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January 15, 2017

Jennifer Holiday Backs out of Inauguration and Says Sorry to LGBT

Jennifer Holliday, considered a longtime LGBT ally, explained that she changed her mind after reading a Friday Daily Beast story titled, “Jennifer Holliday Will Perform at Trump’s Inauguration, Which Is Heartbreaking to Gay Fans.”
The article argued that the singer’s decision to participate in the inaugural event was “an act that seems to defy everything her most passionate supporters stand for, and even issues she herself has supported throughout her career.”
 Jennifer Holliday canceled her appearance at Donald Trump’s inauguration event next week, calling her decision to perform a “lapse of judgement.”
In an open letter, provided exclusively to TheWrap, the “Dreamgirls” star apologized to the LGBT community, saying she was “uneducated on the issues that affect every American at this crucial time in history and for causing such dismay and heartbreak to my fans.”
The Tony and Grammy winner came under fire from some of her fans on Friday after it was announced that she was set to perform at a concert as part of Trump’s inauguration festivities.
Read Holliday’s full letter below.
Please allow me this opportunity to speak to you directly and to explain why I originally made my decision to perform at the inauguration which was what I had thought would be my simply keeping in my tradition of being a “bi-partisan songbird” having sung for Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush.
I was asked to sing a song for what was presented to me as the “Welcome Concert For The People”– in my mind I was reflecting on the past times of being asked to sing for presidents and I only focused on the phrase “For The People”… I thought, For America!
I was honestly just thinking that I wanted my voice to be a healing and unifying force for hope through music to help our deeply polarized country… Regretfully, I did not take into consideration that my performing for the concert would actually instead be taken as a political act against my own personal beliefs and be mistaken for support of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.
In light of the information pointed out to me via the Daily Beast article on yesterday, my only choice must now be to stand with the LGBT Community and to state unequivocally that I WILL NOT PERFORM FOR THE WELCOME CONCERT OR FOR ANY OF THE INAUGURATION FESTIVITIES!
I sincerely apologize for my lapse of judgement, for being uneducated on the issues that affect every American at this crucial time in history and for causing such dismay and heartbreak to my fans.
Please know that I HEAR YOU and I feel your pain. The LGBT Community was mostly responsible for birthing my career and I am deeply indebted to you… You have loved me faithfully and unconditionally and for so many years you provided me with work even though my star had long since faded.
Thank you for communicating with me, I had no idea that I still meant so much to all of you.
Thank you for your posted comments both the good supportive ones as well as the ugly hurtful ones.
With LOVE & Appreciation,
“The Original DreamGirl”

December 25, 2016

George Michael, Dead at 53

George Michael, who rocketed to stardom with WHAM! and went on to enjoy a long and celebrated solo career lined with controversies, has died, his publicist said Sunday. He was 53.

Michael died at his home in Goring, England. His publicist, Cindi Berger, said he had not been ill. No other details were released.

He enjoyed immense popularity early in his career as a teenybopper idol, delivering a series of hits such as "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," ''Young Guns (Go For It)" and "Freedom." As a solo artist, he developed into a more serious singer and songwriter, lauded by critics for his tremendous vocal range. He sold well over 100 million albums globally, earned numerous Grammy and American Music Awards, and recorded duets with legends like Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Luciano Pavarotti and Elton John.

Throughout his career, his drug use and taste for risky sex brought him into frequent brushes with the law, most famously in 1998 when he was arrested for public lewdness in Los Angeles. Yet, he managed to turn the incident into fodder for a popular song that poked fun at his behavior, and his acknowledgment of his homosexuality at that time made him even more popular with his fans.

Michael, with startling good looks and an easy stage manner, formed the boy band WHAM! with his school friend Andrew Ridgeley in the early 1980s. Helped by MTV, which was an emerging music industry force at the time, the cheerful duo easily crossed the Atlantic to become popular in the United States with Michael, as lead singer, usually the focal point.

He started his solo career shortly before WHAM! split, with the release of the megahit single "Careless Whisper," making a seamless transition. Critics generally viewed his WHAM! songs as catchy but disposable pop and gave his solo efforts far higher marks.

His first solo album, 1987's "Faith," sold more 20 million copies, and he enjoyed several hit singles including the raunchy "I Want Your Sex," which was helped immeasurably by a provocative video that received wide air play on MTV.

The song was controversial not only because of its explicit nature, but also because it was seen as encouraging casual sex and promiscuity at a time when the AIDS epidemic was deepening. Michael and his management tried to tamp down this point of view by having the singer write "Explore Monogamy" on the leg and back of a model in the video.

At the time, Michael had not disclosed his homosexuality, and much of his chart success was based on his sex appeal to young women. His look was raw and provocative, with tight jeans, tight T-shirts, black leather jackets and designer stubble, and his videos pushed the accepted limits with many lingerie-clad models vying for Michael's attentions on screen.

But Michael's situation changed abruptly in 1998 when he was arrested for lewd conduct in a public toilet in Los Angeles after being spotted by a male undercover police officer.

The arrest received international media attention, and seemed for a brief time to jeopardize Michael's stature as a top recording artist.

But instead of making excuses for his behavior, he went on to release a single and video, "Outside," that made light of the charges against him and mocked the Los Angeles police who had arrested him.

Like all of his efforts at the time, it sold in prodigious numbers, helping him put the incident behind him. The arrest also prompted him to speak openly about his sexual orientation.

These years represented the height of Michael's commercial success, which at times was marred by a protracted legal dispute with his record company Sony.

He remained a strong musical force throughout his career, releasing dozens of records and touring to adoring crowds despite a growing number of run-ins with police, many of them stemming from a series of driving-under-the-influence-of-drugs incidents, including several crashes.

Michael was an admitted user of marijuana and prescription sedatives and several times was found slumped over his car's steering wheel after using both at the same time.

His driver's license was finally revoked for five years in 2010 after Michael drove his Land Rover into the side of a Snappy Snap photo shop with so much force that his vehicle dented the wall.

A passer-by remembering Michael's early career wrote the word WHAM on the spot his SUV had hit.

He was also arrested a second time in public toilets — this time in North London in 2008 for drug use, an incident that prompted him to apologize to his fans and promise to get his life in order.

He also offered an apology to "everybody else, just for boring them."

A year earlier, he had told a television interviewer that his problems stemmed from a self-destructive streak and his attention-seeking nature.

He said at a press conference in 2011 that he felt he had let young people down with his misbehavior and had made it easier for others to denigrate homosexuals.

Despite these personal setbacks, Michael's musical performances remained strong even as his material moved farther from the teen tunes that first brought him to stardom.

The Telegraph newspaper in 2011 described a London concert appearance as an impressive event, calling his voice, "A rich, soulful instrument, it's capable of serious emotional heft, expertly matching the confessional tone of his own material."

Michael, with strong Greek-Cypriot roots, was born Georgios Panayiotou in England. He and schoolmate Ridgeley formed a ska band called the Executive when they were just 16 before moving on to form WHAM!

"I wanted to be loved," said Michael of his start in the music field. "It was an ego satisfaction thing."

Michael was active in a number of charities and helped raise money to combat AIDS, help needy children, and support gay rights. He had a long-term relationship with Kenny Goss, but announced onstage in August 2011 that the two had broken up.

UPI, London


December 2, 2016

QuenTivey (Eliz.Taylor Grandson) Presents Whoopi $4Mil Ck For HIV Funding

When no wanted want to talk about AIDS, Elizabeth Taylor was there, using her money, her resources and her Hollywood connections to speak out on behalf of people affected by the epidemic. Today, her family continues her legacy through the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. 
On this morning’s episode of The View, four of Taylor’s grandchildren presented the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award to co-host Whoopi Goldberg, another celebrity who spoke out when no one else would.  
“I was in Berkeley and San Francisco, where we had friends—performers, dancers, writers, designers—who suddenly got sick,” she recalled. “And sick in a way that hospitals were dumping them on the streets.”

Below, watch Quinn Tivey and Whoopi both get emotional as he presents her with the award—and reveals that the foundation has just secured $4 million in funding to help people with AIDS in Malawi.  “I think it’s important to continue and expand upon the work of those who went before us,” Tivey said in 2013. 
“Our generation did not start the fight, did not institute the level of awareness, support, and research that exists today, but it is our responsibility to continue it. Awareness is crucial for support, research, and also for making smart choices, such as having safe sex.”

Editor in Chief of NewNowNext. Comic book enthusiast. Bounder and cad.
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October 30, 2016

What ever Happened to Billy Bush? Don’t ask His Wife Who Still Furious


Billy Bush’s “locker room talk” with Donald Trump continues to haunt him. NBC fired him over the leaked tape, and sources tell Page Six his wife is even more angry than his former bosses.

“Billy Bush’s wife, Sydney Davis, was furious about the tape. Not just because of what was said, but because he was stupid enough to put himself in that position. It wasn’t just the . . . vile talk, it’s because he insisted the woman hug him and Trump. It was creepy. She was so furious that she refused to speak with him for a while — and she’s still furious. They are having marriage problems. He didn’t apologize to her for the embarrassment he caused in his statement. And she hasn’t released a statement at all,” an NBC insider told us.

Bush and Davis have been married for 18 years and have three daughters.

“Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed,” Bush said in early October, after he was heard egging on Trump’s sexist comments. “It’s no excuse, but this happened 11 years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry.” Bush was 33 years old when the video was made.

To make matters worse, the Trump tape emerged after Bush himself boasted about the creepy conversation with the bilious businessman while in Rio in August with his NBC colleagues.

His braggadocio prompted someone at the network to dig the revolting recording out of their archives and leak it to the Washington Post.

The insider added, “Billy has brought this on himself. He’s blown his big chance at ‘Today,’ and he doesn’t have his old job at ‘Access’ to fall back on. He fears his career is over. His wife is angered that he has embarrassed her and their daughters.”

Bush’s wife and kids remained in LA while he was in New York, but he has since moved back to the West Coast. He has been seen out in LA since his return, but always with friends and not with his wife.

Bush’s rep declined to comment on his marriage. When contacted directly by Page Six, Bush replied, “I cannot take this call.”

September 1, 2016

Pre Greatness Colton Haines and Now Out, Proud and Hot Actor

According to OUT, “At home, Haynes’s mom, Dana, was both blindsided and dismayed by her son’s announcement that he way ‘gay’.. His response was to rebel. A year of exploration—in which he lost his virginity to both sexes—also became one rife with drug experimentation. He ran away from home for three weeks and bunked in a friend’s closet. He was there when an estranged relative called to tell him that his father, William, had committed suicide by swallowing roughly 40 oxycodone pills.”
When asked about his father’s tragic death, Haynes opened up and said “I’m the last person in the world who would say, ‘Oh, my dad—pity me,’” he said. “But I was told that my dad killed himself because he found out I was gay. So, of course, I lost it and was like, ‘How could you say something like that?’ And no one will ever really know the truth. But my brother and my mom went to pick up my dad’s stuff, and the only picture on his fridge was my eighth-grade graduation picture. So I was just like, F—k.”
Haynes also provided insight to his altercation with Noah Galvin. He said, “When I came out, Noah tweeted, ‘Welcome to the family,’ and ‘So proud of you.’” Haynes added, “I have the tweets saved on my phone. Then, all of a sudden, I’m the worst, I’m a terrible person, and I’m a shame to the gay community. I think just having enough nerve and guts to come out in any way is a lot. It was really an emotional thing for me. And for that to be discredited by someone who has never met me was upsetting. He has no idea what I’ve been through. And I can’t sit here and have a conversation about Noah because I don’t know him either.”
You can read the entire interview on But before you do, watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at Haynes cover shoot for the September issue.

August 31, 2016

Mexico Looses Juan Gabriel (Juanga) its own Liberace

 ‘Juanga’ in 2015

With his glittery capes, slinky dance moves and ultra-romantic lyrics, Mexican superstar Juan Gabriel was an unlikely king in a country known for its machismo. He never spoke about his sexuality, yet was widely assumed to be gay.
It’s no surprise that the singer was an icon in Mexico’s gay subculture. But how was it that he came to be celebrated by the country’s Catholic, conservative and often homophobic mainstream?
Juan Gabriel, whose sudden death Sunday at age 66 cast Mexico into a state of mourning, navigated both worlds by saying nothing at all. 
“It’s his life,” said Ricardo Monroy Martinez, who came to pay his respects Monday at a statue of the performer in Mexico City’s Plaza Garibaldi, where fans were gathered, singing. Juan Gabriel’s sexuality wasn’t important, Monroy said, and he never felt the singer needed to articulate it. What mattered were the songs. “They reached my heart,” said the 63-year-old.
Juan Gabriel, the stage name he preferred to his given name, Alberto Aguilera Valadez, remained coy about his private life from the 1960s, when he started his career singing on the streets of Juarez. He maintained that posture into his later years despite a shift in public opinion on gay and transgender rights. 
 He never married, conceived four children via artificial insemination with a female friend and repeatedly refused to answer questions about his sexuality, even after a male former personal secretary wrote a book alleging they had a romantic relationship.
In 2002, a few years years before Mexico City legalized gay marriage, the famously effeminate singer shut down a journalist who asked if he was gay.
“You don’t ask about what can be seen,” he said.
Like the flamboyant pianist Liberace, who some say maintained that he was straight out of fear that the truth would hurt his appeal to mainstream America, Juan Gabriel’s stance could in part be viewed as a business decision.
“It would have been a career killer to come out,” said Hector Carrillo, who grew up in Mexico and is now a professor of sociology at Northwestern University. “That was part of the calculation for people who had a very public persona.... They would never name it. They would never say it. It was a strategy of silence.”
“Don't ask, don't tell” had long been the policy in Mexico when it came to the sexuality of those in the limelight. Famed Mexican singer Chavela Vargas waited until 2002, when she was 81, to publicly come out as a lesbian. Although Gabriel never publicly claimed the gay community, that community certainly claimed him, with his romantic Spanish-language ballads belted late into the night in drag bars on both sides of the border. Many gay fans saw coded messages in the lyrics of Juan Gabriel’s songs, such as “Es Mi Vida” (“It’s My Life.”)
It’s my life, very much my life, and I don’t have to give any explanations. 
I have my reasons, which no one will care to know.
Many have credited Juan Gabriel with opening the door to greater expression of gender and sexuality, even if he never explicitly called for it. Like Prince, or David Bowie, Juan Gabriel was known for his gender-bending clothing and occasional touch of eye makeup.
“I think he made a deep cultural change not by talking about his sexuality but by living it out on stage,” said Alejandro Madrazo, a law professor in Mexico who is an expert on the legal battle for same-sex marriage in the country. “Juan Gabriel taught us how to be feminine.”
Madrazo recalled seeing Juan Gabriel perform before a large crowd at at cockfight, a sport that exemplifies Mexico’s machismo culture.  
“He would dance in a way that was sexy and provocative in front of all these stereotypes of a Mexican man,” Madrazo said. “He would literally shake ... in their faces, and they would go crazy.”
Madrazo said he thinks Juan Gabriel never opened up about his sexuality because there may have not been just one label that fit him. “I think his sexuality was probably far more complex,” he said.
In an homage to Juan Gabriel published on the website of Mexico’s Millenio newspaper Monday, journalist Alvaro Cueva recalled friends making fun of Juan Gabriel for his effeminate stage presence. At some schools, his name was used as an anti-gay slur.
Cueva called Juan Gabriel subversive. “You ... became an idol in a country of macho men,” he wrote. “You made homophobic people sing and dance.”
Mexico has changed considerably from the days Juan Gabriel was beginning his career.  

In 2005, the federal government instituted an anti-homophobia campaign. Gay and lesbian characters now appear on Mexican sitcoms and soap operas. And public opinion polls show Mexican people are warming toward gay marriage, which is legal in several states and Mexico City.   
“Mexico got ahead of him,” said Carrillo. “Homosexuality kind of came out of the closet, but Juan Gabriel never did.”
While Juan Gabriel himself shied away from political causes, some in Mexico are using his death as an opportunity to push for the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide.
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has championed that cause and is seeking congressional approval to amend the country’s constitution. But his plan has been met with fierce resistance from church leaders and even officials in his own party. 
“Mexicans are crying for Juan Gabriel,” newspaper columnist Yuriria Sierra wrote on Twitter. “But they would continue to deny the legal right to love.”

Kate Linthicum

August 12, 2016

Meryl Streep Gay Icon and Streep Tease

Meryl Streep is laughing her signature laugh. You know it: Sometimes light and airy, sometimes a surge of boisterous euphoria that carries well into the next question — but always unmistakably Meryl.

Cinema’s grand dame cracks one of her warm, famous chortles during our recent interview, while entertaining the idea that her latest chameleonic role, as real-life opera diva Florence Foster Jenkins in the movie of the same name, could once again spur drag queens to emulate another one of her queer-loved characters. Then she laughs again as she fondly remembers locking lips with Allison Janney in 2002’s The Hours. Meanwhile, the mere mention of 1992’s Death Becomes Her Meryl unleashing a hearty roar. Another laugh, too, when she ponders how sexting and Snapchat are related.

Gay audiences know this laugh because they know Meryl Streep. They also know her compassion for LGBT issues, both as an extension of her queer-inclusive acting repertoire and more explicitly, when, during her Golden Globe acceptance speech in 2004, she slammed then-president George W. Bush by condemning his anti-gay marriage stance. They’ve learned the art of shade from her sharp, searing tongue in The Devil Wears Prada, and they live for all the campy one-liners in Death Becomes Her. And during Angels in America, HBO’s 2003 watershed miniseries about the AIDS crisis, they wept.

Now, Streep, 67, sheds her skin once again to portray Jenkins, one of the worst singers in the world. In the poignant dramedy Florence Foster Jenkins from Stephen Frears, director of The Queen, the esteemed once-in-a-lifetime luminary plays a wannabe opera singer with a voice so hysterically appalling her loyal husband (Hugh Grant) bribes critics into letting her think she can sing.

Here, during this rare and revealing one-on-one conversation with Streep, the three-time Academy Award winner and record holder for most Oscar nominations discusses why she regards Angels in America as one of the most important LGBT-themed films she’s done and how she feels about gay men performing Meryl monologues. And looking ahead, is the biopic queen ready to consider her own story becoming a feature-length film in the future? Streep laughs at the very thought, of course, but she’s not kidding when she says, “I hope I fade into oblivion.”

Dallas Voice: You’ve given the gay community a breadth of greatness over the last four decades. When you look back at your gay roles, which has been the most important to you?  Streep: Oh, gosh. To me, I mean, Angels is such an important piece of history, and I felt really lucky to be part of that because I don’t think there was anything like it before. It really felt like being at the Democratic National Convention in the moment that Hillary shattered the glass ceiling — a big deal. The Hours was important, too. And of course I got to kiss Allison Janney, which was a perk!

Don’t tell Emma Thompson, who famously tongue-kissed you and gave you an orgasm in Angels.  Yeah, right! The Hours was nothing like that!

I remember Emma talking about that kiss in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She’s very proud of it. She said she learned that “you have to use tongues even if you’re not a lesbian.”  Oh yeah, you really do. [Laughs]

When you look back at that moment, how does your takeaway from that kissing scene compare to Emma’s?  It’s just, you can’t take the baby from the bathwater. You can’t. It’s just the whole thing of it — that [orgasm scene] was just like the culmination of it. But what [screenwriter Tony Kushner] was doing was for a really mainstream HBO audience at that point — just groundbreaking. That hadn’t been on television. Movies, yes. But not television. So it was very cool.

Meryl Streep as Florence Foster Jenkins in the film, FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS by Paramount Pictures, Pathé and BBC FilmsYou knew you were a gay icon by2012, when you found out about Streep Tease — gay men taking on Meryl monologues in West Hollywood. Did you ever get a chance to see it?  I didn’t. We went immediately to London to shoot something else.

How do you feel about watching other people — gay men, for instance — do Meryl?  I love it when they do other people! I don’t know. I’m sure it would tickle me, but I’m just not — I don’t have a distance on myself yet that I probably should have. It’s like when my kids imitate me. I laugh but I kind of don’t like it.

Do they imitate you often?  Oh my god, yes. Endlessly. Especially when I answer the phone and they can tell that it’s [me pretending to be], like, a Jamaican operator or something, because I sort of start talking in the accent of the person I’m talking to. Oh, they’re merciless.

Do you feel a connection to the LGBT community?  I just can’t remember when LGBT people were not in my life. You know, gosh. My piano teachers when I was 11 and 12 were two gay men in a little town in New Jersey who had a collection of Mexican art and piñatas and silver lantern covers, and their house was wonderful, not like anybody else’s house in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. And yeah, I came of age when everything was kind of opening up and that’s a good time, right like now.

This film harkens back to the ’40s when communities were kind of cloaked and undercover, and yet in Greenwich Village and just communities of people in the artistic world, they were always embracing of people, every kind. That freedom — very staid people were drawn to that world because of its imagination and exoticism and willingness to embrace life in a different way.

How do you think the message of Florence — doing something you love because you love it and not because of what other people think — will resonate with the LGBT community?  Well, to the extent that anybody tells you that you can’t be a certain way or you shouldn’t be a certain way. You know, I think the limits other people put on you are the least valuable. A child announces who they are and people who encourage them are the ones to be around… and you have to get rid of everybody else who doesn’t help! I feel that way about everything, but certainly LGBT audiences will understand that.

In 1979, when you played a lesbian in Manhattan, being LGBT wasn’t cool. Why did you take on a role that might’ve been deemed “too much” during that time period?  I didn’t think of it that way. I mean, I was coming to movies sort of sideways from the theater. I got an early movie and I thought, “Well, this is a one-off; they’ll never ask me again.” I was fine with that. I was happy in the theater. And in the theater I had lots of gay friends and my longtime collaborator Roy Helland is gay. I’ve grown up with gay people and been in love with gay people.

Romantic love?  Oh no, not that kind!

BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 14: Actress Meryl Streep attends 'The Iron Lady' Photocall during of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival at the Grand Hyatt on February 14, 2012 in Berlin, Germany.I mean, I know women who’ve had gay boyfriends and gay husbands.  No, no. Well… not that I know of!

If you were to play another lesbian role, who would be your dream co-star?  Oh, well, someone younger, clearly. [Laughs]

But who? I mean, you and Sandra Bullock have already had practice making out at the 2010 Critics Choice Movie Awards.  Yeah! That was famous. But I don’t know! I can’t pick! There are so many. One thing I think is, there are so many young talented actresses and actors. I grew up in a time when people emerged — like, there were a handful of people. Now, there’s like 35, 40 people who are just beyond talented, and because of the opening up of long-form television and all the other platforms — webisodes and things like that — I think there are more opportunities for people to demonstrate their talent. There are so many talented people.

And streaming — I heard you say you’re learning about it.  Getting on that, yes. Not really. Somebody told me that I Snapchatted but I don’t know how to Snapchat and I thought it was the thing that you do when you’re sexting sort of and then you want it to be erased. I didn’t know what they were talking about!

It’s very confusing out there, Meryl. Stay in your bubble.  OK, fine! [Laughs]

Emily Blunt said she’s interested in doing another Devil Wears Prada if everybody else returns. Would you be interested in doing a sequel?  In theory. But the heart sinks until you read the script. It’s like, somebody said [they want a] Mamma Mia 2! and it just … ack! I thought, Gram-Mamma Mia!? Really? No. So it would depend on the script; the script is everything. If somebody has the imagination and wit to apply and has an interesting story, yeah, sure. But absent that, no.

Your gay fans wouldn’t mind, I’ll tell you that … as long there’s a solid script, of course.  No, I wouldn’t mind either if the script were good.

Your Death Becomes Her co-star Isabella Rossellini said that she didn’t know she was making what became a gay cult film until after some market research. When did you realize Death Becomes Her would become a gay cult classic?  I knew when I met the writer!  When I met Martin [Donovan], I thought, “OK, here we go.” And then [when I sang] my first number, I thought, “Oh, all right, I’ll see this in a club somewhere.” I mean, with lines like, “Now a warning?!”  I mean, come on! It was so much fun, and it’s sort of a documentary on aging in Los Angeles now, it seems to me.

For years you’ve been playing real-life people: Julia Child, Margaret Thatcher, now Florence Foster Jenkins. If one day there’s a Meryl Streep biopic, what do you hope it captures about your life and career?  I hope that doesn’t happen! You know, I treasure my life and the fact that it’s not on Facebook, and I really love my solitude and privacy — all these old-fashioned concepts. In a job where I’m with hundreds of people all the time and going on these press things, I just really love to get away and not be in the chattering world. That’s really important to me. So, I hope I fade into oblivion.

We rode in from the airport and Roy — my hair and makeup guy — pointed out the Will Rogers museum here in L.A. that’s closing and I said, “Why?” He said because nobody knows who he was and nobody cares, and there was no more central figure in his time that could sort of translate the best of the wit and charm of his era. So, you know, then it’s over. He’s gone. Nobody cares.

And you’re OK with that happening to you?  Yeah, I’m fine with that! I seriously feel like you can only speak to your moment, and right now your work should reflect it. Your work has to just be important right now. And in 10 years if it looks obsolete or like you were overdoing it, that’s fine, because for that time you were.

— Chris Azzopardi

July 22, 2016

Zachary Quinto as an American Gay Man: “Scary”

Zachary Quinto is opening up about what it's like to be a gay American amid the country's current social and political climate. 

In an interview with Time, the 39-year-old Star Trek Beyond star reflects on life as an out actor in the wake of the Orlando shooting at gay nightclub Pulse and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's appointment of vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, who has previously spoken out against LGBT rights. 

"I am scared," Quinto said of the political climate. "I don't take anything for granted." 

"There are indicators of the pendulum swinging the other way right now in terms of the political temperature and the landscape of Trump," he explained. "It's absurd to me, but I have to have faith that we'll endure and triumph. I have to feel like people will look at these two old white men, who represent everything that is negative in history, and say there are more people who want to go a different direction. I hope so."  

"We have to fight with everything we have to continue the path that we've been able to gain such ground on in the last five to 10 years," he continued. "It's just a bleak and dangerous moment in our geopolitical landscape right now. It's unprecedented in our lifetime how precariously we're all perched – not just here in this country but around the world." 

He also explained how the political tension in our world today is echoed in the themes found in Star Trek Beyond. 

"Our adversary in this movie is a being who's diametrically opposed to the Federation," Quinto said. "He wants to destroy a place that's a hub for different species and races – people from all over the galaxy coming together and inhabiting this one place. It's weirdly parallel to what's going on all over the world right now." 

"There's waves of nationalism and xenophobia and fear-based thinking and intolerance," he went on. “It's alarming." 

People Magazine

June 3, 2016

Chris Brown Says He Should Not Be Called a Homophobe{He is got a boyfriend}

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Image result for chris brown and boyfriend

The posting I read on twitter below with the picture of Chris and his (boy) friend above, had Chris asking the Press why they think he is got a boyfriend when he was supposed to be a homophobe?

I guess He doesn’t know what a homophobe is but that is the classic interpretation of it.  Usually is a gay person who is afraid to be gay themselves. You see if you are straight , how can you be afraid of being gay? You already know what you are and you like it and that’s it.

It’s when the person has this uncontrollable fear of being gay is because their sexuality has not settled in certain parts of their mind but being a homophobe does not make you straight.

I got involved in this story mainly to get the chance to clarify what homophobe haters are. If you are straight and are comfortable with that, then why would you care that there are gays in the world. In other words contrary to what haters have said it does not involve anyone’s marriage or life altogether.

For all of those that use to call Chris Brown a homophobe let me tell you he still a homophobe except now he might have a boyfriend. Hopefully this will give him some understanding about his sexuality and at least stop being a homophobe.

Chris does not take too kindly to people calling him out on social media, and he is not too proud to voice his opinions. “The crazy thing is that y’all used to call me homophobic… Now y’all calling me gay???? RESPECT IS RESPECT. WHO STILL HATES PEOPLE FOR THEIR DIFFERENCES OR PREFERENCES??? Grow up. People are abundantly simple-minded. ‘NIKE X OR’,” the pop star commented. He also added a little trophy and praying hands emoji at the end, just to further solidify his point.

Over the years, Chris hasn’t always been on the right side of justice when it comes to matters of homosexuality, so it’s slightly surprising that he would be defending Olivier, but it’s never too late to do the right thing. The star used his platform to stand up for someone else. The Game also chose to throw his two cents into the ring as well. And what he had to say was super hilarious!

“Lol.. People kill me homie !!! Because two successful people take a quick photo opp together & one of them is gay/or not that means the other person is gay too !!! This guy is the head of BALMAIN… Most of you n***** ain’t even employee of the month at wing stop, uncomfortable in your own skin using HATE to hide behind your own insecurities… & everybody know this n**** Chris ain’t gay & all you n***** listen to his music while yo broke ass ridin’ shotgun in yo girl car so [Cut] the bullsh*t & let people live,” the game added. Can you say: Shots fired! Wow!

January 11, 2016

David Bowie [“Lazarus”-last work] Dead at 69


Rock and roll legend David Bowie has died just two days after his 69th birthday. The visionary music star passed away on Sunday after a long battle with cancer, according to NBC News on Monday. He had just released his 47th recording to very good reviews from the music critics and the public. The final work was called “Blackstar.” 
Bowie was born David Jones on Jan. 8, 1947. He was an English songwriter, singer, musical instrument performer, and record producer. Additionally, he was known as a painter and an actor. He was considered an innovator during his more than forty years in the music business. In the 1970s and 1980s, the height of his long career, he was known very well for his iconic image. From “Space Oddity” in 1969, he evolved into the glam rock period with his alter ego named Ziggy Stardust. Likely his biggest hit song was the number one song “Fame” in 1975 and the album “Young Americans.” He also had a huge hit called “Let’s Dance” in 1983.

He also had an Off-Broadway show called “Lazarus” in the works, according to a New York Times report. In this show, he is to be honored at Carnegie Hall with a concert featuring the Roots, the Mountain Goats and Cyndi Lauper. The concert which is to be presented by Michael Dorf, will take place on March 31. In that show, other performers will include Jakob Dylan, Bettye LaVette, Ann Wilson of Heart, Farrell, and a host of other musical guests. The event will include a house band that is being organized by Tony Visconti who produced Bowie’s works since “Space Oddity” which was released in 1969.

Among Bowie’s accolades, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. He was ranked as one of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” in 2004 by Rolling Stone. He was listed as number 39. He has sold an estimated 140 million records worldwide. In the U.S. he has had five Platinum certified records and seven Gold certified records.

There were rumours within the industry regarding Bowie's ill health, but his battle with cancer was largely kept private.
The statement on Facebook read: "January 10 2016 - David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer.
His publicist is expected to make a lengthier statement shortly.
Bowie's death comes just two days after he released his 25th and final album '★' (Blackstar).
He released a music video for the track 'Lazarus' taken from it last week, which sees him frail, wrapped in bandages and lying on a hospital bed.
"Look up here, I'm in heaven," he sings. "I've got scars, that can't be seen."
The video ends with Bowie shakily writing a note before walking into a dark armoire that stands beside the bed.
Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, paid tribute to his father on Twitter before retiring from the internet to grieve. 
"He was a brilliant songwriter and an amazing creator, he gave us all a goal to run towards," said Midge Ure. "No-one could top him in terms of creativity."
Kanye West tweeted: "David Bowie was one of my most important inspirations, so fearless, so creative, he gave us magic for a lifetime."
Golden Globes host, Ricky Gervais, who brought Bowie on board for his sitcom Extras, wrote that he had "just lost a hero," while comedian Eddie Izzard said the artist would "live forever through his music".
Known for his fierce creativity and bold transformations both in terms of identity and aesthetics, Bowie was one of the most influential men in rock. He won two Grammy awards and had nine albums go platinum in the UK.

December 31, 2015

Bill Cosby’s Arraignment: His Accusers and Sexual Assault Trial (In Interactive form)

                                                                 ??All These Years??                                                                                                                                                

Bill Cosby was arraigned Wednesday on a felony assault charge resulting from a sexual encounter with former Temple University employee Andrea Constand 12 years ago. Cosby posted bail and left the courthouse shortly after his arraignment. 

December 2, 2015

Anti Gay Petition in Singapore to Stop Adam Lambert


A petition to prevent Adam Lambert from performing in Singapore on New Year’s Eve has reached its goal of 20,000 supporters who object to Lambert’s sexuality.
The petition calls on the government as well as the concert’s organizers to remove Lambert from the line-up of the annual televised event.

Adam Lambert Talks About Sleeping With Closeted Stars.. .And Women!
The language of the petition is wildly homophobic, even though its backers now dispute the nature of their ‘concern.’

Singaporeans can enjoy a good show without their consciences being affronted by lewd acts in the name of entertainment.

Yes, but couldn’t most female pop singers who aren’t Adele be accused of “lewdness” in their stage acts? Beyonce, Miley, J-Lo, Britney, Rihanna, Taylor, hello??

The petition goes on:
In addition, a simple online search would reveal that he is well-known for his active promotion of a highly sexualized lifestyle and LGTBT rights, of which are contrary to mainstream Singaporean values.
LGBT rights are still a divisive issue in Singapore, where sex between men is a criminal act.
Adam Lambert Reads From 50 Shades Of Grey—Mmmmm
But a rival petition, supported by Lambert and his legion of ever loyal Glamberts, has now reached its goal of 24,000 signatures.  Lambert posted a link to the petition on his Facebook page, where he wrote:
My performance at Celebrate 2016 will not only be a spectacular one, it will celebrate the entire human family in all its diversity. I am a uniter, not a divider, and I believe in celebrating the human heart and spirit. I have put together an entirely new show experience for my fans that is kicking off in Singapore. The Original High tour is based primarily on new material, and it promises to be a thoughtful and sophisticated insight into the pursuit of happiness and self-worth. There is no better time for celebration than at the moment one year changes into another, so I hope you will join me to celebrate the future and 2016.

The group behind the original petition have construed Lambert’s statement as a concession to their concern about lewdness. Here is their latest statement:
Thankfully, the performer himself has responded that he will be putting on a different show which is hopefully in better taste and shows greater restraint.

Well. One can only hope that Adam Lambert shows Singapore and homophobes around the world that music and sexuality are joys to be celebrated by everyone everywhere, on New Year’s Eve and every day thereafter.

A spokesperson for Stonewall told The Independent:
While there has been great progress for LGBT equality around the world, huge challenges still remain. Sex with some of the same sex is illegal in 76 countries and punishable by death in 10. It’s great, therefore, to see that so many spoke out in support of Adam Lambert and against discrimination.

November 26, 2015

Charlie Sheen’s Tapes Are coming Out and He loves to blow guys


After his brave reveal, series of sex tapes that involved the 50-year-old actor have come into the hands of bribers, in addition to his recently reported sex tape, which features him orally pleasing another man.

As per Radar Online, the new sex videos -- a total of five -- were reportedly paid for by Sheen just so it won't show for public viewing. When he said that he used to shell out millions of cash just to hide his HIV status, these millions actually also included the actor’s effort to shut off those who bribe him of releasing his shocking sex videos.

Apart from the first reported sex tape, which was reported a few days ago, there were also tapes of him doing lewd acts involving more men, women, a transsexual and even movie stars, which included threesomes that are beyond nasty and disturbing.
The report also said that the "Two and a Half Men" actor allegedly cashed out $10 million based on multiple sources that the publication failed to provide.
The shocking report further revealed that the actor had a sexual relationship with an unnamed Hollywood transgender who remains to possess one sex tape with Sheen. The transgender has reportedly recorded his sexual encounters with him discreetly and used it to blackmail the HIV-positive actor.

In one of his sex tapes, Sheen was also captured doing ménage à trois with his ex-wife Brooke Mueller and another male lover.
The former couple also had another tape of threesome, this time, involving one of Sheen's pals as they were on a vacation in Aspen during Christmas 2009. In the tape, it can be seen that Mueller was grabbed by the actor to her throat as he pinned her in the bed while holding a four-inch knife. The actor even threatened his former wife that he would kill her.

Last week, the "Anger Management" actor admitted on "Today" Show that he has HIV for four years already, in hopes of taking down all his bribers.
As per Mirror, since his admittance, Sheen's lawyer has already been contacted by 75 people he had bed in fear for their health. It is estimated that over 700 people will sue Sheen for having sex without disclosing his disease.
Call girls, strippers, porn stars and bunch of men and transponders have filed for charges against the actor, most of them citing emotional distress and negligent transmission of a sex disease as grounds for the charges.

[Latin Post]

November 20, 2015

5 Ft Long Subway[Fogle] Sentenced on Child Sex Crimes- Take {an interactive look at his life}


Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesperson, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of sex crimes and possession of child pornography. He agreed earlier to pay $1.4 million in restitution to his 14 victims.

The timeline below chronicles Jared Fogle's rise to fame, removal as a Subway spokesperson, and eventual criminal sentencing. 
Please include the following citation to source the data used in these visualizations:
Data is sourced from Gracenote, Indystar.

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