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November 16, 2015

Head Cutter "Jihad John” Looses the Fight with a US Drone


Click on the following link to read how this British IT guy became a self made star taking heads off.
I always hoped to see him the way we saw Sadam Hussein being hung and the Libyan Leader killed with a butt of a gun down his extremities. Killed the way they killed so many innocent people. This coward was finally caught in his car by a robot (US made drone) guided by a young IT pilot. The interactive Graphic below will give you more information on this man.

November 10, 2014

British Jihadist Convicted of Gay Hate Crimes Blows Himself Up in Iraq


Kabir Ahmed, 30, a British jihadist who was convicted of anti-gay hate crimes in the United Kingdom, has blown himself up in an Islamic State (ISIS) suicide mission in Iraq, according to social media reports. 
Ahmed, a married father-of-one, who was known as Abu Sumayah al-Britani among his jihadist comrades, is believed to have murdered a Shia leader in the bomb blast that went off in the northern Iraqi city of Baiji, Saturday.

He came to the British public's attention as an ISIS terrorist after an interview with BBC, where he claimed "everyone's got their name on the (suicide bombing mission) list and everyone is asking the Emir (leader) to push their name up. Everyone wants to fight for the sake of Allah."
Ahmed also suggested that up to 500 British nationals were fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and claimed that if "the British commit terror against our people, are unjust towards our people, kill, murder and rape our people, then you can expect attacks on your soil."
Before radicalizing and joining ISIS, Ahmed worked with elderly people for the Asian Advisory Service in Normanton, Derby. 

It was in Derby that he was convicted of anti-gay hate crimes in February 2012, becoming one of the first UK citizens to receive a 15-month prison sentence for distributing homophobic material. 
Ahmed was part of a 30-man mob of Muslim protesters who carried anti-homosexual leaflets during Derby's Gay Pride parade in August 2011. The placards were filled with hateful slogans, like “Homosexuality = A crime against God.

Other leaflets claimed that "Allah permits the destruction" of homosexuals  and that "the only question is how it should be carried out." And yet another leaflet, entitled "Turn or Burn," called homosexuality "the root of all problems" and depicted a man burning in a lake of fire. 
Ahmed's mob also yelled at spectators that "gays will go to hell" and "we hope you die of AIDS." 
In court, Ahmed ruminated that homosexuals should be “shunned" from society and "if we don't stop it something like a tsunami will happen here, something on that scale."

He was eventually found guilty of distributing leaflets depicting a mannequin being hung by a noose, calling on homosexuals to be given the death penalty - along with a group of four other Muslim men. 
A British Foreign Office spokesman said of Ahmed’s possible suicide attack: "We are aware of reports of the death of a British national in Iraq and are looking into them."

August 22, 2014

Who is this Coward? We’ll soon know


A man who appears to behead US journalist James Foley in a video released by The Islamic State (IS) has a British accent, the UK foreign secretary has said.
In the video the militant says the killing was revenge for US air strikes against its fighters in Iraq.
Phillip Hammond told BBC Breakfast that there are a "significant number of British nationals in Syria and Iraq", and pose a direct threat to the UK.

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