February 1, 2013

Ed Koch Dead

New York City Mayor Edward Koch in February 1980.

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 There are about three or four of them, not complimentary. He was a closet gay man who was Mayor of NYC during the start of the HIV epidemic. That’s how some of us will remember him. Came in with a high popularity among the LGTB community in NYC. He kept his word with promises he had made the  community. Then a gay man him self turned against his community when the HIV epidemic hit NYC.

 I think as a gay man who was always seen going home alone for the cameras and reporters and in public seen with some celebrity females not males, he thought there was more than one gay community. The gay community like him. Decent like him, closeted like him, doing what ever had to be done sexually alone and probably with shame, like him.
Then there was the other community that went to the gay bars and particularly bath houses. The ones that had sex down in the West village in the trucks and in the piers. That was not him and he had to protect the community like him of getting the HIV. The deadly plague the other gay community was giving away freely.

I don’t think that it ever hit him that like the white, black, hispanic. etc.  communities there are only one community of each of them. There are parts of the community that are Republican, Democrat, Independent, decent and indecent.  Honest and dishonest.  The gay community it’s got it’s many bad apples as every other community, but never more of them. There are freaks and there are non freaks. There are some that are handsome and others that are as ugly as a monkey’s bud. Every community has it all. Yes, you pick the part of the community you want to be part of but the community that made you white, black, straight or gay on that community you had no choice. Someone or something made you born into that community.  We named the community according to the traits that it showed but the traits so far you can’t change.

He was born in 1924 and became a young man during the times in which gays were invisible. He seemed to have changed when he knew he needed their gay vote to win public office. First as Congressman and then as Mayor. He seemed to enjoy the gay parade as it was called then and he enjoyed marching.  First mayor to have done that.

When gay people started dying it changed everyone then and to come for ever. It changed him but only to go back to the obscurity of what gay men where in the 50’s;  Where the LGTB community was invisible and was treated as such. There he stayed until today.
Adam Gonzalez for adamfoxie*blog

UK} Conservative MP "As a Christian I Back Gay Marriage"

Belief: Conservative MP Helen Grant said she was a ¿God-fearing woman¿ and that gay marriage plans were consistent with her beliefs By JAMES CHAPMAN

Gay marriage is consistent with Christian values of ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’, the equalities minister has told religious critics.
Helen Grant said she was a ‘God-fearing woman’ and suggested those of faith should support Government plans to legalise gay unions.
Speaking ahead of a key vote on the issue next week, in which 100 Conservative MPs are expected to refuse to back the reform, Mrs Grant dismissed the idea that there was no mandate for it since it was not included in the party’s general election manifesto.
She said the proposal was in a ‘contract for equalities’ published at the same time as the manifesto in 2010 and it was ‘quite clear what our intentions may well be’.
‘I am a God-fearing woman. My faith is very fundamental to everything I do and think.
'I am a member of the Church of England, a Christian, and my faith is very, very important to me,’ the Tory minister said in an interview with political magazine The House.
‘I think it’s [same-sex marriage] absolutely consistent with my beliefs.
'For me, as a Christian, I see it as about justice, equality, fairness, ending discrimination and opening up marriage to more people on the basis that marriage is a very special institution.’
Mrs Grant said the Government would make sure there was ‘proper protection’ in place for religious organisations and ministers who do not want to perform same-sex marriages.
And she insisted that Tories who voted against gay marriage next week would not be damaging the party’s image.

It is expected that around 40 per cent of the party will decline to back the 
legislation, though it will not be a rebellion since David Cameron has
 granted a free vote on the issue as one of conscience.
Senior Tories on the socially conservative wing of the party, including 
Justice Secretary Chris Grayling and minister for faith Baroness Warsi,
 are now expected to back the change.
Though he has also been forced to offer a free vote after at least one 
staunchly religious member of his front bench threatened to resign 
rather than vote in favour, Mr Miliband has urged Labour MPs to
 support the reform.

Armstrong Dope Rodriguez Denies For What? The Evidence is Out

Three of the nine athletes named in New Timesinvestigation into Biogenesis, the Coral Gables anti-aging clinic run by Anthony Bosch, have responded to the story. Alex Rodriguez, Gio Gonzalez and Wayne Odesnik have all issued denials. Jimmy Goins, the University of Miami strength and conditioning coach, tells the Sun-Sentinel through his attorney that "he hasn't done anything wrong."

Here's what Gio Gonzalez had to say via Twitter:
Rodriguez, meanwhile, sent this statement via his publicist:
"The news report about a purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch [is] not true. He was not Mr. Bosch's patient, he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him. The purported documents referenced in the story -- at least as they relate to Alex Rodriguez -- are not legitimate."
Odesnik emailed a response to New Times late on Tuesday. Here's what he had to say:
I have never previously, nor currently, been a client of Mr. Bosch. The copy of the records that were provided do not show any amount paid to Mr. Bosch or to his clinic. These accusations are completely untrue. I have never paid any money, or any monthly fees, to Mr. Bosch. I have never bought any drugs from Mr. Bosch. I have never purchased HGH, nor any other illegal/banned substances from any person, including Mr. Bosch.
An attorney for Goins, the UM coach, spoke to the Sun-Sentinel this morning. Here's what Gordon Fenderson had to say:
"He hasn't done anything wrong either personally or as a representative of the University of Miami ... And as far as being on a client list of a certain doctor, any connection of the University of Miami or their baseball program would be purely coincidental."
Through an attorney, Anthony Bosch also denied details of the story -- though he declined comment when we reached him before publication:
The Miami New Times Story dated January 29, 2013 is filled with inaccuracies, innuendo and misstatements of fact. Mr. Bosch vehemently denies the assertions that MLB players such as Alex Rodriguez and Gio Gonzalez were treated by or associated with him.
The Law Office Of Susy Ribero-Ayala, P.A.
As we noted in the piece, we went to great lengths to verify the records from Biogenesis. We also sent detailed questions to Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Odesnik and all the other athletes named in the piece before publication; all failed to comment at that time.
Update 2: The University of Miami has suspended Goins pending an investigation into his ties to Biogenesis, the Miami Herald reports on Thursday. Sources tell the paper the investigation is likely to be internal and won't include the NCAA.
Reached by El Nuevo Heraldboxer Yuriorkis Gamboa's attorney declined to comment onNew Times report. Another unnamed source did confirm to the paper that Gamboa had gone to Biogenesis, but said it was simply for weight loss purposes and denied that the boxer ever took any performance enhancing drugs. Gamboa's attorney says the boxer will release a statement this weekend.
Finally, the Washington Post posted a link to an Instagram photo of pitcher Gio Gonzalezwith UM strength and conditioning coach Jimmy Goins, both of whom are named in New Times report. The photo reportedly shows Goins with his arm around Gonzalez and the caption: "My offseason training coach Jimmy Goins." 

LGTG Scots STILL Facing Discrimination

A government spokesperson said they would be able to confirm their decision in August

Three out of five people believe lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Scots still face public prejudice, according to a poll commissioned by a gay rights charity.

Stonewall said four out of five people surveyed for the YouGov poll said it was right to tackle that prejudice.
The survey also suggested two thirds of Scots support same-sex marriage.
But 58% of people aged between 18 and 29 said there was homophobic bullying in their school.
The poll of 1,968 people also indicated that, in the past five years, 6% of Scots of working age had witnessed verbal homophobic or transphobic bullying in the workplace.
Colin Macfarlane, director of Stonewall Scotland, said: "We pride ourselves in being seen as a nation of tolerance and respect but this poll only highlights that for thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Scots the reality is very different.
"We only have to look at some of the deeply offensive comments made by senior clerics about gay people recently - likening loving same-sex relationships to polygamy and calling them grotesque - to see that prejudice still remains in some quarters.
"Thankfully, the research shows that the majority of Scots say this sort of behaviour is not good enough and they want to see it tackled.
"There is a long way to go before we can say 21st Century Scotland is truly tolerant but it is clear that people expect brave and bold leadership to transform Scotland into the kind of country we can be proud of and want to live in."
Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said the poll: "Reaffirms that whilst many Scots are strong supporters of equality across all sections of society, much more must be done to eradicate homophobic discrimination from schools, workplaces and social groups."
Labour's health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said: "The survey shows that there is widespread support for equal marriage and I hope that the Scottish government will make the right decision next month and agree to legislate for equal marriage in Scotland.”

January 31, 2013

Good Cop Bad Cop Good Bad Gay

Gay Mario Lopez and Clint Eastwood

{Russian} Gay Gag Rule } Specifics How Your Duma Voted

Lesbian protestors staged a "kiss in" in front of the Duma in Moscow before anti-LGBT protesters attacked.Photo: Igor-Tabakov/Moscow Times

Russian legislators in the Duma, the lower house of Parliament, voted 388-1 in favor of the so-called Anti-Homosexual Propaganda bill at a first reading January 25.
One legislature abstained and another 60 members of the 450 Duma deputies refused to vote, according to multiple media reports.
The bill, introduced by regional lawmakers from the Novosibirsk Region Legislative Assembly last March, proposes to ban promotion of LGBT materials and public gatherings and stipulates so-called gay propaganda as an administrative offense with fines ranging from $170 for individuals up to $16,000 for legal entities, according to multiple media reports.
"It's disturbing to see such a high level of enthusiasm in the Russian Parliament for this draft law," said Agnes Callmard, executive director of Article 19, in a January 25 news release from the organization. "The proposed law blatantly discriminates against LGBT people. It will deprive them of their fundamental right to freedom of expression and will prevent access to vital information for all people."
Article 19 is an organization focused on freedom of expression and speech and access to information based in the United Kingdom.
If the proposed legislation becomes law it will officially penalize LGBT individuals and supporters in all 83 regions in Russia.
Homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia in 1993, but homophobia remains strong throughout the nation.
The bill will have to undergo two more readings before being sent to President Vladimir Putin for his signature.
Putin's party, the United Russia party, holds a majority in the Duma and is pushing the bill through the federal legislature.
The second reading is anticipated to take place sometime this spring, Yelena Mizulina, the head of the Committee for Family Matters, told reporters. The final passage of the bill could potentially happen in the fall.
In the meantime, proposals for changes to the bill will be accepted for consideration until May 25.
One of the issues with the bill is that it doesn't have a precise definition of the concept of "propaganda of homosexuality" and that the way the law currently stands it could be "interpreted very loosely," said David Diaz-Jogeix, deputy director of Amnesty International's Europe and Central Asia Program.
The representatives of the Duma's Committee for Family Affairs have proposed defining "homosexual propaganda" as public events organized by LGBT individuals and media programs depicting LGBTs in a positive light during times when children would be watching TV as some of the acts that could be punishable, according to Mizulina.

'Gay gag' law spreads
Duma legislators took up the bill the day after the Kaliningrad Oblast region became the 10th area to pass an "anti-gay gag" law on January 24. Similar laws have been adopted and enforced by regions such as Arkhangelsk, Kostroma, Ryazan, and St. Petersburg.
The law will impose fines from $100 up to an estimated $33,000 for speaking about or supporting LGBT individuals and public gatherings promoting homosexuality.
The bill only needs the signature of Governor Nikolay Tsukanov to become law in Kaliningrad Oblast. A unique aspect of this bill is that it not only prohibits LGBT materials for minors, but also adults, noted LGBT activists.
Igor Kochetkov, chair of LGBT Networks, pondered the purpose for the bill.
"Either because of being stupid or because of amazing honesty Kaliningrad deputies managed to uncover the real intentions of authors and inspirators of the law on 'propagandas of homosexualism (sic),'" said Kochetkov, comparing the bill to similar laws. "The protection of children is used to cover the real wish – to shut up everyone who thinks or speak out the opinions different from the official ones."
Dmitry Gudkov, deputy of Just Russia, agreed, accusing the government of distracting people from "more important topics."
He pointed to a bill that passed a first reading in the Duma the previous week addressing "giving regions the option not to hold gubernatorial elections," as an example.
The laws have raised questions among advocates. Last November, the U.N. Human Rights Committee found that the application of a similar law in the Ryazan region violated the right of freedom of expression in its ruling in Fedodova v. Russia.
Last April, a St. Petersburg judge dropped LGBT propaganda charges against Sergey Kondrashov, an ally protesting the law. The judge cited a lack of evidence and protocols in the absence of the charge in her final decision.
These victories haven't halted federal legislatures from attempting to quash an entire community from speaking out. Russian LGBT activists and supporters are equally determined not to be silenced.
Clashes between LGBT and anti-gay protesters across Russia happened for a week leading up to the Duma's vote.
Russian LGBT activists expressed concern about an increase of violence against community members due to the anti-homosexual propaganda bill.
Up to an estimated 40 individuals on both sides of the conflict were arrested and others were treated at hospitals for injuries sustained during the protests, according to multiple media reports.

Global alarm
The vote and protests have caused alarm among international LGBT and human rights experts and government leaders.
"We are deeply concerned by this draft legislation in Russia that severely restricts freedom of expression and assembly for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and indeed for all Russians," said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, during a January 25 press briefing.
Nuland pointed out that outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has continuously expressed her concern about the situation for more than a year to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
"You know how strongly we feel about LGBT rights around the world, how strongly the secretary of state personally feels, that nobody should be discriminated against for who they love," Nuland said.
Some human rights activists fear that if passed the bill will silence more than LGBT individuals and their supporters.
Callmard said in a statement that the law wasn't simply about Pride festivals and queer films and other media, the "proposed law will also prevent access to information about health services and education, and impact LGBT youth in particular."
Kochetkov indicated to Deutsche Welle, a German news source, that since the ordinances have become law in certain regions there has been an increase of young people turning to the LGBT Network for assistance.
"Gay teenagers are isolated in their schools," Kochetkov said. "There are many cases of suicide." A national law would "legalize a witch hunt" and only make the situation worse, he told the news source.
In an attempt to raise awareness and gain support Russian LGBT activists recently launched a photo-campaign against the federal homosexual propaganda bill. Some U.S. LGBT activists have joined the campaign.
To contact the Russian Consulate, send correspondence to 2790 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94123; 415-928-6878; orconsulsf@sbcglobal.net.

Gay Basher Frank Vandersloot Rich RightWinger Sues Mother Jones for Calling Him Gay Basher

1012 bi vandersloot 04.JPG

To adamfoxie* readers:  In this post Im including various stories touching a man that worked for Romney, of belgian background, Wealthy, Mormon, anti gay rights..  This is a man that has used his money to gay bashed the community by putting signs of which you will see one below. I call this behavior of anti gay, pro unhinging the community “A Classical Case of Gay Bashing" He sued the blog Mother Jones, because they called him, “ A gay basher” I mention a case about Another Vandersloot, his first name is Joran, also Belgian but at this time I don’t have evidence that they are connected. I mention it as a background of what I thought or was thinking when I hear the name Vandersloot and Mother Jones being sued.

In my way to describe what Frank Vandersloot is done that makes him a gay basher and I called him  a gay basher.  As a matter of fact in my old neighborhood he would be called  a scumbag. Using his money and the legal service to slow down the effords being made by the gay community in cutting the chains attached to our civil rights and Trying to be like 
everyone else in the treatment we get.
If it seems confusing, Im sorry. But I wanted to include the facts as I know them without checking HRC or Mother Jones and havin g 4 pages to read.  But I have check for the accuracy of what I wrote because and they are the facts.

Who is this Frank Vandersloot? The first time I heard his name I thought He was an uncle of Joran Vandersloot .  You know Joran, he is doing a 28 yr sentence in Peru for killing a local girl. He also is wanted in the Islands for the murder of an american tourist girl. Authorities in the US would like to talk about him being that at one time he said he killed the american girl as he tried to black mailed the dead american girl’s parents. A piece of works!  I call him a “Scum Bag” In the neighborhood I grew in a Scum Bag was clearly described and easily understood, but rarely use. Kinda special word.

He comes from a very wealthy Belgium family. While his father was judge and had the money no body could touch the scummie.  Actually he had gotten away with killing the american girl but he has a habit of  taking drunk girls to his place and killing them like it was his hobbies.  Some people with a lot of money most get bored and try to figured they can get away with anything, even murder which he had at that point.

Well, we will find out if these two rich Belgium families  The Vandersloot and Vandersloot are related somehow.  I don’t know that that is true, but gosh it would make a grand case.but no evidence as today that I know of.  Just using it as a passing fact..

I mentioned Scumbag and I will give you my definition by talking about what they do. We know the first and now we meet the second Scumbag,  Frank. By the way I can tell Frank to go ahead and sue me too so I can prove  that you are what I called you “a Scum Bag” and gay basher, which to me is the same.   


1.Somebody that uses their money to intimidate other people  be political or using the american system of law to harass and try to intimidate others.

2. A person that called themselves religious, in this case mormon, the church that fights people’s civil rights with $money$ the mormons./ Which happens to be Mitt Romney’s religion which connect with Vandersloot and good old Mitt. F.Vandersloot was working for Romney, even though I think Romney was working for him.

This because he was helping the campaign financially. Now was F Vandersloot fighting against people's civil rights?

  VanderSloot  was mobilizing segments of the left to go against the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) which was going after Romney for his stand on gay rights and after him for his billboards(below is one) bashing all of gay individuals.  From young to old. 

 HRC had started a petition called "Fire Frank," calling on Romney to "Fire Frank VanderSloot immediately and return the money he had donated to his campaign. The group said at the time that nearly 40,000 people had signed the petition that far. This is as  Vandersloot paid for those homophobic bill boards against gay rights.

HRC spokesman Dan Rafter told BuzzFeed that "Mitt Romney can't have it both ways - saying repeatedly he opposes discrimination against gay Americans but then employing Frank VanderSloot, whose harsh anti-gay views are quite clear. The Republican hopeful should immediately fire VanderSloot to show the country he means what he says.” That happened at the time.
A spokeswoman for the Romney campaign at the time would not say anything about this, even though he was asked. 
Frank Vandersloot Outs The Reporter for not liking what he was saying.Vandersloot defense on that, people around the reported knew he was gay……liking the guy yet? 

I don’t want to repeat the whole case now, but  FVandersloot went toe to toe with the reporter who was criticizing him and his bill boards. So included on my definition of scum bag is outing a reporter because the reporter criticized how you are treating his community. It is the right for the reporter to come out on his terms as long as he is not preaching one thing and doing the other.  You know like some mormons that preach all this good stuff which only is available on sesame Street, without big bird of coarse. In other words it does not exists.

 Never the less the preaching and the doing are opposite with these people.  Anti civil rights and according to ex-members mormons  they should have never being made a religion (it wasn’t until recently that the government allowed it through the IRS to converted them into a non profit…they pay no taxes….you know like Tom Cruise).  This should not have happened because they are just a sect of criminals, hijacking lives. 

 Vandersloot went after writers (he is got that habit) like, James Tidmarsh, who runs a gay blog called The Idaho Agenda and who took down a post on VanderSloot's opposition to gay rights after he, too, received a cease-and-desist letter and a series of emails from Melaleuca's lawyer. Melaleuca's letter to Tidmarsh, dated February 7th, says that Melaleuca "recognizes the potentially valuable service that The Idaho Agenda website ("Website") provides to Idaho's LGBT community" but that "it is wrong, however, for you to use false, misleading, and/or defamatory statements to support your opinions or objectives.” What a piece of double talk. 

The Reporter} Tidmarsh says "I started the blog as an events type of a blog to support the LGBT community here in Idaho," he said. "It’s not going to be supporting anybody if it’s tied up in litigation.” ( Litigation that Frank VSloot was doing….the court system again…He tied up Tidmarsh in Litigation!).

The Tidmarsh post that raised Melaleuca’s(the lawyer) ire pinpointed three incidents: when VanderSloot paid for a full-page newspaper ad that outed a reporter, Peter Zuckerman, who had exposed sexual abuse among Boy Scout troops in a Mormon area in Idaho; when VanderSloot paid for billboards that criticized Idaho state television for running "It's Elementary," a documentary about discussing gay issues with schoolchildren; and third, the article mentioned the fact that VanderSloot's wife Belinda donated $100,000 to support Proposition 8 in California.
VanderSloot's company "goes after anybody who speaks critically of them," May-Chang said. That includes a number of other outlets, including Mother Jones, which took down an article at the behest of Melaleuca's lawyers. Washington bureau chief David Corn said they took it down in order to re-report the story, and re-posted with corrections a week later. (Corn noted that "We’ve done this in the past with other stories where there have been issues.")
So That is was was happening and that is what Mother Jones Blog posted, Mother Jones Called this scum bag a gay basher.  If this guy is not a gay basher  then Im straight. Bashing does not have to be done with baseball bats. You can do it by using your money and resources to keep Civil rights, particularly the the right to marry the person you love and live a normal Lives (not marrying a bunch of wife’s like they do and then call themselves “Normal”) A Normal life for us besides marriage is not being prosecuted for whom we are, not fire, nor get bashed on a paper or with any other weapon.  IM here cum and get me! Gay basher
Adam Gonzalez for adamfoxie*

The letter caught me totally by surprise," Tidmarsh told BuzzFeed. "Everything I wrote has been out there for years. It’s widely known in Idaho. It’s not like it was big secrets I’d uncovered."
Still, Tidmarsh chose to take the post down.
Me Im Frank VanderSloot and I sue (Not his quote)

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