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February 16, 2013

The World to Pieces } Valentines Good Bye

For people that follow events and particularly events in our culture and society, at least I find it at times hard to close my eyes at night. It used to be not this way. On this valentine’s we saw a world cups hero, a young guy, winner in his prime, kill himself. Wasn’t winning what he was after during his whole life preparing for what he accomplished?
On the other side of the continent we have an Australian athlete. Athlete since he was born, having had both legs amputated as young boy. He sits in jail accused of killing his girl friend…not even his wife, for heaven sake!! A man that had everything even without legs. It was just like he had them, even though that gave him rage. Rage that he used on the wrong target. We have thousands injured by a little caressing from mother earth. May be she doesn’t know her own ‘mighty' like an Australian would say.
Valentine’s the most vane of all holidays comes to a close. Hope you made it alive.
Happy Valentines, on the helm tonight, Adam.

February 15, 2013

OMG For Bitches Only on Valentines



Dessert is served. Eat it up greedy bitches!
Cakes Da Killa sources his ingredients carefully. He's put a dash of Lana Del Rey's rose crown on the cover photo but adamfoxie* took it off, and a cup and a half of Frank Ocean's 'Thinking About You' in his track 'Da Good Book’ but adamfoxie* took it off Wonder what this dude is going to replace me WIT!?

ya AF* wishes all the wishes a happy valentines’ Day!



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