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December 22, 2019

The Soldier Was on The Floor of The Airport With Tears on His Eyes~~(Yells) "Don't LET HIM FLY!"

Making An Exception
 He had a few tears and when some passengers so him they wanted to make sure they did not board their plane. I feel ashamed for these people because to me they are not human beings. It is mob mentality which this nation is been taught how to do; "Lock her Up"    "Lock Him Up"

Most of us have known firsthand the frustration of a delayed flight. But sometimes, more than a mere nuisance, a delayed flight might have an actual impact, changing the course of your personal history. 
Tracy Dover was waiting for her delayed flight when she heard someone yelling “don't let him board the flight!” to a soldier in uniform. She spotted the soldier and saw that he was looking at his phone, crying. Together with some other passengers, she considered the situation and decided to do what was best.
 At 3:55 PM a flight was scheduled to take off from Dallas, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi. But due to maintenance issues, the flight was rescheduled and set to departure at 5:45 PM. 
One of the passengers of this flight was a 25-year-old Army Specialist, Brooks Lindsey. Specialist Lindsey was on his way home and needed to get there as soon as possible. He was visiting his family for an urgent matter and could not afford any delays.
Haley Lindsey got married to Army Spec. Brooks Lindsey on November 18, 2017. Brooks was a dedicated soldier, serving in the U.S. Army National Guard and Haley knew the responsibilities and hardship of being an army wife.
No young couple likes spending long periods of time apart, but the Lindseys understood that being in the National Guard meant a high possibility of being deployed. It was not going to be easy but their love would have to be strong enough to survive this lifestyle.
Same as any newlywed couple, Brooks and Haley Lindsey was excited to plan for their future together. After their wedding ceremony, they felt ready to start a family and, true to form, 6 months later the young couple was delighted when they found out that they were expecting.
This was one of the first challenges they would encounter. Like most military families, the Lindseys had no guarantee as to whether the expecting father would actually be home on the due date.
Much like civilians, soldiers have their busy separate lives apart from their military jobs. But unlike most civilians, many soldiers have to leave their private lives and families behind and travel to their base. And while they serve their country, they also spend long periods of time away from their families.

Though it's extremely difficult to stay away from one's family, it can be just as devastating to be the spouse left behind by a husband or wife is deployed. Knowing this was going to be difficult, Brooks and Haley Lindsey made sure they were prepared in advance for their due date.

One of the biggest challenges in military life is the cost it has on one's personal life. It doesn't matter if you're a sailor, a pilot, or a tank driver, the military requires your undivided attention, and isn't known for its flexibility.

For an expectant father, this could be a real challenge, as it's quite rare that a soldier would be given permission to fly back home for the birth of his child unless there is some sort of emergency.

In an interview with KETV 7, Brooks spoke about the hardship of being an expectant father away on a military mission. “There’s a lot of people who don’t get to come home," he relayed, "and by the time they get home, their kid’s 9 months or a year old.”

Soldiers are permitted to fly back home to attend the birth of their child only if there is some sort of emergency situation. But this was Brooks and Haley's first child and they didn't know what to expect, so they did whatever they could to be prepared well in advance.

Until the moment it actually starts, no one can foresee exactly what will happen during a birth. This was why Brooks and Haley prepared for a case of emergency, understanding in advance the military's policy is such a case.

They would love to have Brooks attend the birth regardless of the situation, but knowing the military's policy, they knew he would only be able to come over if either Haley or the baby’s health were at stake.

Sharing her story with the Love What Matters blog, Haley Lindsey recalled the couple's preparations for the birth of their first child. “Brooks and I have been practicing my call to the Red Cross because we heard it was really hard to get men home for births and we were told the only way it would actually work is if I was in distress,” she stated.

Being in distress isn't ideal, particularly when it comes to pregnancy. However, given Brooks' situation, this was going to be the only way he would be allowed to be present when the baby was delivered.

Haley was due to deliver her baby in May 2018. It was during a doctor's appointment on the 3rd of May that she got some alarming news. 

“I went to my normal Doctor appointment Thursday morning thinking I would be scheduled for an induction for a week out,(but) at my appointment, my blood pressure was very high, and they did blood work and sent me home,” Haley told Love What Matters. 

On top of that, it still wasn't clear whether Brooks would be able to be home in time for the birth.

With things being the way they were, Haley was put in a difficult, not to say ironic, a situation of hoping that something would be wrong enough to be considered a health risk (but without actually risking her or her unborn child). When she found out about her high blood pressure she thought this was enough bad news to bring Brooks back home.

However, her doctor maintained that her blood pressure was not actually high enough for the situation to be considered an emergency. This would normally be good news, but when the doctor sent Haley home, she rang her husband and both were quite disappointed.

Frustrated with the way her day was going, Haley got home from her doctor's office and called Brooks to give him the disappointing update. While her blood pressure wasn't normal, it wasn't high enough to pose a risk for the pregnancy or the birth. This meant there was no chance of Brooks getting a release to come home and attend the birth of their firstborn child.

But Brooks and Haley's day wasn't over yet, and things were about to change quite unexpectedly… 60 Minutes Later
The news from Haley was both sweet and sour for Brooks. On the one hand, he was happy his wife was doing fine; but on the other hand, this meant that he wasn't going to be there for the birth, and he didn't like to think of Haley going through it on her own. His wife was also heartbroken about the situation, but things were about to change.

The doctor called Haley an hour after the appointment. “My pressures were too high, and the baby was being stressed and I was preeclamptic," recalled Haley in an interview for Love What Matters. "She told me to be at the hospital in an hour and they would go ahead and induce.”

With one phone call from the doctor, everything was turned upside down. Until that point, Haley thought the birth was going to be normal, but now she had to deal with the situation becoming urgent. She called Brooks and gave him an update on her blood pressure, telling him she was going to be induced.

Haley was both anxious and excited. Having prepared in advance, she knew the protocol in cases of emergency. Her knowledge certainly came in handy.

Emergency Leave
As soon as the conversation with her doctor was over, Haley headed for the hospital. When she arrived, she put in motion the emergency plan she and Brooks had practiced beforehand. 

“I then went on to call Red Cross and let them know it was indeed an emergency and they simply just needed clarification from my Doctor,” she later explained.

The doctor confirmed the state of her pregnancy was critical and so, the Red Cross approved Brooks' release. He was now allowed to head home and stay there for four whole days.

It was May the third, around 3 PM, when Haley arrived at the hospital. She knew it was possible that Brooks won't make it in time for the birth, but even having him around for the first few days after would be a blessing.

Fortunately, Brooks wasn't deployed overseas and was just going through training at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. This meant he should be able to make it to Mississippi in several hours. The Red Cross told Brooks his travel plan included a layover at Dallas Fort-Worth Airport.

It was May the third, around 3 PM, when Haley arrived at the hospital. She knew it was possible that Brooks won't make it in time for the birth, but even having him around for the first few days after would be a blessing.

Fortunately, Brooks wasn't deployed overseas and was just going through training at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. This meant he should be able to make it to Mississippi in several hours. The Red Cross told Brooks his travel plan included a layover at Dallas Fort-Worth Airport.

The next morning, Brooks headed to the airport in his uniform, ready to catch his flight. At 7 AM, a few hours before the flight was scheduled, Haley's water broke but she was still in labor. 

When Brooks' first flight landed, Haley's dilation was five centimeters. It would take five more before she would be ready to give birth. Brooks felt he still had a chance to be there on time.

But this was when the passengers got an update at the gate that the flight was going to be delayed.

It was announced that the flight would be delayed until 5:45 PM. This was frustrating news for both Brooks and Haley Lindsey, but there was nothing they could do. He was halfway home, while she was halfway into labor. All Brooks could do now was sit and wait at the gate.

Since the delay was long, they decided to share a video chat to pass the time, but the doctors were trying to get Haley off the phone.

A delivery room at a hospital is considered a private place, and the hospital had a strict no video policy. However, this wasn't just any other delivery. Once Haley's family explained the doctors her and Brooks' situation, they agreed to make an exception.

Sitting alone at the airport, Brooks found a quiet corner on the side and sat on the floor with his phone in front of him. Naturally, he was very emotional, his eyes filling up with tears.

Brooks Lindsey wasn't the only one waiting to board a flight that day. Another passenger was Tracy Dover. She was surprised to see a soldier in uniform sitting on the floor of the airport with tears streaming down his face. She couldn't help but wonder what was going on. 
She was watching on as the soldier gripped his phone, staring at it intently when suddenly she heard someone shouting: “don't let him board the flight!”

Before they knew it, it was 5 PM, which meant it was time to board the plane. But on the other end of the phone, Haley was now starting to push out the baby. The couple was sure that as soon as the baby would start coming out, they would have to hang up the call, but to their surprise, someone very important didn't agree with that plan. 
Meanwhile, the passengers around Brooks were confused to see a soldier sitting on the floor with his phone in front of him. Just as they were looking on, a voice came shouting out of the phone: “Don't let him board the flight! She's here! She's here!” 
It was the doctor.

Brooks was not able to be there in person, but the happy couple didn't let it ruin their experience. The moment they've been waiting for was finally here and it was almost perfect. 
In a later interview with KETV 7, Brooks said: "when my mom face-timed me and said ‘she’s pushing it’s coming’, I went off to the side and was watching it.”
 He followed the doctor's orders and didn't board the flight, but stayed on the airport floor glued to his phone's screen, watching every second of it. He was so overwhelmed with emotions that he didn't notice that he wasn't there all by himself. 
Watched over Brooks Lindsey, Tracy Dover realized she was witnessing a rare and very special moment. She pulled her phone out and documented the teary-eyed soldier. She quickly understood why the soldier was in the emotional state he was in. 
When Hayley Lindsey was later interviewed by KETV 7, she recalled the phone conversation she had with her husband. “Brooks was telling me it was OK, and I was doing so good and I heard him wincing and saying ‘wow!’ through my pushes,” she said. She didn't realize it at the time, but other people besides brooks were also appreciating this moment. 
As Brooks was supporting Haley during delivery, people around him were cheering him on and offering their support. It was quite a touching moment, seeing how the passengers and the hospital staff all took interest in the young couple's situation. 
But as it was boarding time, how did the passengers manage to stick around and cheer? The flight staff saw that Brooks' situation was quite extraordinary and decided to make an exception. They agreed to wait for him until the birth was over and he was able to board.   Watching the ClockSource: My Daily Magazine 

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