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September 18, 2015

Fired Russian Teacher Gets Support from Gays in St.Petersburg (Vid.)


In November, Anastasia was a well-respected teacher giving music classes at a school for disabled children in St. Petersburg.

By December, she was unemployed and battling a nervous breakdown, her teaching career in tatters.

The young woman, who gives her name only as Anastasia, was fired from her job after being exposed as homosexual by an antigay activist.

"I couldn't understand why I was being dismissed, because I hadn't done anything wrong, I hadn't violated any laws," she tells RFE/RL. "I don't shout about my [sexual] orientation at the top of my lungs, I don't go around carrying a banner. I just live my life, I work, I play music, that's all."

Anastasia's plight underscores what gay-rights activists say is deeply entrenched homophobia in Russia, where a controversial law banning the promotion of "nontraditional sexual relations" has been in place since 2013.

A poll released by the independent Levada Center in May showed that a majority of Russians either despise, are irritated by, or are suspicious of sexual minorities. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they perceived homosexuality as a disease, and another 18 percent said homosexuals should be prosecuted.

Rights campaigners have criticized the antigay law as an attempt to further marginalize Russia's already-embattled lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

At the same time, they argue that the legislation has spurred Russian homosexuals to take a bolder stand, disproving recent claims by Vitaly Milonov, a notoriously homophobic St. Petersburg lawmaker, according to whom all gays have been "squeezed out" of the city. 

Milonov, who has suggested that gay people "rape kids," was the driving force behind the legislation.

Shaking The System

Anastasia herself was summoned by her school director after he received photographs showing her embracing her girlfriend. The pictures, collected from her private account on a social-networking site, were sent to the school by a Russian antigay activist who claims to have "outed" more than 30 teachers across the country.

In a letter posted online, the activist called Anastasia "a sick lesbian teacher who presents psychiatric abnormalities."

Fearing a scandal, the school director demanded that she immediately resign from her job on the grounds that her homosexuality made her unfit to have any contact with children. He also reportedly told Anastasia that people like her "should be burned at the stake."

After her refusal to step down, she was swiftly fired for "immoral behavior" -- a phrasing that effectively puts an end to her teaching career in Russia.

Anastasia, however, is determined to restore her professional standing and right what she feels is a stinging injustice. She has sued her school at a court in St. Petersburg and, after losing her case, filed an appeal with the Supreme Court. A decision is pending.

Anastasia has since unwittingly become a gay-rights activist. She says she is contacted almost every day by Russians pushed out of their jobs for being gay. "It's not so much the school I'm fighting as the politics," she says. "I want to shake this system, even just a little bit. I want to give hope to those who are being forced to resign."

Not 'Squeezed Out'

As pointed out by Milonov, several leading gay-rights campaigners have indeed left St. Petersburg for the safety of Europe. But they, too, insist that their departures don't herald the demise of the gay-rights movement in St. Petersburg and beyond.

"The country doesn't belong to Milonov," says Irina Fedotova-Fet, a prominent LGBT campaigner who moved to Luxemburg several weeks ago. "There are many Russian activists, including young ones who are flourishing, fighting, and taking action. I'm not handing the country over to Milonov, I'm simply giving way to the younger generation."

Fedotova-Fet chose to leave after being badly beaten up close to her home in downtown Moscow last month. A photo posted on her Facebook account shortly after the assault shows her face beaten and bleeding. 

Fedotova-Fet has now applied for political asylum in Luxembourg. After a decade fighting for more tolerance of sexual minorities in Russia, she says she has “done her bit." 

t. Petersburg legislator Vitaly Milonov (right) was awarded a medal last week by President Vladimir Putin for "service to the Fatherland."

St. Petersburg legislator Vitaly Milonov (right) was awarded a medal last week by President Vladimir Putin for 
St. Petersburg legislator Vitaly Milonov (right) was awarded a medal last week by President Vladimir Putin for "service to the Fatherland."
"I fought as long as I could," she says. "When I could no longer fight, I left."

A number of LGBT rights groups currently operate in St. Petersburg, including Vykhod, the Coalition for Civil Equality Together, the Russian LGBT Network, and Side by Side, Russia's first LGBT film festival.

Vykhod says a new generation of activists determined to face down intolerance is emerging in the city. In May, they were able to convince local authorities to let them march at St. Petersburg's May Day parade, an unprecedented victory for Russian homosexuals and one of the few gay-rights rallies whose participants didn't end up being assaulted.

Hundreds of people joined the LGBT march, carrying banners with slogans including "We were, we are, we will be."

Milonov was there, too, shouting slurs at the marchers and waving the flag of the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. "Let me rip his head off!" he shouted, pointing at one marcher. 

Activists, in turn, handed out lollipops of Milonov's face with a speech bubble saying, "Don't suck in St. Petersburg!"

Some of the march's organizers chose to sue Milonov for his comments at the rally.

Aleksei, 23, became active with LGBT rights groups last fall and was one of the march's organizers. A court in St. Petersburg is scheduled on September 23 to hear his lawsuit against Milonov, who faces charges of discrimination, hooliganism, libel, and incitement to hatred. "If we want things to change, such actions must not go unpunished," Aleksei tells RFE/RL.

Aleksei acknowledges that some prominent Russian gay-rights campaigners have moved abroad over the past year, but he says LGBT discrimination was not their sole motive to leave Russia.

“One person leaves," he says, "several others take his place."

May 14, 2014

Renowned International Teacher for the Renowned, a Renowned Pedophile


He was one of the most beloved teachers in the world of international schools that serve the children of diplomats, well-off Americans and local elites. He was often the first to arrive in the morning, and last to leave. He led student trips to exotic places and gave out cookies and milk at bedtime.


That was the public persona of William Vahey until a maid stole a memory drive from him in November. On it was evidence that Vahey had molested scores of adolescent boys, possibly more.
The discovery of a man the FBI regards as one of the most prolific pedophiles in memory has set off a crisis in the community of international schools, where parents are being told their children may have been victims, and administrators are scurrying to close loopholes exposed by Vahey's abuses.
Apparently, not even Vahey's victims knew they had been molested. The double-cream Oreos that he handed out were laced with sleeping pills — enough to leave the boys unconscious as he touched them and posed them for nude photographs.
Vahey attempted suicide in Nicaragua after his maid stole the drive. He survived but killed himself on a second try, stabbing himself to death at age 64 and leaving hundreds of former students wondering if they had been abused.
There were decades of missed opportunities to expose Vahey. An early California sex-abuse conviction didn't prevent him taking a series of jobs exposing him to children. Colleagues and supervisors failed to question why he was so often with boys overnight. And at least twice, boys fell mysteriously ill while under his care, and there was no investigation of Vahey's role.
In 1969, Vahey was arrested on child sexual abuse charges after police said he pinched the penises of eight boys, ages 7 to 9, at an Orange County, California, high school where he taught swimming. Vahey, then 20, told authorities he had started touching boys without their consent at age 14.
He pleaded guilty to a single charge of lewd and lascivious behavior. He received a 90-day jail sentence and five years' probation. After two, he was allowed to leave the country unsupervised in January 1972.
Vahey was required to register as a sex offender and update his address whenever he moved, but he never updated his information after the first time he registered and authorities didn't pursue the matter. When the state registry was put online in 2004, his name wasn't included because authorities discovered he was no longer living in California.
Vahey began his international teaching career with a year at the American School in Tehran in the run-up to Iran's oil boom, the first in a series of stays around the Middle East and Europe. He taught history, social studies and related subjects in Lebanon, Spain, Iran again, Greece and then Saudi Arabia, almost always to middle school students.
By the time he arrived in Saudi Arabia, Vahey was married and had two sons with Jean Vahey, a woman who became a widely respected administrator in international education. He taught eighth- and ninth-grade social studies, coached boys' basketball and led school trips to Bahrain, Turkey and Africa.
By 1992, Vahey and his wife moved to the prestigious Jakarta International School in Indonesia.
After 10 years the Vaheys moved to Escuela Campo Alegre in Venezuela, where Jean became superintendent and the man known to all as Bill took a teaching job at the sprawling hillside campus overlooking the capital, Caracas.
All new hires were required to provide a police record from either their home of record or their last country of assignment, if they had been there for more than five years. Vahey presented one from Indonesia with no history of problems.
Again in Venezuela, the popular teacher and family man took students on trips
Authorities may have missed a warning sign when two students under Vahey's care were rushed to a hospital after falling unconscious in their hotel room during a trip for a basketball game, parents and staff said. Officials were unable to determine why and chalked it up to a possible failing air conditioner.
Seven years later, the Vaheys went to work at the Westminster campus of London's Southbank International School, with about 350 pupils from 70 countries.
Bill Vahey founded a "travel club" and led a 13-day trip to Nepal in 2012.
Southbank's chair of governors, Chris Woodhead, told Britain's Press Association there had been one complaint against Vahey. A boy on a trip felt sick, Woodhead said, and Vahey took the child into his room, apparently "to look after him."
"The boy's parents agreed that there was nothing untoward and the matter shouldn't be pursued," Woodhead said.
When Vahey went on to the American Nicaraguan School with glowing references, his wife stayed in London.
In early March, the maid handed the USB drive to school director Gloria Doll. On it, she found photos of unconscious boys, many blonde or red-headed and between the ages of 12 and 14, often being touched by Vahey.
Doll confronted Vahey, who told her, according to an FBI affidavit, that he had given the boys sleeping pills, adding: "I was molested as a boy, that is why I do this. I have been doing this my whole life."
Vahey said he had swallowed more than 100 sleeping pills in November after discovering the USB drive had been taken.
Doll demanded Vahey's resignation, according to the affidavit.
Vahey flew to Atlanta the next day. It was only after he boarded the flight that Doll notified authorities at the U.S. Embassy in Managua, U.S. officials said. U.S. officials immediately notified Nicaraguan police, but he had left the country.
Vahey traveled to Luverne, Minnesota, where his brother, sister-in-law and mother live, the latter in a nursing home. He checked into a hotel and stabbed himself in the chest with a knife, leaving a note apologizing to his family.
"He's one of the most prolific pedophiles that we've seen here due to the sheer numbers," FBI Special Agent Sharon Dunlap said.
At least 60 of the 90 or so children in the images were from the Southbank school, according to police, where a significant number of parents said they did not want to know if their children were abused. Woodhead, the governor, has blamed the U.S. system.
"How did he qualify as a teacher in the United States, how is it this information was never available to any of the schools across the world who employed him over the next 40 years?" he asked in an interview with the Press Association.
Meanwhile, schools where Vahey taught are reviewing their background check policies and security procedures. A coalition of six organizations of international schools has formed a task force to review recruitment and child abuse. Teacher recruiting firms are conducting a similar joint review.
In the meantime, one of the men molested by Vahey in the Westminster, California, swimming pool as a 9-year-old boy says terrible memories have revived.
"It certainly bothers me that a person like that would be left unsupervised and obviously not tracked over the last 45 years now," the man said, his voice growing unsteady. "I find it troubling. I guess the question is: How can the system allow that to happen?"
Weissenstein reported this story from Mexico City and Abdollah reported from Los Angeles. AP writers Luis Manuel Galeano in Managua, Nicaragua; Adam Schreck in Dubai; Niniek Karmini and Margie Mason in Jakarta; Joshua Goodman in Caracas, Venezuela; Jill Lawless and Sylvia Hui in London; and Carson Walker in Luverne, Minnesota, contributed to this report.
Michael Weissenstein on Twitter:
Tami Abdollah on Twitter:
published at

March 6, 2013

Football Coach Guilty To Sex with 17yr Old Male Student

 Scott Rubenetti

HACKENSACK — A former Lyndhurst High School football coachpleaded guilty Monday to having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student, The Record reported.
Scott Rubinetti, 40, of Nutley, will be spared jail time as part of an agreement with Bergen County prosecutors, but will have to register as a sex offender and will be banned from working as a teacher or coach.
As part of the plea, he admitted that he had oral sex with the girl       on one occasion, as well as kissing and exchanging text messages Scott Rub inettiwith her between October 2009 and March 2010.
A Lyndhurst High School alumni, Rubinetti was a football coach at Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest before accepting the top position at his alma mater. He also taught physical education at the school.
He was arrested in January after another teacher at the school informed authorities about his relationship with the girl, authorities said at the time.
New Jersey's age of consent is 16, but laws include provisions that ban authority figures such as teachers from engaging in sexual relationships with students 18 or under

March 13, 2012

Fl Gay Teacher with a Porn Past } Re-hired

Shawn Loftis will return to work as teacher after school fired him for gay porn past
A teacher in Florida, US, has been allowed to return to work after being fired because of his gay porn past.
Shawn Loftis, who starred in gay porn films under the name Collin O'Neil, was teaching at Nautilus Middle School when the principal learned of his former career, according to WPLG 10 News.
But the Florida Education Practices Commission in Orlando has now ruled Loftis can return to teaching and could even turn it into a full-time job after a two year probation period is up.
'I'm proud of my state. I was really shocked that the state of Florida was going to do this. I'm happy,' Loftis told LA Weekly.
The star of Mo' Bubble Butt and Pumping Iron says he wants to use his role as a teacher to dissuade students from making the same career choices as him.
'I can use my experiences in life to teach kids,' he said.
'The key point is that they said when you go back to the classroom and a student brings this up to you, you will be able to handle that. I thought that was highly progressive of them.'
Loftis' teacher’s certification was revoked in April, but the commission admitted his porn career was not illegal and the school did not have the right to sack him on that basis.

March 11, 2012

Gay Porn Teacher Allowed Back to Class

 Shawn Loftis, a substitute math teacher at Florida's Nautilus Middle School has been told he can come back to class after being sacked last year when the principal came across his past work on the internet.
It transpired that Loftis had acted in and directed a series of gay porn films called World Of Men, with titles including Mo' Bubble Butt, Humping Iron, and Desperate Husbands. 

Shawn Loftis, of Miami Beach, was fired in January after the principle of Florida's Nautilus Middle School found out about his gay porn past
Fired: Shawn Loftis, of Miami Beach, was fired in January after the principle of Florida's Nautilus Middle School found out about his gay porn past

Loftis, of Miami Beach, started up Collin O'Neal Productions in 2005. Under the O’Neal pseudonym he would travel the globe to exotic locales such as Lebanon and Serbia, celebrating gay porn's ability to transcend border.
Between scenes of the International Relations graduate cavorting with local hunks, he'd give viewers tours of famous monuments and settings, complete with historical context.
And on the side he worked as a reporter for CNN iReport, famous for his 'citizen reporting'.
He sold the porn film company in March 2010 to pursue his real passion of teaching, but January last year he was told he would not be allowed to return to school for five years. 
Loftis would travel to exotic locations to make his films, which were then posted on the internet
Online: Loftis would travel to exotic locations to make his films, which were then posted on the internet
Now the decision has been reversed. Not only can Loftis take up his substitute position once more, he can now apply to be a full-time teacher.
He said he hopes to guide students away from making the same mistakes as he, adding that what he did was not illegal.  
Speaking to the LA Weekly, he said: ‘This is my past and I left it behind. I can use my experiences in life to teach kids. 
‘The key point is that they said when you go back to the classroom and a student brings this up to you, you will be able to handle that. I thought that was highly progressive of them. 
‘I'm proud of my state. I was really shocked that the state of Florida was going to do this. I'm happy.'
Loftis has since been told that he can return to work at Florida's Nautilus Middle School, and can even apply to be a full-time teacher instead of a substitute
Reinstated: Loftis has since been told that he can return to work at Florida's Nautilus Middle School, and can even apply to be a full-time teacher instead of a substitute

Loftis added that during his state hearing in Orlando, most of the cases involved teachers accused of felony crimes such as drug use and theft.
He said: ‘There's no debating whether you were convicted of using drugs or stole something, but there is debate on whether my past was illegal. It was not.’

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