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August 3, 2014

We are No longer Here. Do You Care? Who is to blame in Gaza?

 Does one feels more secure when one does this?

Please watch the film and make up your own mind about what is happening in Gaza. We know that Hamas is shooting missiles at Israel using people as shields but everything in life needs a balance. When you take the innocent human toll on the two countries you have to see that innocent people in Gaza are being killed by Israel everyday and in so much greater numbers. If someone slaps you in the face for no good reason and you are packing a gun, would you shoot them? Even though shooting them could cause you to hit the children playing where you both are.
No one in my life can be compared to my mom. My love for her has no limits. Yet she and I had awful arguments at one time when she took to silence over my brother Juan Orlando, He making a young sassy underage girl that was living with us pregnant. She would say that I most not criticize someone in the family and not go against the family. I would try to make her understand that not everything can be excused due to family and friendship. There are certain things that are so unequal and thereby so wrong that you can not keep quiet or you become guilty yourself.  Because as we learn with the AIDS crisis, silence=death.
Pleasure needs to be mounted on both sides.
This is no time to yell at each other but make the case with common sense and intelligence. A lower tone voice with smart lips over what you believe, which ever of the two issues you believe:
1. Should one nation do anything on the name of self defense?
2. Should the world put pressure on Hamas to stop using people as shields and stop supplying them with the weapons to attack not to defend themselves? Giving them the miles of cement to make tunnels and infiltrate Israel is not self defense for them. Supplying them with rockets is neither. The spot light has to be place at the complicit in this war. People talk about the US supplying Israel with weapons. which is true but this is being going way before this crisis. Before we crucify the US lets look at what other nations like Iran, Russia through Syria and even North Korea are doing. Hamas are like the people that killed all of those in 9/11. They believe they accomplish their goal by killing the innocent and then throwing blame at the other side. 
On the other hand the leader of Israel, elected by his people is not doing his country no favors. What Israel is doing will be remembered just like people remember the Holocaust. ‘ hey that should know better have fallen in the trap and have become murderers themselves'. What ever reason you give when you keep killing innocent people day by day, knowing what your actions are causing, then you have lost your moral high ground and you have joined those you fight down in the gutter.
There are humanitarian crimes being committed by both sides,the children are being both killed by Israel and Hamas. If Israel stops the killling is neither going to get invaded nor you going to have hundreds and thousands killed there. 
This two minute film, produced in Dutch, has highlighted the lives of eight Palestinian children killed during the latest conflict in Gaza.
Entitled, ‘We are no longer here, do you care?’ the images are striking: young children playing on the beach, an infant being put down for the night, and a young teenage girl playing on the computer. It’s only later in the video you realize that these were their final moments; these are the places where they died.
The children the Dutch actors portray are real-life stories from the victims of this tragedy:
Aahed Baker, 10 years old, with his family members, Ismail Baker, 9, Zakareyya Baker, 10 and Mohammed Baker, 11, died while running from attacks on a local beach.
Ranim Abdul-Ghafoor, a 1-year-old infant, died in her sleep when her house was shelled.
Anas Qandeel was a 17-year-old girl whose last message on Facebook read, “I can’t sleep, when are you going to attack my home?” She died an hour later, when the IDF did just that.
Nour Al-Najdi, a 10-year-old girl, died when her house collapsed after the building next door was shelled.
Sahir About Namous, a 5-year-old, discusses his love for the park; Sahir and his mother were playing at the park when they were hit by a missile and killed.
Source for film: care2care

July 26, 2014

Fairness in Gaza and Middle East from the Gay Community


The LGBT global community is a solid block for human and civil rights.   The majority of this community being that gay people are not single issue oriented, want peace and want the killing to stop in the middle east particularly Gaza.  Human and civil rights have been denied to us for so long is no surprise that this community will fight not just for its own survival but the survival of others that suffer oppression by governments and ill-informed nations that think that gays are just of people with a bad chosen style of living.
In the West we have waged a solid campaign of information and common sense to the public asking why it is all right or discriminate against a world community simply because you might disagree with them or simply not like them.

This type of campaign has paid big dividends around the world as more and more gay people come out tired of their lives in hiding having had to lie about who we are and who we love. We taught the world that we are everywhere. Wether our percentages are 2% of the national population or 20% these are big amounts of human beings making the case. 
Politicians and others in the government have found out that just like their doctor doing that brain surgery could be gay but some of their kids might also be gay.  It has turned out even for some rabid anti gay politicians including people in congress that one or more of the kids have come out which in turned is made almost an immediate change of heart of who gay people are. Its one thing to criticize the neighbors kid its another when your 17 year old son tells his parents “dad Im gay and this is the way I am. I have been like this and I can no more change the color of my skin that change who I am attracted to make a life with.

The Israeli-Palestinian always an interesting case and a test of our sense of fairness. Most of us understand Israel’s security needs and knowing very clearly than in Israel you can come out gay and not be persecuted opposite in Gaza or Palestine where they would do a lot more to you than persecute you.

 Still we believe that it’s very unfair for a country to occupy another. Most of us believe that most of the problems Israel faces in the middle east have to do with their occupation. We hope that the day will come when  the Palestinian people can have their own state and live in peace side by side with Israel. But now we have a piece of land that Israel won during the last war and does not border the rest of the palestinians but Egypt on one side and Israel on the other.  This is Gaza.

 Gaza that has been infiltrated by the worse of Israel’s enemies, Hamas. This is land politicly connected to the Moslem Brotherhood. Yes, the same brotherhood who governed Egypt for less than two years where it tried to bulldozed all freedoms and all voices except the most extreme voices of the moslem and their sharia law. We know what they do to gays because they have said it and shown it. The gay community in Egypt who was an integral part in ousting Mubarak, Egypt’s President. Mubarak who has the blood of so many gays he hung just for being gay. The gay community there came out in force and some even died for the freedom to come out during Egypt's revolution. When the Moslem Brotherhood got the government the gays had to go back and hide. The brotherhood went after them worse than they did with the women who would not dress according to their law. This brotherhood is the same in Gaza and they have let in any fighter with guns and explosives to kill Israelis.
To make it worse and to bring the public opinion against Israel one of their techniques of Hamas is to bomb Israel from Hospitals, Schools and from where ever there is a concentration of innocent people. As Israel in their rush to get back at them and eliminate some of their weapons and fighters it ends up killing more civilians than fighters which are usually women and children.

This is a horrible situation for the gay community and for the defenseless women and children in Gaza. They have no power and no say in this conflict. At least in Israel you have a strong military defending the civilian population and a democratic government that can always be voted out of power by it’s citizens. The women and children of Gaza have no control. Kids being kids will be used by Hamas. Before they were taught that Israel was the big Satan with the Us and they died throwing stones at the Israeli soldiers. Now they died throwing bullets and sometimes explosives at the jews in Israel. 

There is no solution in sight with an ultra conservative government in Israel that wont give an inch and the extremists in Gaza that are willing to kill its own population just to prove a point. They are never going to win, they are never going to push Israel to the Mediterranean sea, so all these deaths are completely in vain. What ever gains anybody gets could have been obtained with talks.

What are we as a gay community ought to do? For one thing keep being fair to both sides. Israel most end the occupation and Gaza is got to get rid of its Iranian rockets and Hamas. We most be careful not to side with either one but with whom ever is being fair and just. At times neither side is but the blood ahead cannot last for ever just like the rockets cannot last for ever if Iran and others stop supping the area with weapons.

 I hope we don’t get mix up on other people’s criminal acts of killing, no matter who they are. The american people rose in disgust  when they saw what our government was doing in Viet-Nam and Cambodia in the 60’s at the expense of our youth. The war had to end. We have no control of what others do but we do have control of our fairness and impartiality.  We know that the Palestinian in Gaza feel for the gays as much love as they feel for the jews, Still the women and children there know no better and the taking of a human life is a serious thing no matter wether is done in Texas, Florida or Gaza or Israel.

Adam Gonzalez, Publisher

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