June 29, 2011

June In Paris o la la With France's Frédérick Bousquet

It is June in Paris thus that means the piscines (swimming pools) are open and beautiful French males are making dips in them and private lacs throughout the gorgeous countryside. It also means that the International swimming competitions have began and our favorite homegrown Frédérick Bousquet is establishing and breaking records. At least that is what he , his coach and we hope. The photo above is of France's Frédérick Bousquet seen in this photo during the Paris Open swimming competition June 26, 2011. We'd like to share several of our private favorite images of the swim master. The big guy is a tall drink of water at 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) and 86 kg (190 lb; 13.5 st). Frédérick is no stranger to controversy as the tattooed adorned muscled deity has been accused of doping and various and sundry of decadence including but not limited to sending out nude photos taken with his cam. Hmmmm.... our type of guy. Here are a few we've managed to gather for presenting to our fans and his of the big guy naked to the world. We start with this headless image taken via web cam , notice the tattoos and use them as identifiers for the other pics such as this one displaying shoulder and thigh tattoos. Here is another of a tanned body laying horizontal on the side and this tease of a torso with lowered slip (underwear) half off. Here we also have a full body image with the individuals hand over penis displaying nice balls and finally the full monty.

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