{P.5} 25 Inspirational Stars Share Their Coming Out Stories

25 Inspirational Stars share their coming out stories by Ok Magazine
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Although the current political climate has hampered some of the progressive strides, the LGBTQ community continues to speak up more than ever, and people are sharing their personal coming-out stories, including those Hollywood celebrities in the public eye.
In the past few years, stars have opened up about their sexual orientation, be it gay or bisexual, including actors Kristen StewartColton Haynes, and Ellen Page and singers like Greyson ChanceFrank Ocean and rapper ILoveMakonnen. Even legendary singer-songwriter Barry Manilow finally came out.
Other celebrities are also using their social media to share their stories, like Bella Thorne13 Reasons Why‘s Brandon Flynn and Heroes actor Thomas Dekker. All these famous faces are helping the global effort to spread LGBTQ acceptance and positivity and seeing how these stories impact their followers is very empowering.
Here are 25 celebrities who shared their stories about coming out as gay or bisexual and are inspiring others to do the same.

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