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July 28, 2013

40 year, Gay, Nazi Stalking Anderson Cooper for Five Years

Victim: CNN's Anderson Cooper has allegedly been stalked for five years
A 40-year-old psychiatric patient who allegedly stalked CNN's Anderson Cooper for five years, including making unsolicited calls and trying to kick down the front door, has been charged. 
Convicted felon Alex Hausner, from Queens, faced court last night accused of making unwelcome phone calls and trying four times to see Cooper.
Last month, the 'gay, Jewish white supremacist' allegedly attempted to kick down the front door of the anchor's four-story West Village residence which he shares with boyfriend Benjamin Maisani.
According to court papers obtained by the New York Post, security cameras captured Hausner's vicious attempted break-in. 
'I swear to f--king God, don’t insult me. I’m going to f--k you up!' he can be heard screaming while kicking the door to Cooper's $4.3 million converted firehouse.
Sitting in Manhattan Criminal Court last night before his arraignment, Hausner told New York Post Cooper's partner Maisani was behind the 'untrue' allegations. 
'I can prove from my sources that his boyfriend [Maisani] has sent people after me,' he said. 
'He’s a thug and a mongrel. They said I was not to be there — that’s not true.'
According to court papers, Maisani, an East Village bar owner, is also being treated as a victim. 
Hausner was last night ordered held in lieu of $75,000 bail on felony first-degree menacing, and misdemeanor harassment and stalking. 

Hausner allegedly kicked in the front door to Cooper's posh converted firehouse, pictured

The court heard Hausner was 'told on numerous occasions not to call' Cooper and also showed up at the house on June 22 without permission. prior felony and misdemeanor convictions, she said.
He also reportedly had prior felony and misdemeanor convictions.
'He was a radical — he believed in his [Jewish] religion, and he believed in the one race, the white race,' an ex-neighbor at Hausner’s SRO told New York Post.
The publication said Cooper’s legal representative, Jason Berland, declined to comment.
This isn't the first time Cooper has been terrorized by an alleged stalker. 
In 2008, he explained on-air during a 'Live with Regis and Kelly' guest spot that a woman showed up to this apartment that morning unannounced with bags, ready to move in, according to Huffington Post.



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