January 30, 2012

Explicit Male Scenes on Shameless

I started watching Shameless a few weeks ago. Needless to say I have missed a lot. Tonight as I watch and work on AF* there is a scene, not a sex scene, all of a sudden a character appears naked with his Mr. Dick  swinging (from right to left or was it left to right) as he walked.
So, I went to sites I know and ‘bingo’.
The videos I posted below is to make the point that you can watch this on cable TV. I say about time! How long have we been watching all females body parts on  regular TV?  For a while now and to tell you the truth I am tired of it and was waiting for the time and which a male body is held with the same standards as a female body. Just yesterday I am watching this comedian don’t even know his name telling jokes about how ugly a penis is.  I am telling my self that he most be the type that closes his eyes as he services a guy. Point made. I have missed most of this show working and writing. A good thing I’m taping.

These are actual TV cable explicit scenes from Shameless. If you don’t watch it on Shameless you might not want to see it here.


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