rape porn", a court has heard.
Now aged 13, the boy also sexually assaulted two other boys aged seven and 11.
A judge told the youngster he was concerned he "may have been affected by material available to you [online]".
The boy, from Blackpool, was given a four-year sentence at Preston Crown Court.
Judge Mark Brown said the boy, who earlier pleaded guilty to rape and sexual assault, would have received a considerably longer sentence if he had been an adult.
He said the boy was not "experimenting sexually" but rather was "obtaining sexual gratification or pleasure" by assaulting the children.
The nine-year-old victim had been sexually assaulted in his bedroom "on a number of occasions over a period of some time" and rapes had also taken place, the court was told.
Judge Brown told the boy it was "a terrible and dreadful thing you did to him and I hope you appreciate it should never have happened."

'Desire outweighed remorse'

The court was told that while on bail, the boy had committed another assault.
The court heard that a pre-sentence report indicated the boy was a "high" risk for committing further offences and he would be subject to notification requirements under the Sexual Offences Act upon release.
Virginia Hayton, defending, said her client "clearly needs help and support" but had been using his time in custody productively.
She said there were "concerns about his upbringing" but conceded he was aware of his actions and his "desire outweighed the knowledge and remorse of what he was doing".
Judge Brown said he would be "failing" in his "public duty" if he did not send the boy into custody for his "terrible crimes" but hoped people would understand he must have regard for the boy's future and welfare.
"I must have in mind all that I know about you - your capabilities as a young person, and in particular your future, your welfare and the prospects of reform and rehabilitation", he said.

August 27, 2016

Rabidly Anti Gay Pastor Who Condemned Gay Victims of Pulse Arrested for Molesting Boy

 Ken Adkins in Glynn County Jail

This so called man of god and a pastor of a church who saw himself so above other human beings and life and death, who came down in judgement of the victims shot on the club Pulse in Orlando.

It takes a special kind of individual to stand in judgment of others particularly when it deals when people are dying because of who they are and where they happen to be by simply chance of circumstances.  For a man that claims to be a teacher of others of the virtues of Christianity seemed to have forgotten most of the teachings of Christ by putting himself as judge over those young people that died at the hands of someone who obviously did not see them as full humans and thus with the right to enjoy life for as long as their lifetime lasted independently of any other person.

As it has happened many other times, those that judge usually are the ones most guilty of the act they judge others about.  This hypocrite felt more comfortable saying something outrageous and thus put the spot light on him as the opposite of what those young people that he was judging in Orlando were.

He Most’ve figured that by coming down on those victims his cover of being attracted to others of the same sex would further be even safer. But this man’s sin went further because loving someone of your own sex cannot be a sin wether you are a believer or not, that is if you preach love in your religion. However taking advantage of a pre-teen boy who does not yet know the meaning of sex or love towards another human being in a mating or partnership way. Taking this boy’s innocence and purity to satisfy his own dirt of a conscience is something beyond reprehensible. 


*News4jax in GA published the following story as they found out this man arrested of child molestation was Ken Adkins the rabidly anti gay pastor.

*A Southeast Georgia pastor who has been a lightning rod of controversy was arrested Friday after a young man who used to be a church member told the Georgia Bureau of Investigation the man molested him in 2010.

Kenneth Adkins, 56, who is pastor of the Greater Dimensions Christian Fellowship, turned himself in at 9 a.m. at the Glynn County jail. He was charged with one count of aggravated child molestation and one count of child molestation.
Ken Adkins arrested
A GBI agent told News4Jax that several incidents of molestation were alleged to have occurred at the church, in a vehicle and at the victim's residence. The Brunswick Judicial Circuit asked the Brunswick police to assist in the investigation, which began Aug. 12 and is ongoing.

Adkins' attorney, Kevin Gough, said the charges are over an alleged incident that happened six years ago and felt that the investigation and charges were rushed.

"He will ultimately be cleared of any wrongdoing," Adkin's wife and co-pastor, Charlotte Adkins, said. "I share my husband's concern for the alleged victim," who she said was a "deeply troubled" young man who was part of the church's teen ministry.

Mrs. Adkins said she hopes that the authorities will be as vocal in cleaning her husband's name as they were in announcing his arrest.

"I'm here to express my support for my husband," she said. "We are disappointed with what appears to be a rush to judgment by law enforcement authorities in this case. We are confident my husband, Kenneth Adkins, will be found innocent in this case.”

Gough said he was filing motions for bail, a preliminary hearing, to demand a speedy trial and to see the evidence.

"Warrants say these events took place in 2010. That's a long time," Gough said. "We don't know why they're coming up now. We'd like to think the timing isn't politically motivated. We hope not. We're not saying they are. Given his timing and stances on various issues, it's a concern.”

"We are praying for him," Mrs. Adkins said of the victim, who has since moved out of the state. "The young man has been a part of our teen ministry we have taken care of him and taken him in our church family with a lot of love. Ken and I have done a lot to help mentor that young man. I'm deeply troubled by the things that are happening with that young man.”
Kenneth Adkins is known for speaking out against Jacksonville's human right ordinance, transgender bathrooms and injecting himself into other local issues on behalf of conservative causes.

After the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in June, Adkins tweeted about homosexuals, “I don’t see none of them as victims. I see them as getting what they deserve.”

Adkins, who often dressed in drag to express his disdain for homosexuals, said the public took the tweet out of context. Adkins said he wasn’t referring to the shooting victims, but “strictly meant for the Jacksonville group that has made my life a living hell” while he served on a discussion panel for the HRO.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry, who asked Adkins to sit on the panel, released a statement he didn't know anything about the allegation other than what was reported in the news, "but it sickens me."

"If he is found to have done what he stands accused of, he deserves the fullest punishment the law allows," Curry said.

Adkins  drew the ire of Jacksonville City Councilman Tommy Hazouri when he tweeted a photo of that had Hazouri's face superimposed on one member of a homosexual couple. Hazouri has been one of the council's vocal proponent of adding LGBT rights to the city's HRO.

"I don't trust him," Hazouri said. "I was this close to filing a charge for slander, because it wasn’t just of me. It was the rest of the whole council. It wasn’t about freedom of speech, but of the abuse that he did with his caricatures."

For years, Adkins has used social media to make his points. He posted video on YouTube to poke fun at a Glynn County School Board member.

According to criminal records, Adkins was arrested in 2003 for obtaining property in return for a worthless check, petit theft in 2002, leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury in 2001, and multiple grand theft and fraud charges.

Adkins is expected to have a first appearance on the molestation charges Monday at 2 p.m., then a preliminary hearing next Friday. The victim has been subpoenaed to appear at the preliminary hearing on Sept. 2.

"There's no reason why this couldn't (be seen by) a magistrate or judge this week," Gough said. 

In Georgia, aggravated child abuse is considered a capital crime. While the death penalty is not considered likely, he could face up to life in prison if convicted.*

 Heather Leigh - Reporter , Tarik Minor - Anchor, I-TEAM reporter , Francesca Amiker - Reporter

August 23, 2016

Boy Part of ISIS Wave of Attacks in Turkey is Disrobed of Explosives in Kirkup

~You might find video graphic~
 Guards carefully remove vest full of explosives from boy’s chest

The boy was part of a wave of Islamic State attacks on the city of Kirkuk. Kurdish officials apprehended him in a Barcelona Lionel Messi jersey, and said he burst into tears when initially questioned by a security officer.

The video shows Kurdish police carefully holding the boys arms apart as they carefully remove the explosive belt full of shrapnel from underneath his shirt.

Hours before the boy’s arrest, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Shiite Mosque, wounding three. At the same time, one of the boy’s accomplices blew himself up near a checkpoint, but did not hurt any one else. “There is a dangerous campaign tonight against Kirkuk,” a Kurdish security official told Rudaw news after the arrest.

The boy told Kurdish intelligence officials he was kidnapped by ISIS fighters in Mosul, and that the terrorists had forcibly strapped the bomb to him. Intelligence officials indicated the boy’s story may not have been a ploy to avoid punishment by security forces.

The boy’s arrest came just 24 hours after another ISIS child soldier between the ages of 12 and 14 blew up a bomb at a Kurdish wedding party in Turkey Saturday, killing 50 people and wounding nearly 70. Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan indicated the boy may have been wearing a remotely-controlled suicide belt.

The suicide bombing wave in Kirkuk is likely an attempt to weaken Kurdish resolve as preparations continue for an assault on the city of Mosul. ISIS seized Mosul in 2014, and it is the last major city inside Iraq that it fully controls. The U.S. plan to encircle Mosul, relies heavily on Kurdish Peshmerga forces, who have proven to be the most militarily capable force inside Iraq.

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March 29, 2016

A straight 22 Kyle Parker, Rapes and Kills a Toddler 1.5Yr old

 (CBS) — Relatives of a toddler who was raped and killed in central Indiana said they weren’t prepared for the details of the gruesome crime that were revealed in court on Monday.
Kyle Parker, 22, has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, rape, strangulation, child molesting, and more in the death of 15-month-old Shaylyn Ammerman.
Owen County prosecutors have said Parker abducted and killed Shaylyn from a home in Spencer – about 60 miles southwest of Indianapolis – on March 22. Her body was found two days later about 10 miles away in Gosport, and Parker was arrested the same day.
Dr. Donna Stewart, the pathologist who examined Shaylyn’s body, said it was “the worst case of sexual trauma” she had seen in her career.
(Provided by Indiana State Police)
Shaylyn Ammerman (Provided by Indiana State Police)
Prosecutors said Parker confessed in jail to his stepfather over the weekend, and Parker’s father told police, according to CBS 4 in Indianapolis. Parker allegedly said he took Shaylyn out of her crib at the Ammerman home, where he and his family had been drinking, then pulled over and raped her on the way to Gosport, smothered her, and dumped her body in a wooded area, using bleach in an attempt to cover up evidence.
Shaylyn’s grandmother, Tamera Morgan, said she can’t fathom any of it.
“There’s just so many emotions that you can’t even put a finger on what emotion you’re feeling. One minute it’s you’re disgusted, then you’re angry,” she said.
Shaylyn’s father, Justin Ammerman, said he doesn’t know how he’ll ever heal after hearing what happened to his daughter.
“It’s beyond words,” he said. “I don’t know how to do that.”
Prosecutors have not yet decided whether to seek the death penalty for Parker.

May 22, 2015

Josh Duggar of ’19 Kids’ very Moral and Anti gay Turns to be Sexually Inmoral

 Josh Duggar  and the kids in the reality show 19 kids counting. Now reports show Josh a very anti gay Republican moral person is very  immoral

Before I take you to this story being reported yesterday  by the sub main press, today with the main press. I waited on this because I wanted to verify and and find out more about this character who happens to be popular because of a  TV program. I am going to give you  quotes from him on his twitter or other avenues which Josh sponsors. I want you to see for yourself that he considers himself a very moral guy and gays and liberals as very immoral and trying to destroy the fabric of the Republic:
  • Gina Miller says there is a "war being waged by the militant homosexual movement, which is tyrannical at its heart.  The forcing on society of perverse sexual behavior is part of the Marxist Left’s campaign to destroy the moral foundations of the United States."
  • Scott Walker was recently in Washington, D.C., where he met with leaders of the Susan B. Anthony List and Concerned Women for America.
  • Travis Weber of the Family Research Council calls for "legislation to be passed at the federal level and the state level around the country protecting people who support traditional marriage from the government, from the government discriminating against them, intruding into their affairs and penalizing them because of their beliefs.”
  • Finally, the researchers who debunked Mark Regnerus' anti-gay parenting study say that "if he were one of my students I’d make him redo the paper."


Josh Duggar, Mark Regnerus, Gina Miller 

Now the breaking news about this sexual child molester:

The hit TLC show “19 Kids and Counting” shows the Duggars as a wholesome and religious family, but a report Tuesday claims Josh Duggar was allegedly involved in an underage sex scandal. The exclusive report by In Touch Weekly says that Jim Bob, Josh's father, turned him in to authorities. The charge dates back to 2005 and occurred when Josh was a minor himself, according to “multiple sources” who saw the police report.

Jim Bob called the Arkansas State Police Department after he discovered Josh left a young girl’s bedroom and “learned something inappropriate happened,” an insider said, according to the magazine. “I saw and read the report and it clearly stated that Jim Bob brought his son Josh into the Arkansas State Police and spoke to a state trooper about Josh’s involvement in alleged inappropriate touching with a minor,” a different person added.
Josh Duggar was not prosecuted. 

Sgt. Darrel Hignite, the officer who reportedly led the investigation, would not give a statement about the case. “I can’t comment or discuss [this case] because of the sensitive nature and because it involved a juvenile,” he said, according to In Touch Weekly.  (There are unconfirmed reports that the original officer who took the report was himself investigated as a child molester and no longer with the force. It remains unconfirmed because the police wont talk).

“A technicality prevented any further action,” a source told In Touch Weekly. “That’s been the biggest regret in all of this.”

Jim Bob Duggar waited more than a year after his son, Josh, confessed to sexually molesting several female minors before contacting police, In Touch Magazine is reporting exclusively, based on information contained in the official police report.
What’s more, Jim Bob informed the elders of his church about Joshua’s actions and they waited three months before contacting authorities. The explosive new information is contained in a Springdale, AK police report obtained by In Touch magazine. 
The report has been hidden since 2006 and was just obtained by the mag through a Freedom of information Act request. Jim Bob also refused to allow police to interview Josh when they opened a felony investigation in 2006. The Duggars star on TLC’s hit show 19 Kids and Counting
In Touch magazine first broke the news of the Duggars’ underage sexual molestation scandal in this week’s magazine. (Note: Josh’s name is redacted from the police report but In Touch has confirmed the passages that refer to him.)  
Other bombshells in the police report are: Josh Duggar was investigated for multiple sex offenses — including forcible fondling — against five minors. Some of the alleged offenses investigated were felonies. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were interview by the Springdale Police department on Dec. 12, 2006. The report says that James told police he was alerted in March, 2002 by a female minor that Josh — who turned 14-years-old that month — had been touching her breasts and genitals while she slept. This allegedly happened on multiple occasions. In 2006, Jim Bob told police that in July, 2002 Josh admitted to fondling a minor’s breasts while she slept. “James said that they disciplined (redacted, Josh) after this incident.” The family did not alert authorities.
Jim Bob told police that about nine months later in March, 2003 “there was another incident.” Josh was again accused by a female minor of touching her breasts and genitals. Josh was accused by several minors of touching their genitals, often when they slept, but at times when they were awake.
Jim Bob then “met with the elders of his church and told them what was going on.” No one alerted the police or any other law enforcement agency. Instead they decided to send Josh to a “program [that] consisted of hard physical work and counseling. James said that [redacted, Josh] was in the program from March 17, 2003 until July 17, 2003.” 
He said the program was a “Christian program.” Michelle Duggar later admitted to police that Josh did not receive counseling and instead had been sent during that time to a family friend who was in the home remodeling business. 
Asked about the training center that Jim Bob said Josh was sent to, Michelle told police, according to the report, “it was not really a training center. Det. [Darrell] Hignite asked if the guy [redacted, Josh] talked to was a certified counselor. She said no. She said it was a guy they know in Little Rock that is remodeling a building. Det. Hignite asked if the guy was more of a mentor. She said “kind of.”
The Duggars told police that Josh “apologized” to the female minors and that they had “forgiven” him.
An alleged victim told police in 2006 that Josh had told “mother and dad what had happened… (and) asked for forgiveness." The report notes the alleged victim says Josh “sought after God and had turned back to God.
Jim Bob told police that “several members of their church were aware of the situation and had been supportive of the family.”
Police interviewed several of the alleged minor victims in December, 2006. They told police that Josh had touched their breasts and sex organs.
Jim Bob told police in 2006 that when Josh returned home in 2003, Jim Bob, accompanied by some of his church elders, took Josh to Arkansas State Trooper, Jim Hutchens. Jim Bob knew Hutchens personally. Hutchens did not take any official action and instead gave Josh a “very stern talk.” As In Touch magazine reports exclusively in this week’s issue, Hutchens is now serving 56-years in prison for child pornography. He took no action on the Duggar case.
The Duggars told police that at the time Josh was accused of, and admitting to, these sexual acts, “a family friend aware of what had happened had written down in a letter what he knew of [redacted, Josh’s] actions…That letter had been placed in a book and had subsequently been forgotten about. Just recently [in 2006] the book had been loaned to someone else with the letter in it and another person discovered the letter.
The Duggars refused to tell police who wrote the letter and who found it.
When the family was scheduled to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show in 2006, an email was sent to the show warning them about the alleged molestation. The email was written by a 61-year-old female who is not identified.
Harpo Studios faxed the letter to the Department of Human Services hotline. The report was then opened for investigation, leading to the investigation by Springdale police.
When police asked Jim Bob to bring Josh in for an interview in 2006, he attempted to hire a lawyer and refused to produce his son for questioning. At least two lawyers refused to take his case. “Det. Hignite received a voice mail from Mr. Duggar stating that [redacted] had hired an attorney and would not be coming in for an interview.”
In Touch magazine broke the story of Josh Duggar’s dark past in the issue currently on sale. The magazine obtained the police report, hidden since 2006, through a Freedom of Information Act request.
Police had to abandon pursuing charges because the [then] three-year statute of limitations had expired.
The alleged victims all described a consistent scenario of Josh touching their breasts and genitals and later apologizing. They said Jim Bob was aware of the situation and did not go to authorities for more than a year.

April 30, 2015

France Admits Investigation on Their Peacekeepers Sexually Abusing Children in Africa

A boy plays among the ruins of a mosque in BanguiPHOTO: The UN report includes interviews with children who claimed they were sexually abused by French troops in return for money and food. (Reuters: Siegfried Modola)
RELATED STORY: UN to send peacekeepers to Africa amid genocide fears
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The French government says it is investigating claims that its peacekeepers sexually abused children in the Central African Republic.
It said the abuse was alleged by around 10 children and reportedly took place at a centre for internally displaced people near the airport of the capital Bangui between December 2013 and June 2014. 
A report in Britain's The Guardian newspaper said children as young as nine were involved, and that some were abused while searching desperately for food or money.
The regular sex abuse by peacekeeping personnel uncovered here and the United Nations' appalling disregard for victims are stomach-turning.
AIDS-Free World co-director Paula Donovan
France's defence ministry said prosecutors had "immediately" opened a case into the abuse after receiving the news last year, and that police investigators had travelled to the Central African Republic on August 1 to look into the case.
"The defence ministry has taken and will take the necessary measures to allow the truth to be found," it said in a statement.
"If the facts are proven, the strongest penalties will be imposed on those responsible for what would be an intolerable attack on soldiers' values."
France sent troops to the Central African Republic in December 2013 as the country became engulfed in violence following a coup in March that toppled longtime leader Francois Bozize.
UN spokesman Farhan Haq confirmed that its rights investigators had conducted a probe last year following "serious allegations" of child abuse and sexual exploitation by French troops.

Aid worker suspended for leaking UN report

The internal report was commissioned by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and passed on The Guardian via advocacy group Aids-Free World. 
"The regular sex abuse by peacekeeping personnel uncovered here and the United Nations' appalling disregard for victims are stomach-turning, but the awful truth is that this isn't uncommon," Paula Donovan, co-director of Aids-Free World, told The Guardian.
"The UN's instinctive response to sexual violence in its ranks — ignore, deny, cover up, dissemble — must be subjected to a truly independent commission of inquiry with total access."
The UN aid worker, Swedish national Anders Kompass, is based in Geneva and leaked the report to French authorities because his bosses had failed to take action, The Guardian reported. 
He has been suspended and faces dismissal for breaching protocol, the paper said.
Mr Kompass is said to have passed on the confidential document before it was presented to senior OHCHR officials.
"This constitutes a serious breach of protocol, which, as is well known to all OHCHR officials, requires redaction of any information that could endanger victims, witnesses and investigators," UN spokesman Farhan Haq.
Since December 2013, violence has displaced nearly 900,000 people in the Central African Republic, including more than 460,000 who have become refugees — 10 per cent of the population.

September 2, 2014

Gay Man 36, says male Baptist Teacher sexually Abused him for years

Jeff White (Photo courtesy of Brandiilyne Dear)
GULFPORT, Miss. — A gay Mississippi man says a male teacher at the Baptist school he attended in the 1990s raped him each week for three years as a way to force him to change his sexual orientation.
Jeff White told the Washington Blade during a July 14 interview at a restaurant near his home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast the teacher at Bethel Baptist School in Walls, Miss., who he identified as Steven Barnes, scheduled an “appointment” with him each Wednesday in his classroom or the office where he forced him to have oral and anal sex.
White, now 32, said the incidents took place at the school, which is in DeSoto County in northwestern Mississippi, between 1996-1999.
An embargoed press release the Blade obtained from the National Center for Lesbian Rights identifies Barnes, who is currently an associate pastor at Bethel Baptist Church, which operates Bethel Baptist School, as the teacher who allegedly raped White.
“He would rape me because I was gay and because it would make me hate men and make me change,” said White.
White told the Blade that his parents decided to send him to the school after he came out to them when he was 14 and in the seventh grade.
“They [the church’s pastors] looked at Southern Baptists like they were liberal faggots, like they would say from the pulpit,” he said.
The church’s website says Bethel Baptist School was founded in 1971 and is “staffed with an experienced, stable and caring staff.”
Tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year was $3,850 per student.
“Character and patriotism are taught in the classroom,” reads a description of the school onthe Bethel Baptist Church’s website. “The curriculum is Bible based and every student is taught the truths of God’s word.”
The church’s website includes a section titled “God’s way to heaven” with a number of statements that include “agree that your sin must be paid for with death and hell” and “turn from your sin and trust Christ as your saviour.”
“In general it was a cult,” White told the Blade. “Aside from all of that other stuff going on, there was a thousand other things that they were doing.”
A woman who answered the phone at Bethel Baptist Church on Tuesday described White’s allegations to the Blade as “the biggest lie there ever was.”  
Church representatives did not respond to further requests for comment before deadline.
The American Psychological Association and other medical, psychological and professional counseling organizations have said there is no evidence that so-called conversion therapy can change someone’s sexual orientation.
The U.S. Supreme Court in June declined to accept a case that challenged a California law that bans licensed mental health practitioners from performing so-called conversion therapy on minors. The anti-gay Liberty Counsel and the parents of a teenage son challenged a similar law that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed last August.
Lawmakers in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, New York and other states have sought to ban the controversial practice over the last year.
Samantha Ames, a staff attorney with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which has worked with many survivors of so-called conversion therapy through its “Born Perfect” campaign, and White met with DeSoto County officials for several hours on Tuesday to discuss the allegations.
The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the meeting took place.
“A number of the stories that we have are very disturbing and violent, this is of course a unique one,” Ames said. “It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that some people will go to to change something that has nothing to do with them.”
White told the Blade he is still angry about the teacher who he said he raped him, but he has “gotten through it.”
White earlier this year co-founded the Mississippi Gulf Coast Rainbow Center, an LGBT support group based in Waveland.
“More of what I’m able to do now is to channel that anger into the work that I’m doing,” White told the Blade. “Honestly if I hadn’t had just gotten done with it [I’d be] pissed off. I would just be sitting there whining and complaining and making melodramatic Facebook posts.”
Ames said the National Center for Lesbian Rights is “incredibly proud to have” White as a client.
“I just can’t overemphasize how proud we are to represent someone this courageous,” she told the Blade. “He’s honestly one of the bravest, one of the most determined people I have ever met and he has a unique, first-hand understanding that these attempts to change sexual orientation and gender identity are linked to a culture of hostility to LGBT people and when you combine that kind of hatred and self-loathing with a position of power, whether it’s in a religious leader or a licensed therapist, people get hurt, sometimes irreparably.”
“What’s so extraordinary about Jeff is how long and hard he fought to turn that pain into something meaningful, this LGBT center that benefits every person in his state,” added Ames. “But today he’s not just helping out other people out of the darkness, he’s shining a light on it and he knows it very well.”

August 28, 2014

Rotherham in N.Ireland e n d e m i c of Sexually Abusing Children


Rotherham has been labelled a town of shame in the wake of revelations that 1,400 children were sexually exploited over a 16-year-period, but experts and campaigners argue the same abuse is continuing to happen across the country, and is hidden in other boroughs that refuse to acknowledge the problem.
"When you look at the Rotherham report – nature of the abuse, the failures – you could write the same report about any number of different places," said Dr Helen Beckett, of the International Centre, which researches child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking at the University of Bedfordshire. "What we see time and time again is that young people are not treated as victims, there is a real failure to see the vulnerability of these young people and instead write them off as out of control, problematic teenagers."
There is mounting evidence that the shocking revelations in the Rotherham report could provide a glimpse of the scale of childhood sexual abuse across the country, and not just in one town.
In an extensive report into the nature of child sexual exploitation, the Office of the Children's Commissioner identified 2,409 victims over a 14-month period and estimated that 16,500 children were at risk of a specific type of abuse that can see gangs of abusers grooming children as young as 11 in order to rape, sexually abuse and, in some cases, traffic them among other men and between cities.
"It's endemic," said Ray McMorrow, a health specialist at the National Working Group, a charity set up in Derby in the wake of the first prosecutions into child sexual exploitation. "Rotherham is just one of the places that it's been identified."
McMorrow acknowledged that in Rotherham, as well as other cases such as Derby, Rochdale, Telford and in Oxford, perpetrators have been mainly Asian, but said other cases were emerging with white perpetrators. Analysis of the 2012 report by the deputy children's commissioner said that 33% of child sex abuse by gangs in Britain was committed by Asians, where Asians are 7% of the population, but similarly concluded that it was "irresponsible" to dwell on ethnicity.
But he pointed to Operation Kern in Derby which saw the conviction of white abusers but received no national media coverage. White men were also found guilty in Torbay and a recent case in Peterborough involved men of Czech and Slovak Roma and Kurdish backgrounds.
"If we are only looking at one type of network involving only certain types of men and boys, then we are missing victims," he said.
According to Beckett, one of the leading voices of research into child sexual exploitation, while the crime is not new there is a sense that young people are more vulnerable to the type of grooming that can be carried out online, on social networks and by mobile phones. In Rotherham and other cases that have emerged since 2010, children have been groomed online, or controlled via texts. In some instances, explicit videos and pictures have been used to blackmail victims. "These avenues have given perpetrators more access and increased the risks for victims," she said.
Dr Ella Cockbain, a researcher at University College London (UCL), argues that the nature of the crime – and its victims – has enabled it to spread under the radar.
Barnardo's report into child sexual exploitation in Northern Ireland found that in a sample of children aged between 12 and 17 who were known to social services, one in seven were judged to be at risk of exploitation. The UCL study led by Cockbain which was released yesterday – looking at 9,042 children affected by sexual exploitation and supported by Barnardo's since 2008 – found that 48% of male victims and 28% of female victims who were helped had a criminal record. "While it is true to say this could happen to anybody, victims are more likely to be in the care system, and to have previous convictions," she said. "In some ways they are not obvious victims and that is why there has been a lag in response from the authorities."
A culture of impunity among abusers can also create an environment where abuse is almost casual. "Condom use is very low because they are not expecting to get caught. They use their own phones, take girls to their own houses – there has been this sense that everybody does it and everyone gets away with it.

August 26, 2014

Young Missionary sex Abuser of Kenyan’s kids says, demons made him do it

Matthew Lane Durham 

Mathew Lane Durham, the 19-year-old Oklahoma missionary who allegedly admitted to raping several children at a Kenyan orphanage, also allegedly told a friend that he was possessed by a demon named Luke who made him commit the atrocious acts, the Daily Mail reports.
According to the report, federal prosecutors submitted the text messages Durham sent to a friend about “Luke” and the control the “demon” had over him. “How can I not hate this thing inside of me? It takes me at night and I am powerless over what Luke wants. Yes I named him, I know how crazy that is. He whispers in my ear all day and he’s so hard to resist,” one message allegedly read.
Durham’s friend advises him to pray and laugh in the face of the supposed demon, but Durham continues: “Literally he takes me at night and there is nothing I can do to stop him. I’m asleep, what can I do? ... I’ve prayed so much but every night luke gets get luke wants.”
Durham, who was doing missionary work in Kenya with a group called Upendo earlier this year, faces life in prison for the charges, which include engaging in illegal sexual conduct in foreign places and aggravated sexual abuse with children.
The teen allegedly confessed to raping and molesting as many as 10 underprivileged Kenyan girls and boys, ages 4 to 10, while doing his missionary work. One of the children is HIV-positive.
According to the Daily Mail, prosecutors have been hoping to have Durham remain in jail, arguing that he is a danger to the community and a flight risk.
However, according to the Associated Press, on Monday a federal judge in Oklahoma City, Magistrate Judge Shon Erwin, granted him bond, under the condition that he remain inside his family home and not come in contact with children.
“You’re going to be on 24-hour lockdown,” Erwin told the suspect, setting bail at $10,000 and giving custody to the young man’s father, Oklahoma City Fire Department Maj. Kyle Durham. The younger Durham also had to give up his passport.
Prosecutors are planning to appeal the decision.
Throughout the horrifying accusations, Durham’s parents have stood by him, testifying that they did not believe the allegations, according to AP.

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